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A Rich Girl In Monaco

34800 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Erotic Domination - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fantasy

Jordan grew up rich and alone, except for servants, ignored by her wealthy parents. When she rebelled, they sent her to Europe to learn manners. Freeing herself on her eighteenth birthday, she took advantage of her trust fund to ignore them and do what she wanted to do. That was to party. In Monaco, she met a handsome Englishman who was far more jaded than she could ever be, who led her into the wicked world of submission and domination, shattering her inhibitions and filling her with the shocked thrill of her own inner fantasies. There amid the glittering lights, casinos and yachts she discovered the dark pleasure money couldn't buy, the thrill of the wicked and forbidden, and the dark hunger of being a slave to be bought and sold by others.But how long might it take before her game of sexual slavery becomes real?

Price:  $6.95

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Another good read from Mr Argus. Young lady falls in with a older man who really has a good time with her. She also finds a lot about B and D weather she wanted it or not. Great twist in the ending

4/5- homebody1

Excellent work by Argus. Well paced and, with the accompanying volume, Africa", cranks up the sexual tension splendidly. I would have rated 5*, but I am old enough to find anal sex to be distasteful, and deplore its proliferation in later writings, but those who relish that sort of thing will find these works worthy of 5*.

4/5- Sooty



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