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Kayla's Training

15700 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Short Stories

Kayla wasn't quite sure how things had gone so far, so fast. Sleeping with a senior partner at her law firm was part and parcel of how she hoped to get ahead, and she'd been doing it since college. But just when a huge promotion seemed within reach she'd screwed up. Now she had to convince Colin Forrest she would do as she was told, exactly as she was told. And he had used sex to test her. It had been an astonishing introduction to the wild, dark, passionate world of submission for her, but now things were becoming more intense. Already she had exposed more of her mind and body to him than any man she'd ever met. Now she would have to learn to please him -- and other men, sexually, and do it exactly as he and they desired. But was she still obeying in order to get the job, or was there a deep, dark, fascination with the thrilling world of submissive sex, so far from her dull research assignments on laws and precedents which had occupied her life until now?

Price:  $2.99

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