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Poor Choices

42900 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

The scam was to pretend beautiful blonde Robin was a submissive slave girl and 'sell' her to one of those wealthy men in the bondage clubs as their permanent little plaything. Of course, it required she run off as soon as possible to get back to her junkie boyfriend Brad, or he'd beat her for real! Ethan Stone, however, promptly took her to his enormous yacht and set sail! That made it a little hard to run off. But then, even as he began to train her to a stern level of discipline and obedience she began to wonder why she ought to even try. Handsome, strong willed Ethan made her body burn with a fever heat she had never known with Brad or anyone else! She'd made nothing but poor choices in her life, especially in boyfriends, and now she had a chance to let someone else, someone smart, make her decisions. Stone was rich, powerful and extraordinarily interesting! More importantly, he seemed interested in her, and for more than just her body. If he wanted her to wear a collar around her neck, be it iron or leather or gold, well, that would be a small price to pay to be his slave girl!

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