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Miranda Enslaved

30500 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Miranda Tarrington is the strong-willed and beautiful daughter of a famous feminist author. Like her mother Michelle, she is determined to prove to the world that women are as capable as men in any field of endeavor. While her mother is a lesbian, and dislikes men, Miranda is simply too wrapped up in her work at college to notice them. And then, one day, while the two are taking a break at a cottage by the lake, Miranda is kidnapped by an Arab playboy dopedealer who despises western women, and particularly blondes. At his plush and well-guarded country home, he intends to turn Miranda into the kind of mindless sex slave he believes is her properl destiny. But Michelle is not about to simply let her daughter disappear without a struggle, and with the help of a private eye she finds out where her daughter might be held, only to be captured in turn. Michelle hates men, but her deepest secret is that she is fascinated by bondage, by dominance and submission, and the torment she is put through threatens to seduce her to her own dark side. No matter what that means for her daughter.

Price:  $6.00

Formats Available:   PALM (PDB)  Mobi (MOBI - Kindle Compatible)  
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Hot. Cruel. Evil. And the wandering viewpoint between Miranda, her mother, and the evil bastard who takes them both gives us all sides to the story. Hot sex, hotter BDSM. Great story.

5/5- death2uall



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