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A Dark African Fever

35980 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Sophie was a prim and proper young American girl, at odds with the times, though perhaps not given her gentle life in the southern state of Georgia. After graduating, she takes a year off and joins the Peace Corps, to help educate the people of Africa in proper hygiene and health. It embarrassed her somewhat that the villagers wore so few clothes, but she had no intention of imitating them. Until a tall, broad shouldered young man put other images into her head, images which made her squirm with excitement. When she manages to lose herself - naked - while bathing, and was captured by an even taller, more powerfully built African man, intent on taking her home to be his wife, all her inhibitions began to melt under a dark torrent of shocked arousal and darkly wicked excitement! But having sex outside of marriage is forbidden, and the village elders believe she is possessed by a sexual demon! The demon must be punished by the village women, but also given scalding pleasure by the village men! And the formerly virginal girl wonders if her mind can survive so much heat and pleasure, or if she will become little more than a sexual animal awash in sensations and sexual need!

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Brilliant. I love the 'modern girl in the hands of savages' story line. Nearly as good as the archetype of the genre - Bush Slave by Lia Andressen.

5/5- Sooty

I wonder if there really is a "fever"? I wouldn't want it, if there is, but it made a good read.

5/5- dinbm

In a word : Ludicrous . Comes off as a Parody/Satire of every "White Girl in Black Africa " Dialogue is unbelievable . One of his worst .

1/5- Incognito



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