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Joshua Black's Personal Assistant

34840 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Zoe Hall was an actress... or at least, she wanted to be. Getting roles wasn't easy in Hollywood, though, with a million pretty girls much like her. So she'd take just about anything she could get to make ends meet. Being a hostess and personal assistant to the handsome Joshua Black was not something she had expected to be offered, however. Her job, as far as she could tell, was to be distracting to the men he negotiated with. Her 'costumes' were tight, slinky, and short skirted, and her dialogue was breathy and flirtatious. But Black was also a single-minded and arrogant man who required instant obedience, something she wasn't very good at, at first. It was only when his dark hunger for her suddenly made itself known in the hottest, wildest sex she had ever experienced that Zoe's role took on a new dimension. Her outfits got more revealing, and spankings were the order of the day for failing to perform as required! It was humiliating, and it was enthralling! And Zoe had no idea where it would end. Obedience just wasn't her thing, but for the scalding heat it brought her, it was a role she was willing to play!

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Super story, like real, excitingly described from the sub's position

5/5- edsubject



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