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The Wolf Girl

71609 words

Style: Paranormal Erotica

Kenzie had not had an easy life. She had faced numerous challenges and overcome them all. But being attacked by a werewolf one night caused too many problems to handle on her own. For one thing, she could break thick wooden tables by accident. For another, she had a nearly insatiable hunger, both for meat, and for men. And when the full moon came, Kenzie found the freedom of becoming a wolf, a massive white wolf prowling through the forest. That was, until the other wolves came for her, and she found herself irresistably attracted to Colin, an alpha wolf with enough arrogance to fill the world, and the incredible sexual power to drive her out of her mind. Back at their compound, Kenzie was introduced to the world of werewolves, to the rules of dominance, rivaly and power, and the metaphysical link between them all which would mean she would never be alone again. But her most difficult task was to conquer herself, her inner wolf, and the wild, feral heat which took her whenever an alpha male was in sight.

Price:  $6.95

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