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Girl In A Box

34815 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Paige didn't have much of an upbringing, and didn't make much of what she did have. It wasn't that she really wanted to be a criminal, just that nothing else she could find in LA paid much for the daughter of a Nebraska truck stop waitress. And so she stole cars. But she didn't really intend to become the getaway driver for a pair of thieves, and didn't intend to run over the storekeeper when he came out shooting. But now, facing life in prison, she agrees to become part of a special new government program in reprogramming her to be a more useful member of society. She just hadn't had much idea of what that program would involve, not until she woke up naked in a box. For days she sat in that box, which sometimes became a cage, until her obedience allowed her to crawl out and submit to the conditioning which her jailers believed she needed. That conditioning, however, would not only make her an absolutely obedient employee for anyone she worked for, but just as obedient a sex slave.

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Interesting story of state control and slavery. Unfortunately Paige escapes in the end and has a new and happy life. Well written but the ending is not for me.

3/5- Stark47



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