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The Librarian And The Cowboys

40600 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

How does a British librarian come to be wandering naked on the prairie in Wyoming? It certainly was bad fortune that her horse had been spooked by a snake after her skinny dip -- and run off with her clothes, her cell phone and GPS. But worse was to come for Miranda, as a rugged cowboy then ropes her and drags her home -- for trespassing! It's an intolerable situation! And yet, as the mortified young librarian becomes used to being naked around the handsome man she begins to feel a terrible sense of arousal at being naked and bound, helpless to his desires.

He insists she behave respectfully, though, and backs it up with a strap to her bottom whenever she fails. Miranda has a Masters Degree, but the cowboy has a lot to teach her about herself, her subconscious desire for submission, and just what heights of pleasure her body can experience in the hands of an experienced man.

Price:  $7.00

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Good story.


Excellent revelation of submissiveness using pleasure and humiliation.


Some times Argus can be a bit to vicious for my tastes, but this is just perfect. Well paced and builds up the sexual tension slowly to very descriptive sex.

5/5- Sooty

Aside from a few disbelief-shattering moments (the prudish virgin takes to anal sex and deep-throating like a fish takes to water), I liked it.




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