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Small Town Girl

36200 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Danielle was a rebel without much hope. A small town girl, she did herself up as a Goth, but her black hair and lipstick earned the reputation of being a freak as she turned up her nose at the dull, boring drones who inhabited her town. Disobedient and insolent, she made no friends among teachers or students as she waited her graduation, and the hope of getting out of her stinking town, and away from the pawing hands of her mother's bum of a boyfriend.

Instead she found the darkness inside her giving way to a masochistic delight in her own abuse and degradation. Cruelly abused and used by her mother's boyfriend, then caught smoking dope and forced to submit to the vice principal, she found herself the plaything of two sadistic men, and both humiliated and enthralled by what they did to her. When the pictures and videos they took appeared on the internet the whole town knew what a whore she was, and took advantage of her at every turn.

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A young lady steadily loses her aspiring look on life and surrenders to all as the "easy" girl of the village and to the oldest profession in history. The sheer number of sexual exchanges she has with the people of her town is hard to believe but I suppose not impossible in some places in the world.


An unusual of a rebellious teen finding herself as a stripper/whore. Mostly thru her own actions and desires. Well written and worth a look.

3/5- Stark47



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