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Roped Rich Girl

34000 words

Style: Open Minded Erotica / BDSM, Sex Slavery / Training

When she raised her eyes one dark night while pleasuring herself, and saw her step-father standing above her, Sierra was more aroused than embarrassed, reveling in the depravity as he used her own vibrator on her, then tied her up and spanked her for being naughty.

But she failed to appreciate just how perverted her step-father was, for he never did untie her. Instead he drew her deeper and deeper into bondage and submission, into punishment and pain, turning her into a sexual animal to be walked, washed and watered by the servants. He had always been a cold man, absent more often than not, and now she felt his body against hers, his lips on hers, felt his warmth and approval as they continued what she thought of as his kinky game. The girl in her adored his closeness and attention, while the woman in her gloried in the hot, nasty sex.

But then his new girlfriend arrived, little older than Sierra, but considerably more cruel and perverse. She was accompanied by a pair of Black servants, who would use Sierra ruthlessly while her step-father and new "mommy" watched and enjoyed the show, and she would ensure that Sierra knew who her step-father's real lover was.

Price:  $6.95

Formats Available:   PALM (PDB)  Mobi (MOBI - Kindle Compatible)  
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Good book. Up to Angus's usual standard.


One of my favorite Argus books. Taboo and more extreme than moderate, without much of a plot, other than the progressive enslavement of an aimless young woman. Gets right down to business.

5/5- sly



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