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Her Very Own Pirate

35000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Lucas had never been Mallory's idea of a hot, sexy guy. Sure he was cute. His body was pretty nice, too. But he was a happy-go-lucky guy she just loved being around. The sex was okay, but it was no big deal to her. Not until they went to a trade show and a hypnotist convinced him he was a pirate. That was good for some giggles, but then they got home, and somehow or other Lucas reverted to Bluebeard! And Bluebeard was a horny and roughly dominant man who took what he wanted from her and left her dazed and breathless. The smart thing to do was to get that fixed right away, of course. But there was something irresistible about being Bluebeard's prisoner, and so instead she found out how to trigger his pirate persona. And became his prisoner and slave girl! It was all deliciously kinky fun, and the best part was that Lucas didn't have a clue! The problem was that playing Bluebeard's hot little slave girl was leaking into her real life. Mallory found herself becoming more submissive around Lucas, and more easily aroused. Worse, his subconscious experiences as Bluebeard began to leak into Lucas' behavior and how he treated her. Mallory tried to stop, but she found herself addicted to the steamy hot sex, to the kinky bondage, and even to his stern punishment! She loved her sweet boyfriend, but she couldn't resist her hot, sexy pirate! And when the two of them joined together, she was going to be in deep trouble!

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The silliness of the story didn't ruin the hot sex for me, but it certainly didn't help.




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