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The Hunters

30800 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

They called it the Hunting Lodge, an old, rundown stone garage with a deep basement in an industrial area on the edge of a slum. Three normal, middle class guys in every way but one. The prey they hunted was human. Each weekend they would get together and go hunting; their prime hunting grounds, a junior college campus. For the lovely young girls they dragged back to the lodge it was a nightmare. For the hunters, it was an exercise in teaching snotty college girls a lesson in power. But one week, their wives grew suspicious, followed them to their "lodge", and discovered their suspicions were partly correct. Their husbands were indeed spending time with lovely young sluts. And now their wives would join in the fun, and work their vengeance on the soft, tight, tanned girls who had tempted their men.

Price:  $7.00

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Staccato dialogue. The protagonists are rather one dimensional. The last few pages where the wives become involved are the best as the emotions of the abuser and abused are explored. This part is too brief though and not that detailed.

3/5- ParkerFN

One of his better books. Description, plot and action on the whole was pretty good. Probably worth purchasing.

4/5- BMC



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