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Rich Man's Yacht

33800 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Sophie was a young, idle, beautiful Italian girl without much ambition in life. When she was offered a chance to go aboard a wealthy Russian's yacht to party and enjoy herself she naturally agreed. Being a party girl was fun, and with the free liquor and so on she was more than her usual happy, cooperative self, enjoying sex with one of the passengers in a beautiful cabin. But the more she went back, the less pampered she was, and when the yacht headed out to sea she had no idea how to object. With her body filled with party-pills, and not understanding Russian, there was really no one to protest to except the stern Olga. Her clothes were taken away, and she was required to give her body to the ship's guests whenever they wanted. Protests brought swift and cruel punishment, and as the enormous yacht journeyed across the seas Sophie was little more than a sex slave, using her body and mouth to please the rich guests of the yacht's Russian owner.

Price:  $6.50

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