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Behind The Mask

38900 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Allison couldn't afford college any more, though she was determined to go back. Saving enough from her waitress job was going to be difficult, though, which was why she reluctantly agreed to make a little extra cash modelling. He seemed legit, and indeed, he was. But he was also a very attractive, and very persuasive man, and he had many forms of persuasion. Still, she never would have agreed to those pictures if her face hadn't been hidden. And she never would have agreed to the videos if she hadn't been wearing a mask. Of course, the kind of videos where a girl wore a mask tended to be bondage oriented, but that was all right. Being tied up and used wildly and roughly gave her a dark thrill as Colin played her young body like a violin. The heat and excitement became irresistible, however, and ever more powerful. And when he began introducing other 'actors', without so much as informing her, well, she was angry, but felt protected behind her mask, her identity hidden from them, as well as whoever saw her on the internet.

It didn't occur to her that every scene was a training session which drew her deeper into the thrall of dark hedonistic sexual role playing, that the rising heat, and even the outrageous punishments were becoming addictive. She was never sure when the acting became real, either. But when the mask came off, she no longer cared who saw her, or who used her, just so they did.

Price:  $7.00

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Argus consistently writes top-notch erotica, and this is no exception.


Another good story of a submissive finding her place. It happens over such a short period of time that it is hard to accept her submission. More time in her seduction would have added to the story and made it more beleaveable.

4/5- Stark47



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