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Darker Shades Of Gray

34700 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Caitlin is a successful young architect who buys an old house and renovates it as a home and office. It's a bit spooky, but a great price. Odd things seem to be happening, though. Things move from place to place - though that's probably just her imagination. What's not her imagination is her skyrocketing sex drive, and the mind blowing orgasms she has when she masturbates. She seems permanently aroused, and can hardly keep her hands off her own body. A mysterious, but handsome neighbor provides considerable relief, not to mention enlightenment. Her home is infested by grey ones, the souls of the dead who refused to move on. They feed off the arousal they are causing her, and are turning her into an addict. But worse is to come when the black ones arrive. They are black, not like black men, but black as black comes, and their hunger is more sadistic. Caitlin writhes in helpless pleasure to their cruel use, to their whips and punishment, and is carried away by them to a strange, dark world where she is reduced to little more than a human animal who lives for the dark, sensuous sexual heat and pain they force upon her. And even if she escapes, she will be changed forever.

Price:  $7.00

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Not one of John Argos's better novels


It's been a while since I remember seeing a supernatural themed book from Argus and I am glad he decided to share one with us again. It was excellent and I hope he gives us more in the same vein soon.

5/5- tanilen

An interesting take on a paranormal BDSM experience; I was expecting ghosts, and wound up with Fey spirits; pleasant surprise there. Also had some very entertaining domination by said spirits

4/5- UrbanS_DA



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