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The Debt Slave

46000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

As the corporations increasingly called the shots with government, life had gotten progressively worse for the poor, and those who couldn't pay their bills. With her parents unable to pay medical bills, and she unemployed, bookish young Regan had to sell herself as an indentured servant through a government system. Companies would, in effect, buy her for a period of time, until the debt was paid. They didn't call it slavery, but it wasn't much different. Yet even worse was Indentured Servitude as a “private servant”. Yet that paid the most, and her parents needed it. She knew there would be abuse, knew her body would belong to her employer. And so she sold herself to Dillon Forbes, a very wealthy and handsome man who seemed, on the surface at least, quite polite. What she didn't know was how his shocking and depraved mind would influence her own. Nor did she guess at the physical discipline he would impose on her as she performed her duties naked and shackled, amidst his other perfectly normal, employees. Yet it was all entirely legal, and so she must obey. Yet could she endure until the contract ended? Would she go mad? Or would his depravities turn her into a submissive, masochistic slut, as seemed ever more likely?

Price:  $8.00

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student rents herself out as debt slave and uses system to her own advantage - good

4/5- brum

Need more action and less talk. Could have been better.




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