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Courtney Gets Caught

47152 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Courtney is a young, nearly virginal college girl with little experience in life or love. An ordinary, but beautiful girl, she finds herself being seduced by her best friend Amanda, seduced into lesbian games and sex, and then bondage. By the time she realizes Amanda has been put up to the seduction by her boyfriend she's so thoroughly aroused she can't resist. Though she tries. Like Amanda, she becomes his plaything, his pretend slave, his slut, to be used and punished, to be given to his friends as he wishes. But as Courtney struggles with her inhibitions worse is yet to come. For he tells the wide eyed girl of a pretend auction where she can be "sold" to the highest bidder for a weekend of slavery. But the auction is not what she thinks. Her new owner ignores the rules, and the weekend comes and goes with no sign of freedom. Courtney realizes with a shock that she has been sold for real, and her wealthy owners have no intention of ever letting her go.

Price:  $8.00

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Great read in true argus tradition

5/5- girly46

step by step downfall of girl who becomes sex object

4/5- brum

The last 25% of the book where the heroine finds her slavery permanent rather than temporary and far more demanding than she anticipated is the best part of this tale. The first part of the book where the heroine is seduced then abused is okay.

4/5- ParkerFN



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