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Darker Games

31800 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Kendra and Ian had lived together for about a year, and were starting to get just a little too comfortable. And then, almost by chance, they began their bondage games. Kendra found herself enthralled with the excitement and rush of bondage and submission, seeking ever darker games for ever greater thrills. Yet when she agreed to allow an experiment with another woman she didn't have Caroline in mind. Tall, beautiful and sophisticated, the stylish Black woman gradually took over her relationship with Ian, took over her house, and took over her life. As Kendra thrills to the dark excitement she is also slowly being trained to obedience and submissiveness in more than sex. When Caroline moves in she takes over Kendra's bed, and Kendra winds up first on the floor, then in a cage, to be used as servant and slave by Caroline and Caroline's friends while Ian transfers his affections to a stronger woman. Kendra becomes little more than a slave in reality, and not merely as a game.

Price:  $7.00

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Great story. I could stop reading and was sorry when it finished. Classic Argus

5/5- girly46

This is an extremely well written, totally believable novel. The sexual tension is intense from start to finish and the characters seem to blossom throughout the book to what they become. I look forward to this author's next creation.

5/5- JRS



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