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A Journey Into Slavery

77300 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

This lengthy Argus is new to us, but previously published in paperback as "Savage Journey". It is an erotic masterwork, the story of Nicole - Nicky - a lovely and intelligent young woman who is abruptly taken from her sheltered life at an English law school and pushed into a new existence as a sexual slave to the lusts of others. Her training is coy and careful, designed to elicit fear and obedience, yet also to sweep away her sexual inhibitions and awaken her inner desires. Afterwards, she is sold at auction and finds herself in China, learning to please her sometimes cruel masters while getting used to life as a slave girl. She is simultaneously outraged and aroused at the treatment given to her and other girls, even while being broken to utter obedience. Gifted as a present to an Indian raj, she is shipped across the mountains to India, to learn the customs of slave girls there. Eventually she is further sold across the desert to Arab slavemasters, where the lovely young blonde takes up residence in a harem. This is Argus at his best, with time to fully explore the world and mentality of slavery and the psychological changes in a young woman as she is broken to the whip and collar, and takes on the persona of a creature of sex and lust.

Price:  $9.00

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Excellent story, well written, from the slaves' perspective. A very demanding journey through very different types of slavery and Masters, the one more cruel and demanding than the oter. Not for the faint at heart...


Could have been a 4 or 5 but there appears to be parts of the story missing ie.suddenly 2/3rds of the way through the book the main character has a daughter

3/5- Hadult



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