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Summer Sex Slave

36300 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Zoe is not one of the "in" crowd. Shy and timid, she has always kept to herself. When a brash, outgoing girl adopts her into her group Zoe tries desperately to fit in. But the group of teens is chiefly concerned with booze, pot and sex, and Zoe will find all her inhibitions and fears challenged if she wants to prevent herself from being cast out. The group pressures her to submit, and she does, giving in to demands for sex, for obedience to the group's will, for more and more outrageous and sexually provocative behaviour. She becomes their servant, their gopher, and, in effect, their sex slave. They taunt her as they force her to endure their sexual games, and call her Sex Slave. They tie her up and force her to admit her sluttishness, and her desperate desire for sex. They strap and punish her for every transgression. As the weeks pass Zoe finds herself, despite her humiliation at many of the things they order her to do, reveling in the odd freedom of not having to think for herself, in doing wild, slutty, kinky things she had only ever dreamed of before. She could have spent the summer reading books, and instead, is spending it as a naked sex slave, experiencing one shocking thing after another. But how far will their game go?

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The music pounded from the outdoor stereo speakers on the deck as the gang sat around drinking her father’s booze and eating chips and pretzels. They were all wearing swimsuits, but Zoey was wearing less still. Mack had found a “darling” little thong for her. It was a cute and tiny bit of silver fabric between her legs, the straps curling up across her hips but then giving way to a thin gold chain with fake pearls right at the top of her buttocks which both held the sides in and also reached down to link to the thin bit of fabric wedged up between her tight, round buttocks.
That, and a dog collar were all she was allowed to wear. Her parents had gone home earlier in the day, and Mack and Autumn and the gang had virtually moved in shortly afterwards.
Mack said she looked really sexy because her breasts were so perfect, and everyone seemed pleased, so Zoey hadn’t wanted to protest too much. It wasn’t like they hadn’t all seen her breasts before anyway, and no one else was around.
“Oil me up, slave,” Paul said with a grin, handing her a large squeeze bottle of suntan lotion.
Blushing just a bit, she squeezed it into her hand and then gently rubbed it first up and down his arms, feeling the muscles under the skin with a little thrum of excitement, then up across his wide shoulders, then down his chest, feeling her face warm a bit at the strangely intimate contact. She oiled up his back and then he sat down and she knelt and oiled up his legs, all the way up his thighs.
“Now me, slave,” Mike said.
“My turn after that,” said Autumn.
A little flustered, Zoey went from one to the next to the next putting suntan oil on them, then finally did herself. After that she went and got more beer and cokes for them, taking away the empties, then more chips. Then she made hot dogs for them all. She felt no resentment for any of this. She felt sort of like a hostess, for they were guests – although it was true she hadn’t exactly invited them. Still, she was pleased to have people over to “her place” for it had been quite some time since she had last done so.
Sanchez came into the kitchen while she was waiting for the buns to toast and pushed her down onto her knees, and she gave him a quick blow job, swallowing him awkwardly and coughing and gagging a little – but doing it. With her nose jammed into his groin he spent himself in her throat, patted her head, and went back outside, and Zoey slowly rose, wiped her mouth, and checked on the buns.
She served the hot dogs, and more drinks, then took the garbage away and washed the dishes. Then she had to oil up most of them again. While she was doing that Mike pulled her across his lap, tugged her thong aside, and began to use his own well-oiled fingers on her thrumming pussy. Gasping, moaning, she begged to be let free, but he continued to pump his fingers inside her and stroke his thumb across her clit until a climax rippled through her and she writhed and bucked in pleasure as they all looked on.
The six of them were sitting on deck chairs in a semi circle by then, and when she rolled off Mike’s lap she found herself sitting facing them all. Of course her little orgasm had excited the guys, so she then had to crawl to Mike, then Paul, then Sanchez and Brian and suck their cocks. It felt very strange, because even as she bobbed her lips up and down on each one everyone continued to talk and chat almost as though she weren’t there.
One after the other she took their cocks down her throat, swallowed their come, then moved on to the next guy. The girls shook their heads, so she got to her feet then – her knees wobbly and sore, and went out to get more drinks.
When she came back, a beer clutched in both hands, there was a stranger there, another guy about their age, tall and thin, with a beard. He sat with the others, and his eyes lit up when he saw Zoey. She gasped and almost dropped the beer, trying to cover her chest.
“Let’s have the beer, sex slave!” Mike called loudly.
“Don’t lose the beer, sex slave,” Paul said, holding up a hand insistently.
Blushing, she handed them the beers, trying to cover her breasts with her arm.
“Sex slave,” Mack said. “This is Roy. Be a dear little sex slave and suck Roy’s cock for him.”
Zoey felt her insides twist and turn, and stood frozen until Autumn pulled her over and pushed down hard on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees in front of the guy. Roy just looked at her and grinned as Autumn pushed her forward, bending her head and grinding her face into his lap.
“Come on, sex slave, or do you need a spanking?” she demanded.
She slapped Zoey’s bare bottom and Zoey yelped in pain even as the guy was undoing his jeans and pulling out his cock.
“Suck that cock! Suck that cock! Suck that cock!” the others began chanting.
There really didn’t seem to be anything else she could do, and so very reluctantly, Zoey closed her lips around the guy’s cock and began to suck, bobbing deeper and deeper even as Autumn slapped her bottom several more times, sharply.
“Suck!” she shouted. “Suck that cock, sex slave!”
Zoey yelped and jerked under the slaps, moaning around the cock filling her mouth and rolling her eyes up and back.
“Deep throat him!” Autumn demanded, slapping her bottom stingingly again.
Zoey yelped and then forced her lips down all the way to Roy’s balls, taking him deep into her throat. He groaned and put his hands down on the top of her head, thrusting up slowly and grinding her face into his groin.
She blinked her eyes against the pubic hair she was grinding against, her chest burning, her stomach throbbing, her throat aching. Then he eased up and, choking a little, she was able to slide back up the length of his shaft and pull her lips free, coughing hard as she gulped in deep breaths of air.
She soon had her lips wrapped around him again, however, and as she bobbed up and down he came in her mouth with a groan, and she swallowed it.
Then she got up and went inside, returning with a beer for him, and another small bowl of pretzels.
“And what’s your name, baby?” he asked, drawing her down onto his lap, softly groping and kneading her breasts.
“She doesn’t have a name!” Mack said quickly. “We just call her sex slave.”
“She’s our little sex slave,” Autumn said tauntingly.
She held something up. “Look what I found, sex slave. Come and get it,” she said, speaking as though to a dog.
Roy let her go, giving her a little push, and Zoey got uncertainly to her feet. Autumn shook her head. “Down. Down on all fours, sex slave.”
Blushing, Zoey sank to her knees, then slipped forward onto her hands. Behind her, Roy reached over and curled his fingers through the back of her thong, tugging it down over her buttocks as she started to crawl forward. Zoey gasped and reached back, trying to grab at it but he already had it down around her knees, and with a quick movement he pulled her knees out from under her and yanked the thong away with a hoot of laughter.
“Never mind that. We’ve all seen you naked anyway, sex slave,” Autumn said, grabbing at her collar and pulling her forward.
Blushing furiously, she crawled forward a few paces, with Autumn pulling at her collar. Then she saw what Autumn had in her other hand and blushed even more as the girl brought I up against her groin and wagged it at her. It was a very large, fat black dildo.
“Suck this cock, baby,” Autumn said. “Come one. Suck me off!”
“Nice cock, Autumn,” Sanchez laughed.
“Come on, sex slave. Suck me off!” Autumn cried, holding the base of the dildo against her and pushing the nose against Zoey’s mouth. Zoey opened her mouth hesitantly, and Autumn shoved the dildo in, forcing her jaws wider.
“Suck. Show everyone how you suck cock,” Autumn said, pumping the big dildo in and out. “No! Hands on the deck!’ she ordered, reaching forward to slap at one of Zoey’s hands when it rose to take hold of the dildo.
Zoey dropped her hand, and sucked on the dildo as Autumn pushed it in and out, going deeper and deeper. Everyone else looked on, grinning, snickering, cracking jokes, drinking, and munching on pretzels. Zoey was self-conscious, and red-faced, but she didn’t know of a way to extricate herself from this without making them mad at her, and maybe having them all go away and dismiss her as a stupid geek who didn’t interest them.
She felt horribly naked on all fours, especially with Roy and the guys standing behind looking at her, but when she tried to close her knees tightly Autumn slapped her bottom sharply and told her to spread her legs.
The order – and obeying it – gave her a dark, kinky thrill that set her pussy thrumming much more powerfully than it had been. She felt a wild, exhibitionistic thrill as she knelt on all fours, most of them staring up at her naked pussy as she sucked on the black dildo Autumn pumped in and out of her mouth. Autumn kept changing the direction of the dildo, now raising it up and pumping downward, now pulling it low and pumping it upwards into her mouth as Zoey moved her head around to keep her lips wrapped around it.
“Let her ride it,” Brian called.
“Yeah!” Autumn cackled.
She pulled it out of Zoey’s mouth and had her turn around to face everyone, then set the dildo down on its base on the deck. She pulled up a bit on Zoey’s collar, then had her spread her knees. Blushing deeply, but with a wildly building sexual hunger, Zoey eased herself slowly down on the fat dildo, gasping a little at its thickness as she squirmed and adjusted herself to fit directly on it.
“Take that cock up your nasty little pussy, sexy slave,” Mack shouted with a laugh.
“Ohh!” Zoey gasped.
Autumn pushed down on her shoulder from behind and she gasped in pain as the nose of the dildo was forced past the mouth of her pussy, her sex lips spreading wide, taut and straining. She shifted her knees wider and slowly sank down on the big dildo, taking it deeper and higher into her belly as everyone looked on.
It took her a while to get it all into her, or almost all. By that time she was almost doing the splits, with her knees spread out wide to either side and her buttocks almost on the deck. They had her shift into a squatting position, and then, legs spread, she rode slowly up and down on it as they all looked on. Then she turned her back to them and rode up and down it for a minute. Then she turned around again, groaning in hot, nasty pleasure as she rode the dildo while they all watched her.
“Rub your clit, sex slave,” Sanchez ordered.
The words electrified her, and brought more crimson to Zoey’s face. The rest took up the call, demanding she rub her clit, and so her trembling fingers dropped to her groin and she began to lightly rub her clitoris as she rode the dildo. Then she began to squeeze her breasts and pluck and pull and twist at her nipples.
When the orgasm came she couldn’t hide it, and cried out in dark, steamy excitement, her body pounded by wildfire sensations of pleasure as she rode frantically and her fingers raced across her clit.
Afterwards, giving her little time to recover, she had blow a couple of the guys – with the big dildo still deep inside her. Then she had to go back into the cottage to get more beer and munchies for everyone. She kept the dildo inside her, and after finishing her fetching she was pulled into Roy’s lap again, and he ran his hands over her body, pinching her nipples, pawing at her breasts, and then pumping the dildo again as he stroked his thumb across her clit.
She was surprised at how quickly he was able to rouse the wild dark hunger, and how fast he made her come there as she sat astride him, gasping and moaning and grinding herself forward against his fingers and the dildo while the others discussed football.
Paul knocked over his beer shortly after that, and Zoey found herself on hands and knees cleaning it up next to his chair. He patted her head as she did and said “When you’re done go get me another beer, would you, sex slave.”
He reached under and casually groped her breast, then went back to his football discussion. Zoey finished cleaning it up, took the paper towels she’d been using inside and threw them in the garbage, then got him another beer and brought it out to him. It felt – strange – walking with the big dildo inside her, the base sticking out and rubbing against her thighs as she walked.
Yet being naked around them, with the dildo, made her feel a kind of crackling sexual electricity throughout her body. She was slightly breathless with it as she gave him his beer, and then looked for what to do next. Mack gestured to her and she walked over beside her chair, then sank to her knees as Mack pulled on her wrist.
“Just kneel there,” she said, lightly combing her fingers through Zoey’s hair.
She knelt there for a few minutes, feeling strangely comforted as Mack gently stroked her head. Then she stood up and went inside to get another coke for Sanchez. When she returned Mike called to her. “Go get another dildo, sex slave,” he ordered.
“Whaa – what?”
“Go get another dildo. Don’t tell me you don’t have one.”
She did, and, blushing, went back inside and up to her room, then returned with a pink dildo.
“Lay down,” Mike said, grinning.
Anxiously, she eased herself down, laying down on her back with her head away from them, staring up at them.
Mike slid out of his deck chair and took her ankles, then lifted her legs straight up and held them.
“Okay, now spread them straight out to either side,” he said, shifting his grip so he had one hand on each ankle, then pulling her legs out to either side.
Face flushed, breathing already becoming ragged, Zoey let het legs fall sideways, spreading father and farther until the tendons in her thighs began to stretch and strain and ache.
“We’re gonna have to make you more limber, sex slave,” Mack called from her chair.
“Yeah, until you can get both legs on the ground straight out,” Sanchez said.
“Okay, draw your legs back then,” Mike said.
She grunted with effort, pulling her knees in against her chest instead, then spreading them apart a little. Mike guided her ankles straight up over her head, then down and back, and with a little effort and some stretching and straining she was able to get her ankles back behind her head, and then slide her arms forward and between them and hook her elbows around the backs of her thighs.
Mike poured suntan oil on the dildo then handed it to her with a grin.
“Stick it up your ass, sex slave.”
Swallowing, she rubbed the dildo against her anal opening and began to slowly ease it into her body. Her head was swirling, and her body pulsing with sexual excitement. They were all looking down at her, watching, grinning as she slowly pushed the dildo down deep into her ass, then began, on Mack’s instructions, to pump it in and out. As they laughed and shouted directions, she began to pump both dildos, gasping and moaning as she felt herself getting even more excited.
She began to stroke her clit as she alternated pumping the dildos, and then came with a cry of wondrous pleasure, rocking and jerking there on the deck as they all laughed and looked on, and a couple of the guys shook their beers and sprayed it on her.
Roy was the first one to slide off his chair, kneel in front of her, and take out his cock. He pulled the dildo out of her pussy and instead pushed it into her open, gaping, panting mouth before sliding his own prick into her, leaning forward, and beginning to pump fast and hard.
After Roy came Sanchez, then Mike, then Paul, then Brian, each of them fucking her hard and fast as she lay curled up on the deck, ankles behind her ears. Brian, as usual, decided to fuck her ass instead, and plunged wildly up and down against her before his salty seed foamed down into her bowels.
Then Mack brought her back inside – still naked – with a big dildo up her ass and another up her pussy.
“Okay, we told your mom the whole place would be cleaned this week so you might as well start now,” she said.
They went into the kitchen, and found a pail, rags and window cleaner, and then Mack ordered her upstairs to start on the windows there. Mack herself returned to the gang on the deck, chatting, playing cards, listening to music, and occasionally dancing.
Zoey felt some resentment as she began cleaning windows, but not a lot. A part of her was relieved to be away from them. She found the attention overwhelming, and was more than a little unnerved about how she was always naked and they were always using her for whatever they wanted.
The weird thing was, though, that a part of her reveled in it. And even now, as she cleaned the windows, standing before the large glass pane, scrubbing up and down – naked – with the dog collar around her throat and the two dildos protruding from her – she felt a shimmering, bubbling sense of dark, wonderfully nasty sexual excitement.
And that squirming sexual heat lasted all through the afternoon as she scrubbed one window after another. She could never forget for a moment that she was naked, and never forget the big dildos inside her. She worked on the windows for a couple of hours by herself, the sexual excitement making her breath a little harder. Occasionally she reached down to finger her hot, swollen clit, or to pinch or stroke her nipples, but she didn’t try to masturbate. She wanted to stay in a state of hunger, for it made even chores like washing the windows enjoyable.
Slave! Sex slave! That was so kinky! It was silly – but kinky!
There were a lot of windows in the cottage, and it took her all afternoon just to do the ones upstairs. Only Roy came to see her, which made her uncomfortable because she barely knew him. He sauntered around, looking at the place, which made her wary. And then grinned to see her, crossing the floor of one of the guest rooms to where she was reaching up with one of the long-handled window cleaning scrubbers.
She was standing on the balls of her feet, leaning in and forward, scrubbing up high, when he came up behind her. His hand slid in to knead and caress her buttocks.
“Man, you have a nice ass, baby,” he said.
“Tha-thanks,” she gulped.
“Shouldn’t you say thank you master,” he said.
“Thank you, master,” she gulped, feeling another hot little thrill.
“You’re a real kinky little bitch, aren’t you,” he said, gripping the base of the dildo in her ass and starting to work it up and down.
“Y-Yes… master!” she gasped, still trying to scrub even as he thrust the dildo up harder, and more painfully.
“You like it up the ass, eh, baby? That feel good?”
“Yes, master,” she breathed, his other hand on her breast, kneading it and pinching her nipple.
“You could make a lot of money, you know. You got the face and body. You could be an escort. I know one I could introduce you to.”
The thought of her being a high-class prostitute made Zoey’s jaw drop. Wouldn’t that be a kicker! So much for having to go to university! The idea was both appalling and deliciously, nastily exciting.
“I uhng - I don’t – ungh – think my parents – ungh – would like that!” she gasped.
“You can make a lot of money if you get the right client base,” he said, still pumping the dildo. “Maybe a thousand, two thousand an evening easily. All for going to parties, fucking, and sucking cock. You rather work in a law office researching case law or some other boring shit? You look like a natural born whore to me. You ought to make money at it.”
He pulled the dildo out completely, then thrust it up inside her again, pulled it out completely, then penetrated her and thrust it up deep. Then he pulled it out completely again and pulled his cock out of his swimsuit. “Spread your legs more, slut,” he said casually.
She gasped weakly at the word, but obeyed, and his cock slid smoothly up into her ass all the way to the hilt.
He pulled back on her hair and gripped her breast, grinning as he licked along the nape of her neck. “I can do anything I fucking want to you, can’t I, slut,” he taunted, thrusting into her ass. “You’re just a walking piece of cunt meat ready to bend over for anyone who tells her to.”
Zoey grunted at his hard thrusts, and had to drop the scrubber and put her hands on the window to keep from being forced off her feet. He reached a hand down between her legs, rubbing her with his fingers while easing the dildo in and out, and she lost it, her gasps and grunts turning into a long, gurgling wail of pleasure as the orgasm slammed into her.


A really good story

5/5- girly46



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