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His Bitches

34490 words

Style: Sado-Masochism (SM), Male Dom - M/F

A sociopath. It was a strange word, but one he thought fit him. Right and wrong really didn't mean much to him. All that mattered was his own comfort, his own pleasure. And when he lost patience with the time it took to gain that pleasure from women he began to resort to violence and intimidation. And then even that began to irritate him. Why should he go out dating and violating when he ought to have one them available for his pleasure whenever he felt the need. And so he began to take lovely young girls where and when he found them, bring them to his home, and brutalize them into obedience and submission. They were his bitches, and they existed only to give him pleasure, to clean his home, cook his dinners, and serve his sexual desires.

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Chapter One

Lori Cooper was a gorgeous little slut if ever there was one. She had long, loose, curly red hair that flowed over her shoulders like scarlet silk, a sweet, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth smile, bright green eyes, and a body to die for, or kill for.
She had this incredibly tiny waist, round hips, a perfect little apple of an ass, and firm, high, tits that I could squeeze and suck on all day.
But she had an attitude. They all do, you know, the bitches.
See, all women are whores at heart. They keep their thighs closed tight until they've been bribed enough to spread em' for you, and even then they ration it like itís gold.
I'm telling you, man, it's too much effort getting at those furry cunts between their legs. You'd spend all the time and effort complimenting them, listening to their stupid little thoughts and ideas, buying them food, candies, flowers, and paying their way into movies and shows.
And what do you get for it? If they're feeling generous maybe they'll blow you, or if you spend enough money over time they'll feel obligated to let you have a little snatch, but will they bend over whenever you're in the mood? Nuh uh!
To get that you have to be either super rich or super handsome, and even then they want "commitment". They want you to marry em' or something.
Shit. All I want to do is stick my cock up one of their holes, pump it in and out for a while, then leave. I don't want to listen to all the crap, or spend my hard earned cash. Hell, you add up the cost, and it's cheaper to hire a hooker than get a girlfriend, and it's a lot more reliable as far as pussy is concerned.
So anyway, what changed my thinking on all this happened long, long ago when I was just a young guy. I had been panting after this bitch, Lori, for some time, feeding her, taking her to movies, telling her how cute she was, you know, all the normal shit.
After weeks of effort I'd gotten as far as feeling her up, getting my hands into her blouse and down her pants, and she'd blown me once or twice. What I wanted, though, was to strip her naked, pound the hell out of her pussy and asshole, then go watch a baseball game.
But instead I took her to some dumb romantic movie she wanted to see, bought her dinner at a restaurant I didn't like, then, when it came time to put out she told me she had to get up early because of a test at school the next day.
Boy, was I pissed!
But I was patient, to a degree. A buddy of mine's parents were going out of town and leaving him alone at his place. He offered to let me use it to score with Lori if I thought she'd put out. So, I took him up on it, and after a lot of whining and arguing, I convinced Lori it was time for some payback for all I'd spent on her.
Over the next couple of days she kept trying to back out, but I kept arguing her into it, and on the night in question she showed up, and we got to necking and groping. I got her top off and sucked on those great nipples of hers. You should have seen how hard and long they got!
I got my hand down her pants and was sliding my fingers up and down her slit, which was hot and wet, and ready, and then the stupid little whore jumps up and grabs her blouse and says she's not ready! Can you believe that shit? I was so fuckin' pissed off that if she hadn't taken off I probably would've raped the little slut.
And then I got to thinking that that was just what I should've done. Her friggin pussy wasn't made of gold. What was the big deal about spreading her legs and letting me fuck her for a little bit? It wasn't gonna hurt the bitch, least not much, and she'd probably enjoy it. I mean, I'd fucked a few girls by then, so I knew more or less what to do, you know?
So the next day, I'm at home alone...this is summer, right, and I'm in the house watching a ball game on the TV, when the door rings. Guess who?
So Lori walks in, and she's wearing this tight, tight sundress with little spaghetti straps over her shoulders, and no fuckin' bra. I could see her nipples sticking out against the thin fabric easy. She comes into the house and says how she wants to apologise, you know, for the other night.
That don't mean she's ready to spread her legs, though. I guess she figured I still had a lot of work I had to do, more crawling and paying, before she'd let me have a piece. In fact, she wouldn't even stay in the house alone with me, but insisted on going out in the back yard.
So we're in the back yard, and I'm really pissed off at her for not coming across the other night, and I'm watching her move around in this tight little sun dress that's being held up by just those two little spaghetti straps, and I'm thinking how I'd love to rip that dress off and plug the bitch right there.
"This is a nice yard," she said, looking around at the grass and bushes and trees.
"I guess," I said.
"It's got tall fences, too. I wish our yard had tall fences. Every time I try to go out in my bikini and get a sun tan the guy next door comes over and stares at me. What a perv," she sighed.
"Guess he likes to look at your legs," I said.
"He's a pervert," she sniffed.
"Why? Cause he likes to look at your legs and your tits and your ass?"
"Dennis! Don't talk like that," she said, scowling.
"Talk like what? Hell, I like looking at your ass and legs, too, and your tits."
"Stop that!" she said, stamping her foot and folding her arms across her chest.
"I don't know why it bothers you."
"It just does. It's not polite."
"Polite? I gotta be polite now? Is that why you don't fuck, `cause it's not polite?"
"I told you, I'm just not ready," she pouted.
"Ready? Listen, when I was sucking on your nipples last night they were hard as pebbles."
"Dennis!" she gasped, her face turning red.
"Well they were, and you pussy was hot and wet too."
"Stop talking like that!"
"I just wanna know why it is that I want to have sex, and your body wants to have sex, but your mind keeps saying, no, no, no."
"I'm's...I just don't think we should yet," she sulked.
"Well I think we should," I snapped.
"So go and fuck yourself," she sniffed.
I felt like slamming her one, y'know. Here she turns her back on me in my back yard and tells me to go and fuck myself.
"What's this for?" she asked idly, reaching up to finger a rope that was hanging from a tree branch.
"It used to have a spare tire on it so I could throw the football through," I said. "The tyre fell off. It's over there."
"Football," she sniffed. "How boring."
Well, you know, I was already pissed off before she said that, but when she said it, and with the tone of her voice, well. I was gonna say something really snotty, but then her hands on the rope kind of gave me an idea.
Well, that doesn't quite describe it. What happened was this image just blasted into my mind, this image of Lori with her hands tied up, naked, and me doing whatever I wanted.
And everything just kind of narrowed in focus, and all I could see were her hands and that rope. And then, partly as just a joke, just to get a rise out of her, and maybe partly as a turn-on, and some revenge, I came up next to her and gripped her wrists and pinned them together in one of my hands.
She looked up at me in confusion as I raised her hands, then took the rope and quickly wrapped them around her wrists.
"Dennis!" she said impatiently.
I just ignored her, grinning down at her a little as I laid the rope across one wrist, then the other. She struggled a little, scowling at me, trying to pull away, then got angry.
"Dennis! Will you stop it, you asshole! It's not funny!"
But I tied off the rope and then stood back. She glared at me angrily, pulling at the rope, trying to free her wrists, which were up above her head.
"Untie me this instant!" she demanded.
"Untie you?" I asked.
"Yes, right now. Untie it!"
"Oh. Okay."
Seeing her like that was really getting my juices flowing, and I could feel my cock starting to harden in my jeans. But I stepped up beside her and reached up to the ropes, then slid my hands down her bare arms instead, and onto her breasts.
"Dennis!" she cried.
I groped her breasts through the sun dress, squeezing and kneading the full fat titties, mashing them up and down and sideways while she struggled and pulled at the rope and cursed.
"Dennis, you stop it right now or I'll never speak to you again!" she cried.
Instead I reached to the little spaghetti straps over her shoulders and untied them. She gasped as the sun dress slid down over her chest, baring her taut breasts, then held together at her waist for a few seconds before sliding down her legs.
I just stared at her tits. I'd seen them before, but only in the darkness of the drive-in, or while parked on the side of a road somewhere, or at one of the parties we went to where most of the lights were turned off. This was the first time I'd ever seen them in bright sunlight, all naked and gleaming, the nipples so pink.
She squirmed and wriggled as she pulled at the rope, but it was tight and she couldn't pull free. She was standing there clad in just her panties, her dress bunched up around her ankles.
"Let me go!!" she cried.
"Why?" I asked, sliding a hand over her breasts.
She kicked out at me and I twisted to one side, then gripped the back of her hair and jerked it back hard. She cried out in pain, and her struggles mostly stopped as she moaned and whimpered.
I stared down at her firm breasts, now sticking out so hard and gorgeous with her back arched like it was. I held her head where it was and slid my other hand all over her tits, squeezing and caressing them, flicking my thumbs and fingers over the nipples.
Then I bent and licked at one nipple. I slid my lips around it and sucked, letting her hair go as my hand moved down to her ass and squeezed it through her panties. She was breathing heavily, moaning, and still squirming, but her nipple was getting hard real fast.
I slid my tongue over her tit, then on to the other one, sucking on that nipple as she continued to curse me and demand I untie her.
"Look at how hard and stiff your nipples are," I sneered, standing back a little as I looked down at them.
"Let me go!" she demanded.
"You like this, baby."
"I do not! Stop it and let me go!"
"Look at how swollen your tits are, how hot and ready they are."
"Stop talking like that!" she cried.
"I am not! I'm a virgin!"
She tried to kick out at me again and my hand shot out and gripped her hair once more, jerking it back hard. Again she cried out in pain, then started to whimper.
"You little whore," I snapped. "Think your pussy's made of gold or something? Think you're too good to fuck me?"
I cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it hard, then slid my hand down her belly to her panties and in through the waistband. I felt her furry bush against my fingers, then against my palm as my fingers sought her cunt cleft.
She squirmed and moaned and sobbed some more, begging me to let her go, but I ignored what her mouth was saying, paying attention instead to what her body was saying. Her cunt was a steamy swamp, and my finger slid right inside.
She cried out and tried to squirm back, but I held her still and forced my finger up inside her tight snatch as she sobbed harder.
"Don't! Don't! Let me gooooo!" she moaned.
I bent and sucked on her nipple again instead, chewing some too, as my finger drove up into her to the knuckle. I wriggled it around inside her as her ass jerked and shook and twisted frantically, then I pumped it in and out a couple of times.
I slid a second finger into her. She was tight, and she moaned even more, but I got it in there, and then worked my thumb up against her clit, rubbing and stroking it, pressing it back against the fingers inside her as I sucked her nipple.
She was panting and moaning, her chest heaving, her body squirming, but her cries weren't in the same tone any more.


This book is the first I have ever rated a 1. It did nothing for me and I did not bother finishing it.

1/5- JBC



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