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The Girl Next Door

34800 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Chloe was a sweet girl, a bit naive, a bit of a nerd, in fact. She had eager hopes of joining the air force and working with missiles. Her new neighbor, however, has other ideas. Spotting her nude in her back yard, catching secret glimpses of her exploring her secret fantasies, he sets out to exploit and seduce her, to turn a girl with little sexual experience into a sexual submissive who would service his darkest and most perverted needs. Chloe suspects his aims, but is carried along by the hot thrill of discovery and forbidden sex. An old guy, old enough to be her father, disgusting, gross, and yet, strange and sophisticated. She thinks she can explore her bondage fantasies without it going further, without exposing her body or her soul, yet the older man soon bullies and seduces her into exploring ever darker and more nastier aspects of her sexual fantasies. No matter what rules she makes he will agree to, for he knows he can persuade her to cast them aside in the heat of passion - and does. Her bondage becomes tighter, her submissive enforced with pain and punishment, until the thrill of her own humiliation has her trembling with heat.

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Insanity! Really crazy freaking stupid are-you-out-of-your-mind insanity! That’s what this was. I could hardly believe I had let him tie me down like this, hardly believe I had taken off my clothes and was lying here in my underwear! I felt horribly embarrassed, vulnerable, dumb, perverted, and exposed all at once I didn’t think he would do anything to me without my permission, but at the same time – I was laying there in my underwear, all spread out and tied down!
I didn’t feel at all aroused. Well, maybe just a tiny bit, but mostly I was anxious, wary, and embarrassed. That bit at the end, where he had pounded the stake into the ground right at my crotch had been unnerving, and even more embarrassing. Now it was there, so close to me that every time I inhaled I could feel it touching me through the thin crotch of my thong..
I felt totally stupid laying there. Yet, it was undeniable that the firm wrists around my wrists and ankles did kind of feel - nice, hot in a way. And as the minutes passed my uneasiness and embarrassment faded. I pulled against the stakes from time to time, seeing how firm they were. They were very firm. I was completely helpless. I kind of shifted, strained, and felt my pussy pressing up firmly against the stake he had pounded into the ground there.
Was that there for that very purpose, I thought suddenly? Did he expect me to, like, rub myself against it!? God, he was such a fucking pervert! This was so sick!
Yet even as I resolved to ask him to untie me the next time I saw him, I couldn’t shake the thought that this would be so wildly fucking hot, so kinky and exciting – if I was naked. I had no intention of asking him to take off my underwear, of course! No way! It was jus a thought! The idea was wildly sexually provocative!
But as my embarrassment and anxiety eased, I began to feel that even laying there in my underwear was kind of hot, kink of kinky and wild and nasty. I could feel the grass under my bar butt, and could see the tops of my breasts peaking out from the top of my bra.
Beyond that was the growing sense of physical discomfort because I was lying in the hot sun, starting to sweat. I looked over my shoulder at the house from time to time, trying to see if he was there, if he was watching me. It made me blush, and made my pussy throb thinking of him staring at me and getting all turned on. But until I saw him I couldn’t even call out, ask him to untie me, no matter how hot it was.
I had thought he’d just leave me for a few minutes but it felt like a freaking hour. I was lying there baking in the heat, energy draining away from me, when he finally came outside.
“Enjoying the sun, princess?”
I blushed with his eyes on me. “It’s hot,” I groaned.” I’m burning up.”
He went away, and came back with a hose. He grinned and turned it on. It didn’t have a nozzle, and the water poured out in a soft, solid stream right onto my belly. I yelped and twisted and gasped at the sudden cold as he played the water up and down my body. And now I noticed that he was holding the hose between his legs, grinning as he poured the water over my face and body.
“S-Stop!” I cried.
“You said you were hot.”
He squatted down next to me, hose in hand, and let the water fall directly onto my pussy. I flushed and tried to protest, but I was feeling - conflicted, embarrassed, uneasy, and yet aroused in a dark hot, daring sort of way. Is this cooling you off, princess?” he asked with kind of a lewd grin that made me shudder.
He let the water spill across my belly and then directly on my breasts, swinging the hose a little back and forth. I was gulping in air, gasping at the water and the cold and - and - what was happening.
He grinned and turned the water down but it was still a solid line of water splashing onto my chest. Then he slid the hose downwards, laying it right on my lower chest, letting the metal and plastic slide down my belly, still gushing water.
I gasped, my eyes going wide, as it slid across my crotch, and I felt the weight of the hose and the gushing water slide over my pussy through the thin soaking fabric of my thong. He casually slid the hose back and forth, holding it a foot or so behind the spout, then slid it up and pushed it through the waistband of my thong.
I let out a little cry, and my eyes got wide, but I didn’t say anything - not really. I think I said stop, but not in a very convincing voice. I felt the water gushing over my bare crotch, felt the metal ring of the hose sliding against my flesh as he pushed it further into my thong, until it was touching my clit, twisting and turning there in side my thong, still gushing cold water.
He let go of the hose and grinned at me. “Think this will keep you from getting too hot?” he asked.
“T-take it out!” I gasped.
“You sure you don’t mean put it in?” he said with a snicker.
He tugged it out slowly, letting the hose slide across my skin, up over my breast, and then pushed it into the cup of my bra. The cold water poured over my chest, and he used the pressure of the plastic hose pushing down to kind of open my bra a bit so he could see my bare breast.
“Stop!” I cried.
He grinned and eased back. “I’ve already seen you naked, remember. You should let me take off your underwear. You’ll find this a much more realistic experience.”
“Your underwear is practically see-through now, you know, now it’s all wet.”
“I-It it is n-not!” I gasped , raising my head and looking down my body.
“Practically,” he said, toying with me.
He slid the hose back into my other bra cup, twisting the length so it pulled the cup open more and he could see my stiff pin nipple.
He snickered and pulled it back, grinning at me as I blushed redly.
“Do you feel helpless, tortured?” he teased.
He pushed the hose into my thong again and I squirmed and yelped and moaned as it slid up and down across that hard, frozen bump of my clit. He pulled the hose out and slid it up across my chest, pushing it into one bra cup, then the other. And both times he took the opportunity to angle the hose out so it pulled open the top of my bra.
“Still hot, little princess?” he purred.
He reached a hand behind my head, and I felt a little tug at my neck as the top of my bra strap was released. I gasped aloud, feeling a little shock run through me, but he just giggled a bit strangely and drew back. He didn’t pull open the bra, though it now just rested across my breasts.
My face flushed but my heart pounded with anticipation and excitement. I didn’t want him to see my bare breasts but - but - but I did at the same time. He let the water play over them, slowly, teasingly, angling it so it splashed against the top of my chest in such a way the water very slowly was pushing the now slack fabric downwards bit by bit.
Then my nipples were exposed! First the left, then the right, and then it was like - god! I don’t know how to describe the wild sexual tension I felt as I lay there helpless, the water splashing down on my bare breasts, my bra tied around my chest under them. My nipples were so hard they hurt, and the water pouring over them made me want to grind my hips up like a whore!
He chuckled and moved the water downward, squatting low and sliding his hand in under my back.
“Raise your back, Princess,” he said.
“In a kind of haze, I obeyed him, arching my back, blushing even more furiously as that made my breasts thrust out at him. His hand slid beneath me and undid the other bra strap, and he pulled it off me and tossed it aside.
“You know you want this off as well,” he said.
And before I knew what he was doing, he had produced a tiny knife. He slit the side of my thong, then the other and pulled it out from beneath me as I squealed in embarrassment. He laughed at my reaction, then went into the house, leaving me like that. Naked! Naked and spread-eagled and tied down!
Oh. My. God! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!
My initial response was to pull frantically against the ropes around me, but I couldn’t pry them loose, and I went limp, gasping, panting - naked, moaning to myself, my head cocking up and back repeatedly to see if he was there, watching, in the window.
What was I going to do! ? I was helpless and naked! I was completely vulnerable to anything he wanted to do to me!
He could be looking at me right now! Maybe even taking pictures!
I struggled not to hyperventilate as I stared wildly around me, then slowly lay my head back, gulping in air chest heaving. I was naked, spread-eagled and helpless right out in the open. I pulled, straining against the ropes, but couldn’t pull free. The sense of vulnerability, of being completely helpless to anything anyone wanted to do to me, was overwhelming, and produced both anxiety and a wild, soaring sense of sexual heat.
And the way I was twisting and writhing was unintentionally rubbing my now naked, hairless pussy up against that metal spike he’d jammed into the ground between my legs. That was having an effect, as well
He turned off the hose and went back inside, leaving me panting, gasping, and soaking wet. But the water dried surprisingly quickly in the hot sun. I think within fifteen minutes I was entirely dry, except for my hair, and feeling the hot kiss of the sun again.
Ian came out of the house, carrying something. My pulse ratcheted up immediately, my heart pounding as he walked up behind me, from the direction of my head.
“Hey,” he said. “You enjoying yourself? Want me to touch you yet?”
“No!” I gasped in alarm. “D-Don’t you touch me!”
“Okay. That is our deal, after all. I won’t lay a finger on you without your permission.”
He had a kind of long stake, like a three-foot high pole, and hammered it into the earth just above my head.
“Wh-what are you doing?” I demanded.
“Well, since I’m not allowed to touch you I thought I’d torture you instead. Give you a feel for it.”
From what I could see of the thing, it was just a longer stake, sort of, but it had a kind of branch sticking out near the top, and it was right over my head, maybe a foot or so long so that I guess the little hook on the end was over my chest a bit. I had no idea what he intended as he knelt next to me with a thin cord in his hands
“Wha-what are you doing!?” I gulped.
“Torturing you,” he said in an amused voice.
The cord was barely thicker than string. He tied a loop in it, and then lowered it over my breast. I gasped, jerking my head up, staring, wide eyed, as the loop passed over my rock-hard little nipple, and pressed firmly against the soft flesh around it, the areola. Then he slowly tightened the loop and it closed around the base of my nipple.
My pussy spasmed and I whimpered and moaned, transfixed, staring as the loop tightened, as I began to feel it closing in on my nipple, as it tightened, and then tightened more.
“Ahh! Ohh! Oww! Ooww!” I cried, my body twisting involuntarily as the cord bit painfully into my nipple.
My nipple burned with the pain, so hot that I gnashed my teeth as he tied off the knot and then lifted the cord upwards, sliding it over the hook – and pulling. I whimpered and then cried out as my nipple stretched up, and my back came off the ground, arching to ease the pull.
He chuckled, wrapping the cord around the overhead branch, then produced another.
“N-No!” I yelped.
He winked at me, and let the loop circle my other nipple, then pulled it firmly tight so that my nipple burned and throbbed powerfully. Again I twisted and moaned and cried out as he stretched my nipple upward, and wrapped the cord around the branch overhead.
“You lie there and think about things for a while,” he said casually, getting to his feet and walking back into the house.
Why was I so silent? Why wasn’t I protesting, demanding? I couldn’t think straight, that was why. My body was writhing on the inside, even if it wasn’t moving, twisting and churning with the hot, dark desire flooding my mind. My nipples burned with the pain, and yet somehow that burning was inflaming my pussy and making me feverish with excitement and arousal.
I was laying there spread-eagled on the grass, my nipples pulled upwards so that my back arched to ease the pain
I realized my mistake, now, for it was hard to keep my back arched like this. Yet pushing my chest up had simply allowed him to pull the cords tighter, and now I was almost bound to hold my position, somehow, for the cords bit tightly into my nipples, and when I tried to ease my position they bit even harder. I pulled feebly against the ropes binding me down, to no avail.
Yet I wasn’t trying to break free. My pussy was calling to my hands, wanting them there, wanting to be touched, desperate, yearning to be penetrated. My legs wanted to close so I could grind my thighs together. Darkness swept around me, flashes of bits and pieces of fantasies making me moan, my skin flushed with heat and excitement as my breathing came in ragged puffs and pants.
And then he was there, and humiliation spread through me even as my pulse picked up with even more dark hunger.
“Open your mouth,” he ordered.
I gaped at him and he held out a ball-gag. I gasped, and he pushed it against my mouth. I didn’t resist, but didn’t open my mouth either – exactly. My mind was too fractured to make any kind of decision. As he pushed it down harder, my teeth, my mouth hurt, and I instinctively opened my mouth wider, then wider still, until it was gaping, and he was able to force the gag into my mouth.
I’d seen pictures, seen videos, but this was my first experience, and it sent more dark heat swirling through my body to the point I don’t think I could even keep still. I was trembling, twisting and writhing, moaning helplessly, my nipples flaming, my back hurting from the stress of my constant arched position.
“I put that in so your screams wouldn’t draw attention,” he said.
My heart skipped a beat. What was he going to do to me!?
He grinned at me, and held up – a vibrator.
I moaned and shook my head helplessly as he clicked it on. Then he let it trace a line slowly along my hairless slit.
My hips bucked violently, and he chuckled, circling my clit without touching it, sliding back along my oozing slit again, rubbing, sawing it up and down against my opening. He let the vibrator slide upwards, again circling past my clit, sliding the rounded phallic tube up my body and lightly rubbing it against my burning nipples.
God! I could hardly breathe! I was going insane!
He let it glide back down my abdomen, then along my hip and outer thighs before sliding back up my inner thigh and rubbing it against my pussy. He gripped the stake there, pulling it out of the ground to expose me further. He then pushed the dildo forward, putting more pressure behind it, and I felt it slowly sinking through the hot, swollen lips of my sex, twisting and rolling in the mouth of my sex, and then penetrating me, sliding into me inch by slow inch, a slow, agonizing torture which also send flaming hunger billowing up through my mind.
He drew it out, pushed it in, drew it out, pushed it in, slowly, tormenting me as I trebled and shook on the edge.
He drew it forth and then pressed it firmly against my clit.
My hips bucked, quickly, violently, repeatedly, and the orgasm exploded within me. I screamed, and at the first scream I knew the freedom the gag had leant me. I screamed again, louder, redoubling the wail of passion, excitement and release as a tidal wave of sensory pleasure swept over me. My hips bucked frantically, and he rode my clit with the vibrator, rubbing it there in short, rapid motions as my hips bounced and jerked frenziedly.
Of course, my movements also pulled the cords repeatedly against my nipples, so that they jerked sharply, painfully, hotly, again and again and again, the pain darkly exciting, sending a wild hot rush of sexual passion and pleasure flooding through my already swamped mind.
I’d never felt the freedom to scream before, and I have no idea how or why it enhanced the pleasure, but it did. I howled and twisted and bucked and thrashed in place as that monster orgasm trampled me under massive jackboots and left me a puddle of goo there on the ground, eyes unfocused, limp, my mind blasted into near thoughtlessness.


Lame ending.




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