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Darcy's Dark Desires

36000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

I had dark sexual fantasies of bondage, submission and abuse which sometimes made me literally tremble with excitement. But since I was still a teenager, I hadn't really had a chance to explore them until I met my aunt's new boyfriend - at their wedding. Once he and I locked eyes, I knew he was as perverted as I was, and I knew that I had found someone dangerous enough to explore my dark side. But Uncle Stephen was into dominance in a big way. He treated me like his bitch, like his animal, and even though I knew he was doing it deliberately, the cruel words and orders shamed me -- and set my body aflame. The rough sex, the rough discipline and humiliating orders made it clear he was trying to turn me into his sexual animal. And slowly, I came to understand it wasn't a game to him, that he was really trying to twist and condition my mind into total obedience. The thing is, while the idea was scary, it was also intensely arousing, thinking of myself as his chained bondage slave, being used by him, given to his friends, made into a possession! Denying him wasn't going to be easy. I would have to fight him, and also my own dark desires.

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We have a reasonably big back yard, and it’s got lots of trees and bush in it, but still, you can normally see someone pretty easily out there, and there was no one there. I wondered if he’d gotten impatient and left, but then I should have run into him inside. I walked around the yard, glancing back at the windows to make sure no one was looking, then saw the half open door of the tool shed in the far corner.
My heart began to beat more rapidly, and I walked to it, strolling casually, stopping to pluck a dandelion. This should only take a couple of minutes, I thought. I’ll blow him, and then maybe, maybe we’ll arrange something for somewhere else later. Though guilt assailed me at the thought. I mean, he was my aunt’s husband!
I eased inside and then gasped as a hand caught at my arm and yanked me forward. I let out another yelp as I was whirled around and shoved back hard against the wall, then a hand went over my mouth. My hands grabbed immediately at his wrist, and he pulled his hand away, grabbing my wrists and shoving them back against the wall above my head, pining them there as he loomed before me
“Shit! You scared the -- .”
He put his hand over my mouth and I jerked my wrists against his tight grip, feeling myself flush with a swirling mix of emotions; heat, indignation, embarrassment, fear, arousal, shame, anticipation.
He extended his arm, his big hand easily pinning my slender wrists, crossed above my head.
“What took you so long? “ he demanded.
“I… wanted to make sure no one saw me and that I wouldn’t be missed and -- .”
His lips crushed mine, and my eyes went wide as my head was jerked back against the wall. I tried to start kissing back but … it was like… like blowing into a howling wind. I mean, my efforts seemed so feeble as his voracious mouth pressed bruisingly hard against mine and his tongue shot past my lips and whipped across my own.
He pulled back, leaving me gasping for breath, my toes a little curled, my balance a little shaky, and then reached up with his other hand to where he was pinning my wrists. I didn’t even look at first, a bit dazed from the sudden crushing kiss, and then by the time I did it was to see the loop closing on the rope he had in his other hand, to feel it closing around my wrists.
There was a row of hooks overhead from which hung things like toboggans, sleds, tents, and the like, only they were empty now, and before I could even understand, accept, and then consider what he was doing, he was tying my wrists together and then pulling the rope up over one of the big hooks.
Given my fantasies about bondage that made my pussy burn and pulse excitedly, but all I had intended doing here was a little blow job! My whole family was inside!
“Uncle Stephen we can’t -- .”
He put his hand over my mouth.
“Don’t talk.”
“But -- .”
He slapped my face! It was a light slap, but it still shocked me and dropped my mouth open in astonishment and indignation.
But I was immediately distracted as he undid my slacks, and then yanked them down, along with my thong.
“Uncle Stephen!”
He yanked them down to my ankles and then jerked them down and out, basically pulling my feet out from under me. I yelped and was pulled up short by the rope around my wrists, which tightened painfully as my bare butt slapped back against the wall. I got my bare feet under me - since pulling on my pants so hard and yanked my shoes off, and gasped as he hurled himself at me, his hands jerking my thin sweater up over my breasts, then jerking down my bra to expose my breasts.
It was all so quick, so violent, that I hadn’t even had time to protest. I was half, well, mostly naked, tied up in the shed with my whole family inside at a party meant for me! The danger was huge, but the heat in my groin spiraled upward as his mouth sucked and then began to chew at my breast. One of his hands thrust between my legs and began to massage me there. Then he dropped to his knees, his hands jerking my thighs apart so I could barely keep the balls of my feet on the floor.
He licked a long, slow trail up my tightly closed pussy opening, then his thumbs pushed in and he spread the lips of my sex apart as his tongue pushed deeper.
“Fuck!” I gasped dazedly.
He caught my clit in his mouth and sucked rhythmically so that my legs literally began to shake and my hips jerked spastically against him. The sensations burning up through my belly made me cry out weakly even as he sank three fingers up into my pussy and began to pump them in and out.
“Oh God! Oh! Oh! Oh God!” I moaned, head back, groaning and gasping as the sensations became ever more intense.
But then he was up in my face again, jerking on my hair, and I had a moment to cry out in shock before his mouth covered mine and I could taste my own juices on his tongue. I moaned as he crushed me against the wall, as his hand slid down my bare back and caressed and kneaded my buttocks. It slid back up again, undoing my bra, then he jerked it up over my breasts, shoving it under my tightly rolled sweater as he bent to suck and lick and chew on my breasts.
It felt like a whirlwind was whipping me in different directions, without the time to get my balance.
“Oww!” I gasped as his teeth bit into my nipple.
But then he sucked gently, his tongue massaging away the hurt, his fingers kneading my aching, overheated breast.
He shifted to the other one, licking and sucking, and then drew back, his body no longer pressing against me, his hand sliding off my hair. Instead he stood there, looking at me, smiling thinly as I stood, trembling, gasping for breath, chest heaving as I stood against the wall of the shed.
“Now about that little tradition,” he said.
He rolled my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, then pinched them and tugged them outward.
“Ow! Ow! Ow! Uncle Stephen!” I gasped as the pull grew worse.
My chest pushed out as my nipples stretched, as I tried to ease the pinching, pulling pressure.
“Turn around,” he said, smirking, and letting go of my nipples.
I fell back against the wall, gasping, and he roughly spun me around so my swollen breasts were pressed against the wall. Then his hand slid down my belly and between my legs, and pulled my hips back and out even as he caressed my clit. My feet shuffled back and I moaned weakly as I was forced up onto the balls of my feet, bent forward at the waist, my arms extended up and out by the pull of the rope.
“As I said, a tradition in some places,” he said, his other hand caressing my round bottom.
Then he slapped my ass and I yelped.
“You have to count or it doesn’t count,” he said, kneading my buttocks.
He slapped my ass again. And it stung!
“Oww! Two!” I cried weakly.
“No, the first didn’t count,” he said.
He slapped my bottom again.
“Oww! Two!” I gasped.
“You have to start with one,” he said smugly.
“Uncle Stephen!” I cried in protest.
Crack! His hand slapped against my bottom.
‘Oww! One!” I gasped.
“Ow! Two! Uncle -- .”
“Oww! Three!” I moaned.
His fingers kneaded my buttocks, then slapped again and again, even as the heel of his other hand remained pressed firmly into my lower abdomen. The fingers of that hand, of course, continued to massage my sex and rub against my clit.
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
He slapped my bottom with an unhurried motion that nevertheless made my flesh sting and redden and turn hot. Breathless, my mind still spinning, gripped by the intensity of the sexual heat he had roused in me, I could barely think, much less assert my wishes or thoughts.
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
His hand slid up and down between my buttocks, then slid right down to my pussy. The other hand eased back and that hand slid in, his fingers penetrating me in turn, sliding up into my hot, moist center as I shuddered and my hips jerked and ground against him.
His hand slid back, and his finger now probed at my little rosebud, my back passage. My eyes widened and I gasped helplessly.
“U-Uncle Stephen!”
The fingers of his other hand slid downwards, across my clit, and into my pussy as a single finger twisted itself deep into my ass and began to pump lightly in and out.
Now like I said, I was somewhat sexually experienced, but no one had EVER put their finger in my ass! The feel of his finger was shockingly intimate, and I trembled and moaned as his finger slid in and out. Then a second finger joined it.
He eased his other hand up from my pussy and I shuddered as it slid up my taut belly, up to my chest, and gently kneaded my breasts as I leaned forward.
“Are you my slut, Darcy?” he whispered, leaning in, his breath against my ear.
“Y-Yes!” I whimpered.
“Say it. Let me hear you say it.”
“I-I’m your slut!” gasped, a hot rush of heat making my skin sparkle.
His fingers dug into my breasts, massaging and caressing the sensitive flesh.
“Do you need cock, little girl? Is that what you need?”
“Yes!” I breathed.
“Say it.”
“I-I need cock!” I moaned.
His fingers pumped and twisted inside me and I moaned, my hips grinding.
“Beg me to fuck your ass,” he whispered.
. The words made my pussy throb and pulse.
“Beg… slut.”
The word made my pussy burn!
“Please fuck my… my ass, Uncle Stephen!” I moaned, my voice breaking.
“Your slut ass? You want me to fuck your slut ass?”
“Please fuck my slut ass, Uncle Stephen!” I whined, nearly overwhelmed by the dark excitement.
His fingers felt incredible as they thrust in and out, as they twisted and turned inside me. Then he pulled them out, moving behind me, and I felt a hot white wall of incredible excitement swirling and churning around me. I felt his cock pushing into me, spreading my wrinkled opening wider, slowly easing forward and up into my tight, warm back tunnel.
I shuddered, thrusting my bottom back at him as his hands slid down to grip the front of my thighs and spread them wider.
“Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” I whimpered.
I gasped in pain as my hair was jerked up and back.
“You don’t give orders, slut. You beg,” he growled.
“Ahh! Ahhh! P-Please fuck my ass!” I moaned.
His cock pushed deeper, and then deeper still, and I groaned in feverish hunger as he began to pump in and out. Then his right hand slid in under my belly and began to rub insistently at my clit, and my mind just exploded with the wild eruption of sensory power. I cried out again and again, despite my best efforts at keeping my voice don, as my hips bucked and jerked and spasmed against his fingers and cock.
He leaned over me, his right hand between my legs, left cupping and kneading my breast as he began to kiss and bite the nape of my neck.
It was all just so incredibly hot and nasty and wild and intense that I shook and jerked against him uncontrollably, and by the time my mind started to settle down and my body sagged his cock was already almost all the way up inside me.
And then he thrust hard, and I gasped as it hurt for the first time, my head jerking up and back at the sudden strength of his stroke. He drew back a little and thrust again, and again I cried out weakly, his cock driving almost fully inside me. My belly began to ache and cramp as he forced the last inch or so of his long, fat cock into my ass. His hips pressed firmly against my buttocks and I groaned as he began to bite and suck on the side of my throat.
He ground his hips against me in a slow, circular movement as his fingers gently stroked my clit.
“Slut,” he whispered, nibbling on my earlobe. “Hot, nasty little bitch! Do you like having a cock up your ass? Do you? Slut? Do you like having your uncle’s prick up so high inside you? Can you feel it, baby? Can you feel it inside your tight little ass, you slut?
He drew back, and then I gasped as he pulled on my hair, forcing my head up and back.
“Spread your legs, slut. Spread your legs wider, whore!’ he growled in a low voice, slapping my bottom stingingly.
I cried out weakly, obeying, shifting my feet as wide as I could, raising my ass so he could ram himself into it. He jerked on my hair roughly, repeatedly, jerking my head up and back as he rammed his cock up into my aching, burning ass. The long, slick feel of him pumping inside me, the nose punching deep, touching parts of me no one had ever touched, was incredible, the sensations intense as my body shook to the force of his thrusts.
My entire lower body, my belly, my groin, my abdomen, were wrapped in a dark, throbbing heat which pulsed and shook with the force of his hips striking my buttocks and the aching, cramping pleasure of his cock thrusting up deep into my belly. I felt a shimmDarcyg sense of dark excitement and wild pleasure swirling around me as I stood there and took it, my ass raised, my breasts wobbling.
He used me roughly, even violently, yanking on my hair, slapping on my bottom, even slapping my breasts and groping them roughly as he sodomized me. It was all so incredible and intense that another massive orgasm tore through me. And as I began to shake and tremble and gurgle in helpless he thrust his hand down between my legs and rubbed my clit hard and fast. The orgasm redoubled and I cried out again and again, writhing and jerking and shaking as he continued to ram his cock up hard and deep into my ass.
I ground my soft, overheated breasts against the hard, rough walls of the shed, my nipples burning as my pussy erupted like a volcano. I gurgled dazedly as I felt Uncle Stephen grip my thighs in his strong hands, then jerk them up and apart so my feet left the floor. I was now hanging by my wrists, except, of course, that he held my thighs with my legs spread, my bottom pulled out back against him as his hips slapped again and again.
I was so spread! And his cock hurt! The nose, at least, was making my insides cramp and throb every time he drove himself deep. But even as I hung there, dazed and slack-jawed, moaning in the aftermath of that intense orgasm, I gloried in the hard, deep,aching thrust. And if I'd had the mind to form words and the breath to speak them, the only word I would have uttered would have been “harder!”.
It was glorious! I gurgled dazedly, my legs spread achingly wide, so that the tendons in my thighs were strained and stretched, and Uncle Stephen's big cock was just... impaling me, just ramming right up deep into my ass again and again with sufficient force that my body trembled and shook from the violent impact. The rope was tight around my wrists, and my hands were becoming numb, but I didn't care about anything but the wild intensity of the sexual heat swirling around me.
I came again, too dazed and breathless to do more than shake and quiver and tremble and jerk in his grasp as Uncle Stephen continued to ram himself into my ass with unrestrained violence.
He let my legs down, but I could hardly hold myself up, or at least, without the rope, without his hands on me I would have sank to the floor. But he used his big body, pressing against me, jamming me against the wall, his cock still deep in my ass. He ground himself against me, grabbing my hair, jerking my head up and back as he bit into the nape of my neck. He ground me against the wood, my breasts burning as his cock twisted inside me.
Then he jerked my hips back again and started thrusting once more, jamming himself deep again and again and again until he gave a grunt and buried himself inside me, letting my hot, anal muscles work on his spurting cock, letting me suck the spewing fluids out of him and pull them up high into my very bowels.



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