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The Dark Passage

50200 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

It was a lovely old Victorian home; perfect for the old book shop Danielle had longed to open, and with plenty of space upstairs for a comfortable home. The handsome handyman she hires is very good with his hands, but more interested in ropes and bondage than building shelves, and Danielle discovers the shocking thrill of helplessness and sexual heat. Then, in the basement, she finds the house's dark secret. It is a hidden stairway leading down into a secret suite of rooms where the original owner used to painful torment his female guests. The instruments and frames she finds there shock and arouse her, and lead her deeper into the realm of bondage and submission. And she will have company on her trip - an earnest young librarian researching the history of the original owner who is helplessly drawn to sexual submission and punishment.

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Chapter One

Danny let her head tilt back as the water poured down on her from two directions. She loved this shower. She absolutely loved it! In fact, she loved the entire bathroom. She’d never had a home which didn’t have a dinky little bathroom not much bigger than the tub. Now with a whole house to herself she’d had the bathroom wall torn out and expanded it to take up the whole bedroom which had been next door.
The shower stall was in the corner of the open concept room. A pair of six feet high tiled walls nearly enclosed the a five foot square space in the corner, not quite meeting, leaving a wide space for an entrance, though there was no door, leaving the shower open to the rest of the room.
The sink was an antique, and chest high. No more bending over to wash her face off. And there were a pair of high, lead crystal lights framing the mirror rather than the usual dull, modern light panel. The tub was six feet square and four feet deep, with plant covered steps leading up to it.
But as she stood under the dual showerheads spraying water down on her she felt oddly like an exhibitionist. It wasn’t something she could explain. The door was closed, after all, and she was alone in the house anyway. But the room was so large, and she wasn’t used to taking showers out in the open - sort of. All her previous showers had been in a tiny, enclosed tub with the curtains drawn tight around.
Now she could feel the cool room air on her backside as she let the water rain down on her head and chest and shoulders, and turned slowly in place, sighing in pleasure as the gushing water poured over her naked flesh.
She ran her hands slowly up and down her taut belly, up over the curving surfaces of her breasts, so very firm as she arched her back. The droplets of water bouncing off the surface of her breasts was a warm caress, and those striking her nipples stung enough to cause them to swell and stiffen.
She let her hair fall back. Her waist length black hair was now a single wet mass and slid past her buttocks. She felt a sense of sexual pleasure - though not quite heat, enjoying the tactile sense of water streaming across the soft surface of her pale skin, trickling down along her hair between her buttocks, over her breasts and down between her legs.
No, she wasn’t an exhibitionist, exactly, no more than most women. Which was to say she enjoyed being - attractive, even if she didn’t admit it to herself in so many words, enjoyed the looks, the silent hum of appreciation she got from men. She enjoyed it and intended to keep it, however irritating it was to go through the dull routine of the exercises she’d just completed.

Twenty seven wasn’t old, but it wasn’t seventeen either. She had a very slim waist, very flat stomach, and high, firm breasts. All of them would go to pot very quickly if she sat around on her trim backside, let dust gather on the exercycle and rowing machine, and didn’t get her regular jogging in.
She had her own home now, after so long saving and scrimping and planning. And soon she’d have her own business. Danny was more than a little proud of herself, even if most of the money had come from her long deceased parents’ will.
Perhaps because she was an orphan, had been an orphan for so long, she lacked confidence in herself. She had been so at the mercy of whichever group of foster parents she had been temporarily parked with, at the mercy of faceless officials and child care workers, bouncing from place to place, that she longed for absolute security, like a weary bird aching for a place she could relax and settle in.
Now she would have it; her own little nest, once she finally had everything done up properly, especially the downstairs which - .
The door bell rang.
“Oh shit!”
The carpenter was coming, but he wasn’t due until later.
The door bell rang again, very insistently. She turned off the water and ran to the wall, snatching up a towel and rubbing it furiously through her hair.
The door bell rang again.
Carpenters cost a fortune, but this one had come highly recommended, and since he only did it part-time his prices were well below most. But he also had little time to waste, and a lot of people after his services. If he took off - .
For years she had planned for this, planned what she would do, how she would set up the perfect home for herself. She had examined legal documents, researched various kinds of businesses and locations, talked to scores of people, and now she was finally out of her cramped little apartment.
She'd bought an old brick turn-of-the-century home which had been converted to a rooming house. It wasn't in the best area of town, but it was no slum, and her research showed the area was slowly becoming gentrified, with homes being renovated and better class people moving into the surrounding area.
The rooming house was on a commercial street, and she'd knocked out the inner walls of the first floor to establish a used bookstore - which would appeal to the poor who were in that area now, and the yuppies she saw moving in soon. The store would have wooden floors that shone, wooden shelves that went up to the ten foot high ceiling, antique lamps and a cosy, homy environment.
One of the few pleasures she'd had in her life, one of the few escapes from reality, was reading, and she'd come to love books. She would surround herself with beautiful old books. People would come to her in search of treasures from the past, brilliant, witty pearls of wisdom from the ages.
She spent years scouring garage and estate sales, stuffing her apartment from top to bottom with boxes of old books to the point that visitors thought her loopy, but now she would have the perfect shop to display them, a shop people would delight in.
Upstairs would be a perfect apartment. It wouldn't be huge, but it would be cosy, with the gleaming wooden floors and greenery, big bay windows, lace curtains, and a nice little fireplace she could sit before in the winter and on cool, rainy nights in the summer. She'd dreamed of it all through the long years bouncing from foster home to foster home.
She snatched up her robe as she flung open the door, and yanked it around her self, plunging her hands through the short sleeves as she dashed down the stairs. At the bottom, she pulled it firmly around herself and yanked the belt tight, then pulled open the side door, afraid of an impatient man who would give up and leave.
She snapped on the light over the porch and blinked her eyes in surprise as she stared through the window at the large, handsome, blue-eyed man looking back at her. She felt a sudden rush of blood through her veins as she opened the door, and a frustrated wish that she could have been dressed in something else with her hair not matted and tangled.
"Uhm, hi," she said.
"Hi," he said with a cheery grin. "You're Danielle?"
"Ah, yes. Come in."
She moved to unlock the door.
"Why don't you go through the front and unlock the door there?" he suggested. "I've got a load of wood for you."
"Really? But...well, I mean we haven't settled on a price or..."
"A couple of beers would be nice. I have to buy a couple of guys some drinks for helping me. We can settle on other charges later."
“But - .”
She wanted to tell him to wait, that she was only in her robe and - but she couldn’t. He was already gone, trotting around the corner of the house as she cursed, feeling very - harried and rushed. She quickly closed the door and rushed through the shop to the big door, desperately trying to comb her fingers through her hair and bring it to some semblance of order.
As she flung the door back she saw him already there with another man, each holding up one end of a load of wood. He backed into the shop slowly, the muscles in his powerful arms outlined clearly as he moved easily to the back of the shop then slowly lowered the stacked wood.
"Hi," the second man said, eyes flicking over her.
She jerked her eyes around to find Paul, the guy at the store who had recommended Brian.
"Oh, fancy seeing you again," she said with a smile.
"Oh well. I wasn't doing anything tonight anyway."
His eyes flicked over her again, and she stepped back as Brian came forward again, slapped him on the shoulder. His eyes flickered over her too, and Danny became abruptly aware that she was wearing nothing but her short, light summer robe, a robe made of thin cotton which fell only a few inches below her bottom.
Worse, water was trickling lightly down her neck from her still very damp hair, and the light cotton was now plastered tightly against her body. It was far from see-through, but the damp had moulded it to her like a second skin, especially over her full, firm breasts.
Her face coloured, but there was no face-saving way to back off, not without embarrassing herself further. Brian was handing her an invoice with the list of wood, and insisted she look at it and listen as he explained exactly what he’d bought and why and how much it cost. Paul and another man were moving in and out behind him, carrying long lengths of wood and dropping them in the front room.
And she was terribly aware that only the thinnest, dampest cotton robe was between her damp, naked body and him, with just a thin cloth belt holding it closed
For that matter, the other two had roving, interested eyes each time they moved past them, carrying the wood.
Danielle was no virginal teenager. Men had seen her naked before, but - there was something so reckless and wild about wearing practically nothing in front of three large, powerful men, all of them complete strangers. She wanted to back off, to run upstairs and get dressed. But she was flustered, feeling a bizarre sense of sexual heat at how exposed she was.
And Brian, who was so goddam handsome and had a delicious, deep, rumbling voice and soft blue eyes was so attentive. Each time she kind of hinted at leaving he had something else to say, at once point sweeping a big hand behind her back and guiding her around to inspect the wood his friends were still bringing in. And that warm arm around her sent a pulsing wave of heat into her groin.
And then he guided her away into a side room, where they wouldn’t be in the other men’s way
Brian Morgan was well over six feet tall, with a broad chest and thickly muscled arms and legs. He had short blonde hair parted on the left and a face that was chiselled and weathered. And Danielle suddenly realized it had been a long time since a man like him had his arm around her.
“Listen, can I use your phone?” he asked.
“Of course.”
But the phone for the downstairs was still in a box, so she had to invite him upstairs. She was blushing, as she did so. At the bottom of the stairs he’d done the “after you” wave with his arm, and she, unthinking, had started up, realized too late that he’d be very close to the bottom of her very short robe, and then been forced to hurriedly continue.
Her face was flushed when she got to the second floor and tugged self consciously on the bottom of the robe.
“The phone’s over there,” she said. “I uhm, I’ll go put something on.”
“What’s wrong with what you’ve got on?” he asked with an appreciative grin.
She flushed a little more. He was very close. The lights were low, and she had on practically nothing. Her breathing was getting a little ragged, too as she let out a little rueful chuckle. “I uhm, wouldn’t want to give you the wrong impression,” she said.
But he moved even closer, so that she backed instinctively into the wall.
“The impression I have of you is a bright, gorgeous, sexy woman,” he said, matter-of-factly.
“Although,” he said with a wide, lazy grin. “You don’t do a very good job of drying your hair.”
He slipped his fingers through some of the loose hair dangling down past her ear and eased it forward, then gave it a tiny twist. A few drops of water fell off - right onto the top of her chest, where they dribbled slowly down into her cleavage.
Danny felt suddenly breathless, as though she were frozen in time. And then Brian’s lips were on hers, soft and exploring, at first. She felt a wildfire thrill race up her spine. Her heart was pounding furiously as his lips pushed more firmly against hers and she felt his tongue slipping along her lower lip.
His face drew back and he looked at her. His big hands cupped her small, round face, his thumbs stroking lightly along her full lips, and he leaned in again, his lips pressing more firmly against her own, her green eyes widening.
She started to protest, almost instinctively, her hands resting against his powerful chest. But his tongue did a strange little dip that caressed her own, and she felt something akin to an electrical shock in her groin, a shock of sexual electricity that made her nipples burn and throb.
Then she felt his big hand slipping into her robe and cupping a firm, warm, damp breast, kneading it gently. His big, work-roughened thumb slid up to stroke across a raw, quivering nipple and she gasped in shock at the force of the sensation it drew from her swollen breast.
“Oh! Oh God!” she gasped.
His lips were at the nape of her neck now, his teeth lightly chewing on her damp skin, and Danielle’s head was rolling back against the wall as the heat roared inside her. A part of her was frantically demanding she resist. She didn’t know this man at all. Christ, talk about doing it on the first date! She hadn’t even had a date! This was insane.
And then his hand slipped down between her legs and her back arched violently, her head jamming against the wall as her mouth opened in a soundless, stunned gurgle of excitement and wanton sexual hunger. He cupped her in the palm of his big hand, squeezing lightly, and her bottom ground against the wall behind her.
She was abruptly so near an orgasm she lost control of herself, her mind flooded by passion and heat and arousal and need so raw she could not imagine where it came from.
Brian abruptly yanked open her robe, baring her body to him. She instinctively tried to cover herself, but he forced her wrists back, bending, sucking at one straining, eager nipple, his teeth chewing lightly at the soft flesh around it. Her nipple exploded with heat and pleasure and even the pain of his chewing teeth was somehow a wanton, wonderful sensual thrill.
He sank down in front of her, his hands gripping her forearms, pinning them to the walls as his tongue snaked down around her belly and over her abdomen. Then his face was jammed in between her trembling thighs. He opened his mouth wide and closed it on her sex, and Danielle arched her back in climax, her head thrown back as she gurgled in bliss and jammed herself onto his tongue.
And what a tongue it was! She was no virgin, but she’d never felt a tongue so big, so long, sliding so deep inside her, or stroking across her clit with such heavenly effect. Her hips bucked violently, but it was like he had her entire sex in his mouth and was eating her alive. The orgasm was like a crashing of cymbals which never stopped, her head thrashing, her vision blurring, her body flaring with wild, shocking sensory jolts of ecstasy.
Just down the stairs she could hear the other two speaking, could hear the thump of their heavy boots on the wooden floor, the jolt as they set down each load of wood. They were so close that she felt a thrill of fear, and yet excitement at the thought they might come upstairs as well and find her. And what then? Would they take her to, like the wild, wanton slut she was?!
She couldn’t support herself, began to sink to the floor, and his big hands released her wrists and gripped her thighs, almost encircling them, pinning her to the wall as his mouth devoured her. Her hands were on his head as she shuddered again and again, the orgasm - no, the orgasms - ripping through her body and mind with tremendous force.
Then it slowly seeped out of her, as though it were swirling down a drain, and she swayed weakly, almost collapsing over top of him. Brian rose, gripping her arms again, holding her in place, smiling as he kissed her lightly as she gained control of her breathing.
“And those are just a few of the services I have to offer,” he said with a wink.
Suddenly blushing, Danielle tried to close her robe, but Brian gripped her wrists gently but firmly, lifting them up and back above her, pinning them to the wall to either side of her head as he looked lazily up and down her body.
“You are a knockout,” he said. “You are absolutely gorgeous. And you shouldn’t be hiding this incredible body from anyone.”
Danielle flushed. With the ferocious sexual hunger which had come upon her so suddenly was much sated now by the incredible multiple orgasms, and her mind was starting to gain control of her body once more, and to chide her furiously for what an incredibly stupid slut she had been.
Yet there was something so reassuring about his calm, friendly demeanor, something so boyishly attractive, and yet so strong and manly, that she made no effort to fight him as he pinned her there and looked with such obvious approval on her body.
“I think you owe me a few orgasms,” he said.
Danielle flushed again and her heart began to thump louder.
“Hey Brian,” a voice called.
“Come on up,” he said.
Danielle gasped, suddenly jerking her hands against him, but he only grinned, holding her in place, her body fully exposed, as she felt two sets of feet on the stairs.
“You were going to get us some beer, weren’t you, Mandy?” he asked with a grin.
The feet got louder, and Danielle’s heart pounded even harder as she squirmed against his grasp.
Then he winked and released her, his own hands beating hers to pull her robe closed, gripping the robe belt and tugging it together, then tying it tight. He turned her and gave her a gentle slap on her bottom, sending her scurrying into the kitchen.
She heard him greeting his two friends as she staggered into the kitchen, and there she gripped the counter to keep her rubbery legs from collapsing beneath her. She cursed wildly in her mind, amazed, shocked at herself. Why had she allowed that to happen!? And what was she going to do now!? She had no time for a new relationship! She was opening a business!
And yet the thought of him simply using her and walking away, without a relationship, made her feel a sense of abandon.
She shook her head. She would worry about that later. Right now there were two more men out front and she had to get them drinks. But she was still clad in just the little robe, dammit. And she couldn’t get to her bedroom without going through the living room.
The robe was black, thankfully, with silver trim and a silver belt. That, at least, meant it was not see-through, no matter how damp it was, and that the indentations of stiff nipples would not be easily seen. But it was short and thin, summer short and thin, meant for an apartment with no air conditioning. It was not the kind of thing to be worn around strange men.
She would drop off the beers and rush into her bedroom to change. That was all she could do. And she had to do it quickly, for she had a sudden fear that if left alone for more than seconds Brian would inform the other two men of what had just happened. Or had he already?!
Or worse, had they heard her!? Had she cried out in her orgasm?! She didn’t think so. She thought that she was so breathless the sounds she had made would not have carried far, but, what if they had!?
That thought was mortifying. Yet again, she had no choice. She took three beers from the fridge and opened them, feeling rushed and flustered as she hurried out into the living room.
And now she had to somehow be - well, a hostess. The other two men had helped bring her wood and if nothing else Danielle had learned to thank people for their efforts on her behalf.
"This is just incredible of you guys," she said awkwardly as she set the beers on the coffee table. "I don't know how I can thank you enough."
The three men looked at her, and again she felt a wave of self consciousness about her appearance, about how short her robe was, and how tightly it was wrapped around her body. Brian had tugged the knot tight, and she hadn’t been able to loosen it. She was practically naked in front of three strange men! What was next, a gangbang?!
Paul snatched his beer up and took a long deep drought, then let out a long sigh of pleasure before setting the bottle back down on the glass table hard enough to make Danny wince.
Brian on the other hand, raised an eyebrow at her, then picked up the glass and sniffed lightly, sliding the bottle from side to side under his nose. He took a sip and seemed to swig it around in his mouth like a wine taster.
"Domestic," he said. "How uncouth of you. Don't you know how refined I and my in law are?"
"How refined?" she asked uncertainly, her thighs tightly together as she fought the urge to dash into the bedroom.
"He's a beer nut," Paul said, taking another drink, then licking his lips. "Not that I ain't crazy about beer myself, but he makes his own. He's a real expert."
"I have some imported if you'd like," she said hesitantly.
"What brand?"
He smiled like a Buddha and nodded slowly. "Good girl," he said.
Danny felt embarrassed for a new reason now. She had not brought out the imported because she’d figured a couple like them would be more than happy with ordinary beer. That was kind of snobbish of her, she though as she opened another beer. She'd only graduated a couple of months ago and already was looking down at ordinary working men? Her father had been a shopkeeper, after all, and his money had put her through school.
She hurried back, slowing abruptly as she realized that long strides opened up the two sides of he robe, and then took very much smaller steps as she handed the bottle to Brian. He winked and looked meaningfully at his other hand, empty.
“No glasses?” he asked.
She blushed and hurried back into the kitchen again for glasses.
“I have to - .”
“Sit down next to me,” Brian said genially.
And he tugged her so she almost fell, turned around, and sat heavily on the sofa next to him, her legs tightly together, her hands tugging immediately at the robe to pull it lower.
“I think I should put something on,” she said, her voice shaky.
“Oh what you have on is fine,” Brian said.
“Oh yeah!” Paul and the other man echoed immediately, grinning at her.
“This is Mike,” Brian said, introducing the third man, a bearded lumberjack type of fellow with a flannel shirt.
“Uhm, hi,” Danny said.
"So tell me what you'd like in your shop, Danielle," Brian said. "All this guy said is a pile of bookshelves."
There seemed no good way to get away, and once again Danny was feeling a strange little thrill of wanton female arrogance, pride and confidence at the very obvious approval the three men had for her, for her body. She tugged on the bottom of her skirt again.
"Have you been to a bookstore lately?" she asked.
He made a face. "Think I saw one once when I was a little feller."
She blushed and he and Paul laughed.
"I'm sorry if I'm acting like a snob or something," she said.
"That's okay," Brian said. "Most people figure guys who use their muscles for a living don't have much inside their skull but more muscle."
He turned and gave Paul a sly glance. "And in most cases they're not far wrong."
"Hey, hey!" Paul said, glaring across the table.
"But that was before the day of...the union," Brian said.
"The union," Mike nodded.
"The union?" Danny asked uncertainly.
"Trade unionism, where an unskilled labourer can make twenty bucks an hour," Paul sighed.
"Wow," Danny said.
"Where carpenters make more than bank managers," Brian said, grinning.
"I knew you guys made a lot, but didn't know how much," Danny said.
"Well we ain't exactly driving around in limos," Paul said. "But it's a decent living as long as there's work available."
"But you don't want to be a carpenter any more?" she asked Brian.
"Oh I'll always keep my hand in.” He grinned significantly at her and she blushed. “I love working with my hands. I have a particular talent with them.”
He waggled his fingers at her.
“Then there’s wood.”
The other two men chuckled and their eyes roamed over her so that Danny immediately got the sensation they knew.
“Creating something solid with your hands gives a man a particular kind of satisfaction,” Brian said. “Contracting is where the real money is, though."
"I think he just wants to boss people around," Paul said.
"That too. I like bossing people around," Brian said with a straight face.
“He’s a control freak, a perfectionist,” Mike said, shaking his head.
“Another beer please, ma’am?” Mike asked plaintiffly.
Danny rose almost instinctively, but under three pair of eyes she abruptly wished she hadn’t. But there was nothing for it but to walk into the kitchen, knowing the robe was tight around her waist, against her bottom, and get another bottle.
She opened the refrigerator and Brian was there suddenly behind her, his lips against the back of her throat. She gasped, and his hands were suddenly around her, holding her against him.
“They’ll go home soon, then you and I can talk,” he said into her ear, chewing lightly at her earlobe.
“I-I, y-yes,” she stuttered.
Yet one of his hands was sliding inside the robe and between her legs, and she gasped as he palmed her sex as he’d done before.
“Shhh,” he whispered, his finger sawing lightly along her slit, over her throbbing clitoris.
“N-Not here!” she gasped.
His finger curled in, slipping easily through the swollen, moist lips of her pussy and up into her sex, rubbing up and down across her clit as he dipped in and out.
“Not here!” she said again, groaning.
He chuckled, and pulled back, and she almost stumbled.
He followed her back into the front room, where Mike and Paul were talking about bookshelves, and his arm guided her back to the sofa across from Mike and Paul as he sat beside her.
“So long as you have the right wood, bookshelves are a breeze,” Mike said.
“True enough,” Brian replied, “But you’ve gotta have man wood.”
“Man wood?” Danny asked nervously.
All three grinned and eyed her. “Hard wood,” Brian said.
Danny flushed a bit more and let out a rueful laugh.
“Not only hard, but it’s gotta have a certain - thickness.”
“And it’s gotta stay firm and straight a long time,” Paul added.
“Don’t want it to bend in the middle.” Mike smirked.
They all wanted to fuck her, Danny thought with a hot little shudder. They wanted to fuck her brains out. And she had a sudden insight, a sudden realization, that it might happen. She felt so weak, for some reason, her pussy starting to throb again, her breasts swollen and heated, her nipples hard, her breathing coming in more ragged again. God, what would she do if they all moved on her at once!? Would she even try to resist!? She felt like a mouse trapped between three smiling cats, just waiting to devour her.
“Well, I’ve gotta get going,” Paul said.
It was as if he broke a spell, and the incredible sense of anticipation and anxiety suddenly fell away, though leaving a strangely heady sense of relief, and even more strangely, disappointment behind.
“Well, since he’s my ride, I gotta go too,” Mike said.
And now Danny rose with them, feeling another wild surge of anticipation. For soon she’d be alone with Brian, and Brian would - would do - would want to - talk. Oh sure, he’d want to talk! He’d want to tear her robe off and fuck her like a wild animal!
And when Brian made no similar remark, the two men looked at her knowingly, and grinned, and she flushed as they headed for the stairs. She followed, and Brian came behind. They trooped down the stairs, and she thanked them again for their help in carrying in the wood.


Excellent BDSM writing.


Not one of my favourite Argus books. What story there is isn't believable and the smoking hot sex scenes get a bit too rough, too fast, for my liking.

2/5- Packoj

I have enjoyed this book through several reads and know i will continue to in the future.

5/5- Zed

A good story, imaginative, well written and keeps readers interest.

4/5- Stark47



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