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Pleasure Toy

36250 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Mollie stared out the window at the streets far below, the cold, snowy streets she had so recently come from. Was it only the previous week she had shivered in the cold after running away from home, only the previous week she had met him, had desperately begged for a job, anything to get her in out of the cold? She turned, smiling at the warm glow of light in the penthouse behind her, then began to crawl across the floor. The little bells dangling from her nipple rings and clitoris tinkled as she moved, and the tail attached to the ball within her anus swung softly against her bare thighs. Master would be home soon, and she must prepare herself.

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Molly shivered in the cold. She tried to huddle deeper into the doorway as she pulled her jean jacket up tighter around her throat. Around her the wind howled, blowing leaves and litter in circles on the dirty sidewalk.
The paper said it was going to snow tonight. She didn't know what she was going to do. She'd been to a couple of the shelters in the last week, but they were all dirty and filled with roaches and crazy junkies and pimps that wanted to recruit her... whether she liked it or not.
The last night she'd spent in a shelter a crazy girl had put a knife to her throat and threatened to slit her open if she didn't hand over her cash. She hadn't had much but she'd given her what there was.
Now she was almost out of options. She knew she'd freeze to death if she stayed out here tonight. She had no money, was starving, and had no place to go, other than the shelters. She thought about going home, but instantly dismissed it. She'd rather die here. At least it would be quicker.
She pulled the jean jacket tight and made a dash across the street to the Chinese restaurant. People sometimes waited for the bus in between the two sets of doors there, so she might be able to get warm for a few minutes before they threw her out.
She eased inside, trembling even more now, as though the temperature had plummeted just in mere minutes. It was warm, not hot, but warm inside, and it was a relief to relax a little in the thin jacket. She looked out the window and saw the leaves blowing off the trees, and wondered how she was supposed to survive the next few weeks.
She'd thought it would be easy. She'd planned on coming to the city and getting a job. Nobody would hire her, though. She'd taken off from home too fast, after a furious fight with her mother, and had nothing, not even identification. She was five feet tall and weighed ninety six pounds. She had a smooth, narrow, elfin face with wide blue eyes. While her friends had been getting into bars for years she had never succeeded because she looked so young. She had been looking forward to her birthday and getting real ID. But she'd left before then, and everywhere she applied they assumed she was underage.
She had no job history, and no skills to speak of. She didn't even have an address or phone number where they could call her. She'd tried to get welfare then, but they wanted an address too.
She couldn't get a place without money, but couldn't get money without a place. She was barely past her eighteenth birthday and could very well die of irony.
She noticed a newspaper in the trash can next to the door. She braced herself, stepped outside and snatched it free, then hurried back in. She searched the paper for the want ads, found them, then tossed away the rest. Quickly, before one of the Chinese guys tossed her out, she scanned the rows of jobs.
Almost everything wanted experience. She sighed in misery. She was just kidding herself. Even if she found a job she could do they wouldn't hire her because they would assume she was underage and had no address or phone number. Besides, how was she even going to get to these places? She'd never even heard of most of these streets, and had no money for cabs, or even buses.
Then she saw an ad for a word processor. She'd tried to apply to those jobs before. She'd had a computer at home and was a pretty decent typist. They all wanted experience though. Still, this one was in the Collins building. That was just down the block. Hell, even if they turned her down, at least she'd be out of the cold for half an hour or so.
She hurried out and the wind almost took her breath away as it blasted into her face. It was a major effort making it down the block to the Collins building. She glanced at her watch. It was five thirty. Shit! There'd probably be nobody there anyway.
Well, she might as well try, she thought. She pushed through the big doors and found herself in an enormous lobby, packed with people hurrying out. There was a security guard at a desk but his head was turned towards a delivery man who was arguing with him.
She hurried past him and over to the bank of elevators, hoping he'd keep his head turned until she could get in one. He did. It was so warm she felt like moaning in pleasure. Some of the feeling was even starting to come back to her face.
She rode up to the fourteenth floor and got off. To her left was a big door that said Jennings Corporation. To her right was a pair of bathrooms. She hurried into the ladies room. She groaned when she saw herself. She looked awful.
She took the brush out of her pocket and tried to tame her mass of tangled brown hair. Her hair was long and usually pretty with loose ringlets, but now it was a real mess. She straightened it as best she could, considering she needed a shower and shampoo. She took off her jacket and slung it over her arm. In her sweater and pants she didn't look too much like a lost waif, though her too-large breasts were more obvious.
She didn't' have much time. They might already be all gone. She hurried out into the hall and over to Jennings Corporation. The door was unlocked so she went in. She found herself in a small lobby, with chairs and a reception desk. It was empty. Two doors were behind the reception desk. She hesitated, then dropped her jacket on a chair and opened one.
She found herself looking out onto a large room, a huge room, packed with desks and cabinets. She saw no sign of life there. She went in, stepping carefully, as if she might break something.
"Hello," she called hopefully.
She moved further inside, thinking, if they'd really all gone and left the place as it was, that maybe she could sleep here tonight.
She moved further inside, and saw a hallway leading off to one side. She went down it, pausing at the doorways to offices, looking inside.
"Hello?" she called again.
She went further down the hall, noting how expensive the furniture was in the offices. She thought they must be some real bigshots to have offices like these. She passed a door to what looked like a kitchen, and, not being able to help herself, she went inside.
There was a fridge, and inside it were sandwiches. She grabbed one and stuffed it into her mouth, chewing voraciously. She hadn't eaten in two days now. She swallowed the sandwich in nothing flat, then took out another and bit off a big chunk.
"Can I help you?" A voice said.
She whirled around, eyes wide. She would have screamed if her mouth hadn't been full of food. A tall man stood inside the door. He was about thirty or forty, she couldn't judge men's ages well. He had on an expensive three piece pinstriped suit though, so he must be important.
She tried to chew faster as the man glared at her. Finally she swallowed enough to talk.
"I... I'm... I came to.. to apply for the... the word processing job," she stuttered, chewing the last pieces.
"You?" he snorted.
"I can type," she exclaimed. "Really! If you just gave me a chance I'd show you. I had a computer at home since I was a kid! I'm real fast."
"The office managers have gone home for the night. You'll have to come back tomorrow."
"Oh but... but... couldn't I uh, couldn't I fill out an application?"
"I would have no idea where they are."
"Do you, uhm, work here?" she asked, stalling for time.
"In a manner of speaking," he said with a tight smile.
"Oh. Uhm, well, I guess you don't hire people, huh? You look like a big shot."
He came in further, and she backed up a little as he came close to her.
"I'm surprised you managed to get through the front door," he said.
"The guard didn't stop you?"
"Oh, Uh, he was busy with some delivery guy. Look, mister, uhm, look, I'm kind of desperate," she said, deciding that resorting to begging was about all that was left to her... that and finding a pimp who'd sell her ass on the street.
"I don't suppose... I mean... uhm, I couldn't, like, sleep here tonight, could I?"
"Certainly not."
"I could sleep in the lobby out there. You could lock the doors so I couldn't take anything."
"Forget it."
Her hopes fell and she looked down at the floor.
"Where do you live?" he asked.
She shrugged.
"Come with me," he said.
She looked up hopefully and then hurried after him as he went further down the hall. At the end was an open doorway and he went through it. She followed.
He sat behind an immense desk. She looked around, seeing the huge size of the office, the luxurious furniture, and the glass walls that looked out on the city on two sides. This guy had mucho money.
"What's your name?" he asked, sitting back at his big chair.
"Uhm, Uhm, Molly," she said humbly.
"Molly. You a runaway, Molly?"
"Yes," she said, deciding that lying wasn't going to buy her anything now. "But I'm eighteen."
"Where did you sleep last night?"
"Delancy Park."
"You're lucky you weren't raped."
She shrugged.
"How long have you been in the city?"
"About a week."
"Usually, a girl your age, looking like you, comes here without money, she's usually working for a pimp by now.."
"I ain't no whore, okay!" She glared resentfully.
"I'm sure you've been approached."
"So?" she demanded.
"They can be very demanding, or so I've heard."
"Well, I've been avoiding them, okay?"
"How much longer you think you're gonna be able to avoid them?"
Not much.
"Long as I want," she said bravely.
"You've got no friends, got no place to sleep tonight, got no money. If you don't either find some pimp, or at least find a trick to pay for a motel room for tonight, you'll be dead long before morning." He paused. "You ever consider how close you could be to death, Molly? Just a few hours, maybe."
She glared at him angrily. She had thought about it, and didn't need any reminding from some rich bastard.
"Look, Mister," she said. "If you ain't gonna hire me or let me stay here then... then I'll just leave," she said, forgetting her resolve to delay things as long as possible, to stay in out of the cold as long as possible.
He got up out of the chair and came around the desk to stand in front of her. This time she bravely didn't back up, but turned her head back to gaze up at him, pretending a strength and confidence she didn't have.
"You're very pretty," he said, giving her an odd look. She blinked in surprise, then turned wary.
"Oh you need to get this washed." He flicked her hair and she jerked her head back. "And your clothes look rather... lived in, but you have a lovely face, and unless I'm mistaken an excellent body."
"Thanks," she snorted, backing away. "I'll just be going now."
She hesitated.
"Out into the cold? To do what? Freeze to death?"
"I got a place, okay."
"I don't think so. I do though."
"I have a place, a rather large penthouse apartment, in fact. It has an excellent heating system."
He moved closer to her again, his hand sliding through her hair. Again she backed away, but his hand slid behind her head and gripped it tightly, holding her in place.
"Hey!" She reached behind her with one hand to grip his wrist, and pushed on his chest with the other hand.
"It's very warm there," he said, not trying anything, just holding her. "There's a swimming pool, a sauna, a hot tub, and a large kitchen with almost any kind of food you could imagine."
She stared up at him in shock, mixed with fear. Her mind raced, running possibilities, trying to figure out her chances, her odds, the danger. This guy was a creep, but the streets were filled with creeps. This one was a big important creep. He couldn't be too crazy, could he?
She gasped as his hand touched her chest, just above and between her breasts. She grabbed at his wrist, but she was not strong, and he was. He moved the hand downwards, rubbing over her right breast.
"Nice," he said. "Nice size."
"Let me go," she gulped, frightened and embarrassed.
"Or what?" he smiled.
He stepped back suddenly and she staggered back against the wall with a gasp. Her eyes were wide as she stared up at him, but he only grinned in amusement.
"I have several spare bedrooms. They'll be empty tonight, empty, but warm."
Instantly Molly visualized a big double bed in an expensively furnished room, all empty, just waiting for her. She drooled mentally.
"Why don't you take off those clothes?" he said.
The words hit her like a blow, even though she was expecting something of the sort. She'd been asked the same kind of question dozens of times, mostly in obscene terms, since she'd gotten here.
She agonized this time. What else could she do? There must be something! Even the shelters would be better, wouldn't they?
"I'm sure you're not a virgin." He smiled.
Fucking bastard, she thought viciously.
"A few minutes work will get you a good meal, a shower, some pyjamas, and a nice bed to yourself tonight. What do you think of that?"
Oh God! What she wouldn't give for any of that!
Her hands shifted, almost of their own accord. They gripped the bottom of her sweater, then hesitated. She stared at him imploringly, but he said nothing. She lifted her sweater up to just below her breasts, then hesitated again. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly as her breathing grew faster and faster. Her pulse was racing, her heart pounding.
What was the alternative? There wasn't one. At least this guy was clean and sober.
She clenched her teeth, then lifted the sweater up, pulling it over her head and dropping it on the rug behind her. She stared at him defiantly, watching his eyes examine the pink bra she wore, the outline of her ribs beneath her skin, and her smooth, flat belly.
She kicked off her tennis shoes, then undid her jeans and pulled them down, kicking them off. She glared at him now, licked her lips, then set her jaw and reached behind her, undoing the catch of her bra. As it fell away she felt a tightness in her chest and a breathlessness. She covered her breasts with her arms, her face red. She kept one across her chest, then turned her back to him, and eased her thumb into the waistband of her panties.
She stopped down and slid the panties down, stepping awkwardly out of them. She was hideously embarrassed, her heart threatening to burst. She straightened and, with her hand over her groin, turned to face him. Well, not to face him since she couldn't look him in the eye.
Her face was burning and she blinked back tears as she stared at the floor. Her chest was heaving and she trembled visibly.
He didn't touch her, just... looked, and smiled slightly.
He moved, and she jerked her head up, jumping back, scared. He smiled down at her, then reached for her. She backed up until her heels hit the wall, then she almost fell, yelping as she stumbled and had to shift her hands briefly to catch herself.
He stood over her, then reached for her again. Wide eyed, she watched his hands as they moved to her wrists. He took them and slowly pulled them away from her body, pressing them back against the wall beside her head. She caught her breath in terror, her heart yammering, but he only looked at hshaft, concentrating on the most sensitive parts, the underside near the head. She ran her lips up and down, up and down, until he tightened his grip on her hair, gripping it in two fistfuls to hold her in place. Then he started to fuck her mouth, sliding his cock back and forth as though he were fucking a cock.
She had no choice but to kneel there and let him. She kept her hands near his belly and around his cockshaft though, to keep him from fucking it in too far.
"Take your hands away," he said. "Put them down at your side."
She hesitated, but there was command in his voice.
"Do it or I'll tie them behind you."
She felt another wave of fear, then slipped her hands free and dropped them to her sides. He fucked into her mouth more deeply then, and she gagged and coughed several times as his cock head smashed against the entrance to her throat.
"Ready to get fucked now?" he grinned.


Another good book from Argus. If you like his style, its worth a read.

4/5- reader dav

A young girl is taken off the streets to become a domesticated sex toy for a well off working professional. When he comes home after a long day he has his comfort waiting for him. Not all Argus books are good. This one is.

5/5- Mr pushups

Chapter one in this book needs major editing. The whole book is confusing and seems that it was rushed to get published.

2/5- dinbm



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