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The Country House

32400 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Danielle left home for an education, but little did she realize the kind of education she would get at college, especially when she accepted an invitation to the country home of a girlfriend. She was young and beautiful, and eager to experience life. And at the Country House were shrewd adults who knew well the ways of eager young girls, and would draw her skillfully along the path to deeper and deeper perversion. Without even being aware of it, Danielle's inhibitions were scoured away, her desires raised to new heights, her body and mind prepared for a life of sexual pleasure and submission to anyone who desired her. And everyone desired her.

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Chapter One

It was a lazy Friday evening on campus. It was cold, rainy and windy, and no one felt much like going out into the night and parting with their last few dollars for overpriced beer. They had more than enough beer in the little fridge in the corner of the room, under the Flintstones lamp and jammed in between the head of the bunk bed and Zoe’s desk.
“Ack! Ack!” Zoe said.
Danielle looked over her bottle as she swallowed and gave Zoe “the eye”. Zoe stuck her tongue out in response. They had been watching a movie called “Mars Attacks” and Zoe had been taken with the odd barking sound the bubble headed aliens made.
At four foot eleven Zoe was a tiny slip of a girl, but a tad hyperactive, and as lively as they came, prone to making odd sound effects, and bouncing up and down for no particular reason. Her long brown hair was usually tied up in a loose, untidy mass behind her head, or in a pony tail which danced and swung behind her as she moved.
And she was always moving.
Danielle was a head taller, with darker hair. She was deeply into sports of almost any kind, from golf to hockey, and had a lazy, laid back attitude. They were quite different in personalities, opinions, and behaviour in almost all ways.
Where both girls were similar, however, was their love of partying.
Danielle was laying back in her bed, propped against the wall, bare feet hanging over the edge of the bunk as she listened to the music and leafed through a sports magazine. Zoe was standing in the middle of their small dorm room, her weight shifting from foot to foot as she watched Katy trying to imitate the dance on a video – badly.
“Ha!” she said loudly.
“Shut up!” Katy said crossly.
She too had a bottle in her hand as she tried to grind her hips in the same way the dancer on the flat screen TV sitting on the desk was doing. Of course, the dancer wasn’t half drunk, and Katy wasn’t noted for her excellent dancing skills.
Zoe began dancing – wildly – as she always did, and Danielle and Katy laughed – as most people did. Then Zoe slowed it down, her arms raising, her hips grinding, rolling in and out as she turned slowly from side to side.
“You doing a belly dance, girl?”
Zoe stuck her tongue out, and shifted into another mode, eyes slitted, fingers sliding through her thick brown hair. She reached down and peeled her t-shirt up and over her head, continuing to dance as Katy fell into a chair and picked up her beer.
Zoe was as lively at dancing as at anything else, a lithe, energetic girl, and had soon turned the dance into a strip tease which left her in nothing but bra and thong. She shook her hips as she danced closer to Katy, and was soon straddling her chair, giving her a lap dance. Katy was laughing as she ran her hands up and down the little brunette’s sides, but then it was Danielle who laughed as Zoe threw her arms around the blonde girl and crushed her lips against Katy’s.
She continued to grind and roll her hips as her tongue thrust into Katy’s mouth and Katy, at first, pushed against her, then slid her arms around her and pulled her in, her hands sliding down to cup and squeeze her round little bottom.
“Dykes! Dykes!” Danielle called.
She sat up and, giggling, ran to the corner, opened a drawer, and took out a large dildo. All three of them had sex toys, and all threw knew it. Everyone had sex toys, after all. All three had “messed around” on a number of previous occasions, as well, when boredom and hormones had stirred them into action in the absence of their boyfriends.
Now Danielle jammed the base of the dildo down between the two girl’s bodies, sliding it in between Katy’s thighs as Zoe pulled her head back, said “Ack! Ack!” and then kissed Katy again so hard the blonde girl’s head was forced back across the back of the chair.
Katy twisted in the chair and Zoe lost her balance and fell sideways, onto Danielle, knocking her to the floor, whereupon they all laughed in delight. Zoe crawled around in front of Katy, then, and began to pretend to give her a blow job, and Katy, giggling, then began to moan and groan and grab at Zoe’s hair.
“Yeah! Yeah! Suck me, bitch!” she cried. “Suck my dick!”
Danielle rolled over and got to her knees, then hurriedly got the camcorder, and began to record Zoe sucking Katy’s “cock” as she giggled and jeered her efforts.
“That’s the best you can do! You’re going to make it go soft!” she called.
Zoe kept sucking and licking energetically, even as she raised her right arm and gave Danielle and the camcorder a glimpse of her middle finger. Katy was laughing and giggling as she watched.
“Lick her pussy and we’ll get that on video, you little dyke,” Danielle called.
“Fuck that. Her pussy is smelly.”
“Hey, fuck you!” Katy said.
“It’s smelly and sloppy and hairy and she has big fat lips and sores and - .”
Katy pushed her back and had now fallen forward top the petit girl, throwing an arm around her neck, and a hand over her mouth.
“And it’s got weevils and bugs and worms crawling in it!” Zoe cried, trying to twist her head aside to speak as Katy crushed her to the floor.
“Little bitch!” Katy cried, slapping Zoe’s bare bottom.
“And it’s got spots! Herpes spots!” Zoe cried.
“Slut!” Katy shouted, slapping her ass again as she tried to pin the wriggling girl properly.
She grabbed at Zoe’s thong and pulled hard, jamming the thin crotch up into the brunette’s smoothly shaven slit. She tugged it several times, again and again and again, to jerk the fabric against the squirming girl’s pussy, then slapped her ass again.



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