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Erin's Four Masters

34500 words

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Erin was tired of young, unsophisticated men. But she got more than she bargained for with Adam. Not only was he a good twenty years her senior, he also had highly sophisticated sexual tastes - and perversions. In short order she discovers herself being seduced into a master-slave relationship where she ceded all power to her new, older lover. The passion of submission was nearly overwhelming, and she gladly married her 'master' and moved in with him. But there was even more to her new life than she had thought, for Adam had three grown sons and Erin was soon to learn that she would be dominated and used by all three, separately or together. And not only did her husband approve but he helped instruct them in how to best train, dominate, and discipline their new step-mother, their new toy. Erin might have been tired of young men, but they were far from tired of her lush, beautiful body. And Erin was forced to submit to them all.

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Chapter One

Erin was absolutely fed up with young men. At twenty-six she’d been the much sought-after 'hot girl' in every class she’d gone to, and every place she’d worked. But at five eleven, with a body which could have been sculpted by an artist, a body which could not possibly be improved in any imaginable way, only the cockiest and arrogant of the guys dared approach her for a date. It wasn’t just the body, of course. She was a beautiful girl, with high cheekbones on an oval face, full, sensuous lips, bright green eyes, and her pride and joy - her hair, rich red, thick and silken, spilling over her slender shoulders like a curtain of fire.
She had slender hips, but a ridiculously tiny waist, and ensured she stayed fit and firm through regular exercise. She played tennis, volleyball and basketball, swam laps, and ran, rather than using exercise machines. Erin had a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life. It was just men she was having trouble getting enthusiastic about of late.
She didn’t like being fawned over, didn’t like being “seduced”, didn’t like the flattery and the charm, usually so artificial, being turned on her. She especially didn’t like the groping, and then the frantic sex. She understood excitement, for she was subject to it herself, but really, the men she dated didn’t seem to have the slightest patience, but wanted to rut like bulls and then roll off and do something else.
Of course, the fact all of them seemed to feel that a date included getting drunk probably had something to do with that. Why did they all feel the need to drink so much!? And finding one who could converse intelligently on any subject other than sports or cars was proving nearly impossible. It wasn’t that Erin was a nerd, exactly, but she had a high interest in politics, in international affairs, in philosophy and art. Why did every date have to be to a rock concert or a movie?”
Well she’d been out of university for two years now with her masters in International Governance and she was tired of dating BOYS. That was why, when Adam Warring invited her to a gallery opening she accepted. Of course, the fact Warring was a tall, handsome man with broad shoulders played a part in her acceptance, even though he was over fifteen years older than her. She wasn’t really contemplating anything serious. She just wanted to see what dating a grown man was like!
To say he swept her off her feet would be an understatement. He wore a very nice suit, and she wore a long dress. They went to a lovely Italian restaurant, then sipped wine and nibbled delicacies at the gallery opening. He was amusing, treated her like a person and not a desperately sought after prize, and had no difficulties engaging in intelligent conversation. He was also flawlessly romantic and charming without apparent effort. Yet he made all decisions as if by right, as if it were simply his nature and she found herself ceding that to him almost without thought. He was so clearly intelligent, sophisticated, and of course, older and more experienced than she. He also had a will like a Juggernaut, and it seemed daunting to try to oppose it.
She hadn’t intended to sleep with him. First, there was the age thing, and second, well, it was a first date, even though she knew him from work. But he insisted on seeing her to her door, and what in a younger man she would have taken for stubborn determination to try to get her into the sack seemed, in him, more like genuine masculine determination to ensure she got home safely.
It was probably something he saw as his ‘duty' as a man, she thought, giving way. She had come to realize through the evening that Adam was not a man who had any doubts about his place in the world as a male. Men had a certain code of conduct and behaviour, as far as he was concerned, and he assumed those duties as a matter of course. It was old fashioned, but there was something awfully reassuring, and even comforting in that.
In the alcove of her doorway, she turned to say goodnight, and of course, for the mandatory good night kiss which had her stomach fluttering a little in both anticipation and anxiety. He slid his arms around her, and she felt a little sense of breathlessness at his big, strong hands and arms. Then his lips met hers, and stayed there. Her eyes blinked as she felt him taking control of the kiss, felt his lips moving against hers, his tongue dipping ever so lightly, his hands caressing her back, sliding up and down, his arms squeezing her.
She found herself getting breathless, felt herself falling into the kiss as heat started to rise within her. Almost at once she found herself thinking “Why not!? Why not do it!?”
His hands slid lower and cupped her bottom through her dress, and she felt her chest beginning to tighten, her stomach fluttering much more wildly as his tongue eased deeper into her mouth and met her own. Her body was pressed against his, surrounded by him, held in his powerful, masculine embrace, and she moaned softly into his mouth, the light scent of his aftershave in her nostrils as she felt her body melting against him.
The goodbye kiss lasted almost a full minute before she breathlessly came up for air, and then, slightly dazed, gasping, fighting to control her breathing and steady herself, all she could say was.
“Why don’t you come in and… and have something?”
He smiled gently, reaching past her to push the door open. Then his arms slid around her again and his lips met hers once more. His hands pulled her in against his body, cupping her buttocks, and then suddenly he had lifted her effortlessly and was carrying her through the door! She slid her long legs around him, letting out a little delighted laugh. Then her down inside, and turned and pushed the door closed.
“I uhm, I guess I’ll uhm, should put on some coffee…” she gulped.
He grinned again, and she flushed a little at her own comparative un-sophistication.
“Let me uhm, show you the place,” she said.
He took her hand, and she felt her pulse beat quicker.
“Well, this is pretty much the place,” she said with a shrug, sweeping her free hand out to show him her apartment.
“What? No bedroom?” he asked in amusement.
She felt herself blushing for some reason. “Uhm, yes, well there --.”
He pulled her in against him and his kiss silenced her. His arms slid around her again, and his hands cupped her buttocks as his tongue did astonishing things inside her mouth. It might have been a full minute later that he broke the kiss, and she gasped, dazed. His hands, which were on her back, slid sideways and only then did she realize he’d unfastened the buttons down her back, for he pulled the dress open in back and over her shoulders with a firm, fluid motion.
She gasped as her dress was pulled forward and down her arms, but when she instinctively tried to jerk her arms up to cover herself - still caught in the sleeves of the dress, he held them down, and pulled her in against him to kiss her again. For long seconds they kissed, and then it didn’t seem to really matter, and she let her arms pull free of the dress as it slid down around her hips.
His hands caressed her bare back, and she shuddered, and then her bra was unclipped, and the heat soared as he pulled it free, bent, and took the centre of her breast into his mouth. She stared down at him in something like a astonishment, wondering how things had gone so far, so fast, and then she forgot to care, as his tongue twirled around her throbbing nipple and his lips sucked rhythmically and his teeth pressed in ever so firmly, just barely aching as she gulped in air.
His hands slid her dress down over her hips, and took her panties with it, and again she felt a blow to her mind as she flushed and stammered and then let out a squeal as he abruptly lifted her up over his shoulder. She stared down his back as he carried her over to the sofa, and her dress and panties fell off her legs as they walked.
Was this how cavemen did it, she thought dazedly.
Then he swung her abruptly forward and she let out another squeal of shock, thinking she was going to hit the sofa hard, but he caught her in his arms as if she was a baby and held her easily, then sat down lightly, holding her in his arms - naked. It was absolutely like nothing she’d ever experienced before, and Erin felt herself adrift on a wild, churning current without much of a paddle to steer her.
She was flushing furiously, though, for she’d never gotten naked with a guy this quickly, and never this sober either, nor in this much light! Her legs were firmly together, and she felt she had to protest, to do something to take control, but then his lips were on hers again, and his hand was in her hair, holding her in place, and his other hand was cupping and kneading her breast.
He had – amazing – hands!
This was no eager, frantic groping. This was a level of skill she’d never encountered. His fingers gently massaged and caressed her breast, and he caught her nipple between the pads of his fingertips, rolling and pinching it as his mouth fed at hers, threatening to devour her.
Erin’s breasts were swollen, her nipples achingly hard, and her pussy throbbing between tightly closed thighs which were beginning to ease apart. He hadn’t even tried to put his hand between her legs but she knew she was wet and ready, and felt a breathless sense of inevitability as their kiss went on and on.
And then he pulled back suddenly and grinned. “So, about that coffee…?”
She blinked at him in confusion. “Wha-what?”
“You offered me coffee. What kind of a hostess are you?”
“You… bastard!” she said in delight.
She thought he was teasing, but he leaned forward, his arms still holding her, and eased her back onto her feet.
“You’re kidding?”
He shook his head with a grin and she blinked uncertainly then collected herself. “Okaayyy,” she said, looking at him suspiciously.
Was he teasing her?
She paused to pick up her dress.
“Leave that,” he said. “I want you to stay naked.”
She blushed, and her arms automatically moved to cover herself, but then she eased them apart, and, blushing like a girl, she went into the kitchen to make coffee, clad in nothing but her high heels.
This was incredible! She felt a sense of breathless excitement as she stood there NAKED in her kitchen, with a man she hardly knew in the living room waiting for her.
She could hardly believe things had worked out like this. Oh. My. God!
She leaned around the corner, and couldn’t help hiding her lower body while putting her arm across her breasts.
“Milk, sugar?”
“You can call me honey, not sugar. And no, black,” he said with a lazy grin.
She giggled helplessly.
“Come back here,” he said.
Shyly, she walked out into the room, heart pounding, pulse racing, still fighting not to cover herself with her arms.
“Stand straight, stand proud,” he said with that same lazy grin.
She snorted but did so. “Easy for you to say. How come you’re not naked?”
“Because I am not as incredibly gorgeous as you are,” he said.
“Shouldn’t I be the one to decide that?’ she said, stopping before him.
She gave another snort.
“Women generally have more beautiful bodies than men. And you have an incredible body.”
He said it almost matter-of-fact, not with any need to flatter her, and she blushed again.
He took her hand and she leaned forward, and then he pulled her in and down so she was straddling him, her legs folded up on either side of his body, their lips meeting again as his hands caressed her back and slid down onto her buttocks.
Then one of his hands slid into her hair, pulling it firmly up and back. Erin gasped, arching, and felt his mouth on her breast, felt his lips sucking, his teeth biting a little harder now into her soft flesh. She moaned and shuddered as she ground herself into him, feeling his hardness underneath her through his trousers.
He shifted to her other breast, sucking and chewing, licking an teasing her as she moaned in complaint, her back starting to ache, her nipples and breasts burning.
Then he jerked her forward by the hair, crushing her lips against his, one of his hands cupping and kneading her breast as their tongues joined together.
She was almost ready to climax when he slapped her bottom sharply, and told her the coffee was ready. “Go get my coffee, wench,” he said.
“Bastard!” she groaned.
“No backtalk or you’ll get a spanking,” he warned.
She giggled as she walked quite unsteadily to the kitchen. “Promises, promises,” she said over her shoulder.
God! It was so weird being naked like this around a man! She’d never experienced anything like it before! Always by the time the guy got her out of her clothes they were laying together, kissing and making out, and then he was inside her and it was done. This extended period of nudity, when he hadn’t even taken off his suit jacket, was quite outside her experience.
She walked back, carrying the mug, blushing again as soon as she turned the corner and his eyes lit on her.
“No coffee for you?”
“No,” she gulped, fighting to keep her hand steady as she handed it to him.
“Wait,” he said, blocking her from sitting. “Stand up. I want to look at you.”
“Adam,” she said, blushing...
“You are so incredibly beautiful,” he said admiringly.
She flushed with pleasure.
“Slide your fingers through your hair.”
Breathlessly, she raised her arms and slid her fingers through her hair, arching her back, looking at him seductively.
“Step a little closer,” he said, sipping from the coffee.
She awkwardly shuffled forward a step or so and his other hand slid up the inside of her thigh.
“No! Keep your hands up behind your head,” he said firmly.
Trembling slightly, she obeyed, and his hand caressed her inner thigh, then the other.
“Your skin is so soft. It makes silk seem rough.”
His hand slapped against her thigh.
“Spread your legs.”
She blushed more deeply, but obeyed, and then sucked in air as his hand cupped her sex lightly.
“You do a very good job here,” he said, his fingers lightly caressing her shaven mound. “And you have a gorgeous pussy.”
She blinked, surprised by the compliment, then flushed again.
A finger penetrated her, and she gasped weakly, her legs shaking. It slid slowly up through the mouth of her sex and into her body, gently twisting and turning inside her as her heart pounded. He pulled it back and added a second, sliding them both in to the knuckles, then using them as a sort of hook to pull her a little closer. His thumb pressed down against her clit, then, and she let out a helpless gasp of overheated pleasure. “Oh! OhmyGod!” she moaned.
Her hands slid down and he pulled his fingers away. “No, hands behind your head.”
“Adam!” she whined.
But she slid her hands up behind her neck again.
“Back arched.”
She arched her back, and his fingers pushed back into her body, his thumb lightly caressing her clit.
“Fuck!’ she gasped.
“Now, now. That’s not a very ladylike way to speak, Miss Cooper. If such language continues I may have to resort to harsh measures.”
“Ohh!” she gasped, her hips bucking involuntarily as his thumbnail scraped lightly across her hot, swollen clit.
A third finger pushed up into her and his thumb stroked from side to side. She moaned and her hands jerked down, but he grabbed one wrist and jerked her forward so that she fell sprawling across his lap, belly down with her bottom high. His fingers had pulled free but now thrust into her again from behind.
“Fuuuuck!” she groaned.
He chuckled, then slapped her bottom sharply.
“Naughty girl, using such bad language,” he said. “Shame on you, little virgin that you are.”


Not one of Argus's best, but still a good read.

4/5- JBC

I really liked this story, however the ending seemed a bit rushed. I just wish there would have been a bit more.

4/5- LuvErotica

Love the theme of the step sons. A good read worth reading

4/5- girly46

Pretty much a waste...started out good and deteriorated to trash.


Great idea for a story, but Argus takes too long developing the premise, and just when it should be getting really good, it's over.




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