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Dannie's Freshman Year

31800 words

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Male Dom - M/F

Dannie was a wild child from rural Maine. But her wildness had more to do with an open nature eager to experience life than that of a party girl. When she wins an athletic scholarship to a big city univeresity she's off on a new life of exploring and daring to experience anything thrown at her.
She finds herself in the hands - literally - of her far more experienced roomates, and as lesbian dabbling is fashionable, she eagerly partakes. But her teammates and roommates rough assertiveness brings out a new and unexpected side of the lovely young girl - a desire for submissive sex. Dannie throws herself eagerly into the role of sexual slavery to the other girls - and their male friends, thrilling to the degredation and punishments, and becoming addicted to a role of sexual bondage toy which will gradually take over her life.

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Let me start out by saying I love Perth. It's a beautiful little town in a gorgeous part of upstate Main with wonderful people. It's a picture postcard place which would be extremely popular with tourists if everyone there didn't have a tacit agreement to do whatever it took to discourage tourism. I grew up there, and loved almost everything about it. The one thing which I didn't love, was that in the clannish, small-town environment, everyone knew everyone else's business.
You knew who was an alcoholic, who had trouble paying the bills, who committed adultery. You know that Mr. Anderson liked to walk around naked in his front window and show his wiener to passersby. You knew not to let your kids near old Mr. Foster. You knew Samantha Brewster was a slut. You knew Miles Brewbaker had light fingers. You knew Billy Conroy was a lousy excuse for a mechanic.
Nobody, however, knew very much about me, Danny Flannagan, except that I was a sports nut, and that I didn't pay nearly as much attention to the boys as the boys paid to me.
See, my father was and is the mayor. In a small town, once you're the mayor, unless you tick people off a lot, you're pretty much mayor for life. My dad took his job seriously, part-time though it was. And when he wasn't the mayor, he was running the bottling plant which bottled spring water. So again, he was a very respectable man, and he expected his family to maintain his image.
I don't mean he was stern about it, really. Dad's a good guy. But I think we have all always been aware that anything we do would reflect upon him, and so been extra careful.
That had always been hard on me, because, you see, I'm a slut at heart. I don't know when I first developed an interest in sex, but earlier, I think, than most girls. And it was accompanied by the fearlessness I have always had when it came to exploration and experimentation.
As a little girl, I was a tomboy. I explored town, and then beyond it. I was always exploring my way up the rivers and over the mountains, and also wild about sports. I was never afraid of anything. When I hit puberty, nothing much changed in that regard, except that now I had this interest in sex too. And puberty was kind to me. I'd always been a pretty girl. Puberty and adolescence gave me the kind of body boys and men look long and lovingly at.
So basically, I could have my pick. I could explore sex to my heart's content. Except, of course, that I couldn't. Whatever I did risked becoming public knowledge, which not only meant getting back to my parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts and brothers, but spreading all around school and then all around town. Yikes!
So I put my energy into sports instead, and explored even further afield, climbing and swimming and riding everywhere.
But no matter how I drove myself, sex was a simmering need within me that never quite went away. I thought about it constantly, read about it obsessively, and explored it with the only person I could trust to keep things quiet – me. I masturbated every night without fail, and every morning without fail. I masturbated every evening in the shower, and sometimes, off alone in the woods and fields.
I developed a lot of fantasies, and I used a lot of toys, from hair brushes to bottles, to cucumbers and hand showers. But as far as actual real cocks, there was none of that through high school. Almost. In my senior year my family went to Hawaii on holiday. I managed to meat a cute boy, get him alone, and lose my official virginity – finally. In fact, we fucked like rabbits every possible opportunity, and since he had to work, I found another cute boy and we fucked like rabbits when the first one wasn't available.
All of which is to explain that when I had the opportunity to go to university I wanted to go as far from my home town as I could get, and a volleyball scholarship was my ticket. Truth is, I don't even like volleyball all that much. But I'm really good at it. I'm very fast, very athletic, have really quick instincts. I can do backwards somersaults in mid-air. I'm a pretty good gymnast, in fact. But I had no hope of getting anywhere with it because I'm too big, and too heavy.
I don't mean I'm overweight or anything. But you can't be a gymnast and have a woman's body. You've seen them, they look like little girls. I'm five foot eight and a half. Also, I have breasts. They're not super huge, but they're there. As for my weight. I weigh more than most of my friends, because while there isn't much fat on me, there's a lot of muscle beneath the surface. I'm not one of those bulgy veined weightlifter steroid cases but I'm strong for a woman, with well-developed muscles in just about every part of my body.
That's worked well for my boobs, by the way. Like I said, they're not big, but the muscles in my chest are strong and so my breasts are very, very firm, almost springy, you know. Like, if I run my hands down across my breasts, and kind of push them down, and let my hands go they bounce up again like they're on springs, my small pink nipples actually looking like they're pointing up a bit when they're hard.
So anyway, yes, I'm limber and athletic, but no way could I ever go to university on a gymnast scholarship. Volleyball was different. Sure I'm short, compared to a lot of the other women, but I'm good. I'm quick, I can jump high, and I can spike the ball with the best of them.
So anyway, I make the tearful farewells, travel two thousand miles to settle in my little dorm room on the third floor of the Angela Simms building, and meet my two roommates. They were both on the volleyball team. Katy Sullivan was tall, blonde and pretty, but with a big of a square jaw. Cassidy Grant was tall and blonde and pretty. Both of them were kind of skinny and a bit flat chested.
They didn't look at all alike, btw, other than superficially. Cassidy had really short hair while Angela's was kept shoulder length, like mine and in a pony tail much of the time. They were both a year my senior in school and on the team, and they seemed to act a bit like that made them special or something.
Before school even started for the year we went out to the gym for our first team meeting and practice. It was a little dismaying, at first. There were a dozen girls on the team and only two of us were under six feet tall. I got a lot of suspicious looks from the other girls, who maybe thought I would drag down their chances. And now I recalled the same doubt in Cassidy and Angela's eyes.
Also, the coach, Mrs. Caldwell, gave a speech which included reminding us that we were all on the volleyball team, and that anything we did reflected on the rest, and we would have to answer for it if we made them look bad. Right away I was thinking, shit, just like at home!
Then we started playing, and it soon became evident to me that, lack of height or not, I was the best pure athlete on that freaking team. Rookie or not, I was a better server, too, and that seemed to irritate some of the older girls for some reason. Mostly, though, it gained me more respect, and there were a lot fewer doubting glances turned my way.
After practice, some of the girls were panting and dragging their asses, but honestly, I didn't think it was any big deal. Yeah, it was a workout, but I had no difficulty. We went off to the showers, and that was my first eye-opener. The showers at school in Perth were not communal. There was a shower room, and in it were like toilet stalls. The toilet stalls had one half where you showered, and the other half where you dried off and dressed.
This was just an open area with shower stalls spouting from the walls, and also from poles in the center of the floor. Everyone crowded in and showered together. It was, like I said, an eye opener. I'd never been around that much nudity before, female or not. And they were all pretty darned good bodies. I mean, you didn't get on the volleyball team if you were fat or flabby.
Had I ever considered sex with a girl? Sure. I’m not gay, but I would have tried it had there been a way of doing so without any chance of word getting out. Like I said, I'd try almost anything, and beneath my casual tomboy exterior was a raging slut who was frustrated at her inability to exercise her hunger for wild, nasty sex.
But having sex with a girl would have been even more dangerous than doing it with a guy, and with fewer rewards. Namely, I loved penetration. Some girls masturbate without it, just rubbing their clits. I never masturbate without penetration. It really gets me off to have something long and hard and thick sliding into me. It just makes my insides quiver and twist and throb like crazy. So doing it with girls wasn't nearly as interesting as with guys.
I couldn't help carefully and casually scanning the bodies around me, comparing and contrasting. And you know what, I had the best body. I mean, Zoe had nicer tits, I think, because hers were bigger and rounder, but still firm. Karen had a nicer ass, it was just amazingly perfect. Beth had incredible legs that went on for-fucking ever. Wow. Charlotte had such a firm belly, her abs could have been in an advertisement.
But my breasts were almost best, not as big as some, but perfectly round and firm and nicely proportioned to my slender frame. My belly is firm, my ass really tight, my legs very nicely sculpted. On top of that, while I wasn't blonde and wasn't tall – well, as tall as them – I was as pretty as any girl there. And frankly, my shoulder length brown hair is lush and soft and easy to manage as it flows down around my shoulders. I wouldn't trade it for blonde – especially as most of them were dye jobs.
So anyway, there I was naked and soapy around a bunch of other naked soapy girls. Well, to begin with, any time I'm naked, I’m horny. That's just the way it is for me. Naked and soapy makes it a certainty. And being naked and soapy where other people can see me – well let's just say I realized right then and there just how darkly exciting that was. It was like, well, you're taught all your life never to let people see you naked, and yet, there I was with a dozen people seeing me naked!
My nipples were rock-hard. Which embarrassed me, because, I mean, I didn't want everyone thinking I was some kind of dyke, you know! So I kind of tried to hide them as much as I could, and hurry up with my washing up. And then the fucking coach comes into the room and talks with one of the girls, and then walks over to me. I swear!
“Danielle,” she said.
“Uhm, yes, coach?” I gulped.
The showers operate by hand. I guess to save money. You have a lever, and you pull it down, and the water pours down. The lever, however, doesn't stay down. It springs back up again, and the water only keeps pouring for like ten seconds. Then you have to pull down on the lever again if you want more. This is actually no big deal. You can get wet, then the water turns itself off as you soap up. Then when you're ready to rinse off, you pull the lever again. Easy.
So anyway, I had already soaped up, and had just started to rinse off when the coach came over. I stepped back a bit from the water, but then it stopped.
“You did really well out there,” she said. “I have to admit I was surprised. But I shouldn't have been. You lived up to advance billing. I'm going to put in as a right hitter to start, but you're very athletic and I'm going to work you in as a libero. We've never had a rookie libero before but I think you can do it.”
“Thanks Coach!” I said, gratified.
Of course, I was still feeling really, REALLY awkward having her standing there talking to me while I was COMPLETELY NAKED. I was partly soapy, water and soap trickling down my body as she talked to me, and believe me, I had never in my life had a conversation with someone naked – other than the two guys I had had sex with.
Liberos, by the way, were the girls with the best passing and defensive skills on a team. I knew that with my height I'd never get to play by the net, not at this level, but libero was a really key player, so I felt flattered.
“You've never played at this level, though,” she said. “So we're going to work you in easy, get you some experience.”
I nodded uncomfortably. I mean, I didn't want to act like a shy farm girl and cover my body up. That would have had everyone snickering and pointing. So I did my best to stand as natural as I could – naked – while every part of me kept screaming to cover myself. I did actually wind up casually gripping my left bicep with my right arm, which sort of hid my breasts behind my arm.
The coach talked about how much I'd have to study the playbook and rules, because things were a lot stricter and more unforgiving here, and I was one of only two rookies on the team so would have to be prepared for anything, especially if I was to become a libero.
Finally, she turned and left, and I breathed a sigh of relief, for I could finally rinse off and get some freaking clothes on. Most of the other girls had already finished. So I pulled the lever and the water poured down on me. I turned my face to it, letting the water pour over me, soaking and rinsing me off, and the last girl – except me, left.
Okay, no big deal. I pulled the lever again, rinsing off nice, then a third time, and then ran my hands through my hair to pull out the worst of the water and reached for my towel.
Except it wasn't there. I looked around and saw nothing but empty hooks. One of the bitches had taken my towel! I was indignant, but didn't think anything of it. Either it was a prank or a mistake. Not a big deal, except now I had to go into the locker room dripping wet and naked, which again made my pussy kind of throb a bit. More public nudity!
I walked to the entrance and pulled at the door. It was locked.
Here's the set-up. There are two locker rooms which lead to that shower. One is for men, the other for women. Naturally, only one is unlocked at any one time. When a women's team practice, the guy's door is locked. And vice versa. Well, the door to the locker room I had come from wouldn't open. I was stuck there in an empty room naked and dripping wet. I wasn't sure if this was an accident, a prank, or some kind of rookie initiation.
I tried the other door, and it opened. That got my heart pounding. Did that mean there was going to be a men’s team heading in here soon? Shit! What the fuck! I pounded on the other door and yelled but no one came. I could either stay there or try something else. So I opened the other door and peered out. Still dripping wet, I eased out into the other locker room, hoping to find at least a towel or something to cover myself.
There was nothing. All the lockers were empty. The only thing this room led to was a door to the corridor. I went to it and peered through anxiously. There didn't seem to be anyone in sight. It was a narrow corridor which led to the gym. It also had the doors to the locker rooms, the supply and equipment rooms, the first aid room and the coaches offices in it.
I went back and tried the door to the girls shower again but it was still locked. I came back in, watched the corridor, then decided to risk the dash up it to the women’s locker room. I was sure now that one or more of them had set me up, but had no way of knowing which. Heart pounding, I braced myself, and then dashed out into the corridor. Naked! I scurried up it to the women’s locker room and yanked on the door.
It wouldn't open! Do you fucking believe it!?
I pound on it but there was no sound. My head jerked from side to side, then I darted back to the men’s locker room – and IT wouldn't open!
I was stuck out in the hall naked!


A great story from a great writer. Couldn't stop reading.

5/5- girly46



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