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Slave Island

32880 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

It is an island for the very wealthy and the very cruel. The loveliest women from all over the world are captured and dragged to the island, where unspeakable perversions are performed on their soft young bodies.

We are introduced to the island through the eyes of three of its residents. Robin is a sweet young girl enjoying the bloom of life, reveling in her own youthful attractiveness. Amy is a stern young feminist determined to be taken seriously. Tony is a recently paroled abuser with a habit of keeping his victims for long periods of time. Soon all three are recruited for the Island, but only one goes there willingly. Together they will experience outrageous cruelty as women are trained like animals, their minds broken for the pleasure of the idle rich, their bodies used for pleasure and breeding. Yet the island contains an even more horrible secret, one even Tony will find too terrible to stomach.

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Robin Moore sat up slowly, languorously, rolling her head as she yawned. Her soft, curvy, well-tanned body glistened in the sunlight as she looked down at it and ran a hand along her arm. The slick suntan oil she had on made her skin feel slick and slippery, and just a little more sensuous than normal.
It always kind of turned her on to be like this at the beach, virtually naked with all these men around. She'd gotten more than her share of male attention since she'd hit puberty, and that attention showed absolutely no sign of fading.
The lithe young teenager shook her head, letting her soft brown locks brush from side to side across her slender shoulders. She reached up and brushed some bangs out of her eyes, gazing out at the ocean ahead of her.
Her long legs stretched out before her, spread suggestively. She pulled them in and stood up, feeling a little tingle in her lower belly. She'd only bought the thong bikini a few weeks ago, so it still made her feel a bit like a flasher when she walked down the beach with her buttocks exposed.
But it made her hot too; hot to know how the guys were lusting after her, staring at her bare bottom, licking their lips as they thought about what they'd like to do with her.
The tiny green thong was cut very high, the strap arching downwards from her curvy hips, drawing the eyes to the small patch of green over her crotch. The top was a string, with two small half cups which covered the centers of her breasts, but left the sides mostly exposed. It strained against her ample chest as she walked toward the water.
She knew many men and boys were watching her, and smiled inwardly at the knowledge. She felt hot and sexy. She was hot and sexy, and revelled in their attention and lust.
She dove neatly into the water, her firm, well-toned body arrowing into the surf and sliding through the waves as she swam out some yards. Then she threw herself up and rolled downwards, giving anyone watching a good view of her naked ass cheeks before she disappeared under water.
She dove deep, curving her body back as she slid along the bottom, holding her breath as she kicked her legs and pushed herself along. Then, her chest tight, she curved upwards, popping up out of the water to gulp in air again.
She swam back towards shore, then walked slowly out of the water, looking like a Greek Goddess, water dripping off her lithe frame as she raised her hands and squeezed the water out of her shoulder length hair.
She strolled up the beach and over to the shower, then let the fresh water pour over her, washing the salt out of her hair and off her skin. She slicked her hair back and went back to her things, picking them up and heading for her car.
"Do you know why you're here?"
Tony glared at the man and shrugged.
"I asked you a question."
"No. Obviously."
The man inclined his head.
"We are looking for special people. We operate a private club in the Pacific. Extremely wealthy and powerful men come to this club to relax and unwind, and to enjoy life in ways they cannot at home.
"There they are looked after, all their needs met, and all their fantasies are brought to life, especially sexual fantasies."
"Sounds like my kinda place," Tony snorted.
"We have a number of young ladies there to entertain the gentlemen, and we require overseers to manage the young ladies, to maintain discipline and order, and make sure they are obedient and meeting the needs of the members."
"Huh?" Tony looked at him in confusion.
"We also require trainers. Men who are capable of instilling discipline and obedience in young, recalcitrant females. Men who can show them their place in the scheme of things and ensure they do as they're told and don't bother the guests."
"I don't understand."
"Then I'll be clearer. We have read the transcripts of your trial. We admire the methods and discipline you showed in your dealings with that young girl you held captive."
Tony scowled suspiciously.
"No. We are not trying to entrap you, Mr. Boyd. We are entirely serious. What you did with the young lady in question, though slightly crude in some areas, is similar to the uhm, training we give to our young female recruits."
"Why tell me?" Tony demanded, still suspicious.
"Because we want to hire you. We'll fly you to the Pacific and pay you a handsome salary. And, of course, you'll have certain, er, fringe benefits, including the charms of any of the young ladies you choose."
"This is a joke, right?"
The man smiled.
Amy blushed as she stood up naked but for her panties. The doctor examined her breasts carefully, his fingers gentle as he probed along the bottom of the heavy breasts.
"Hmmm," he said. "Well, they're very firm for their size."
"It still hurts my back," Amy sighed.
"I'm sure they do. So what size were you thinking about having them reduced to?"
"Thirty-six-B cup," she said.
"And they're now, what thirty-eight D?"
Amy nodded.
"If you were taller you could stand them better," he said, removing his fingers.
Amy blushed even as he turned away, for her nipples, large enough when soft, were well on their way to full erection.


This was not my favorite Argus read but certainly not bad. He is very creative and I have to wonder where he gets his ideas from sometimes. (LOL) Overall a good Argus read.

4/5- LuvErotica

Nice story with some very creative ideas to explore the sexual themes. The last quarter of the book seemed to rushed however. There was a lot more to be had with a bit more patience. Then it would have been a strong 5.

4/5- pin555

Too violent for my taste.




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