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Personal Services

50377 words

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Miranda is a tall, beautiful young girl with little life experience other than being groped by drunks in her waitressing job. She accepts a position as receptionist slash hostess for the personal services legal firm run by her aunt's lesbian partner, and expects a job of making phone calls and coffee for Brad and Danika, the two lawyers there. But things soon begin falling quite out of her control. She finds herself being seduced by both of them, and has no idea how to respond to either. With her emotions out of control and her insides fluttering, she is overwhelmed by the sexual feelings they rouse in her. But posessing her body is just the start, for there is to be no question who is in control, and it isn't going to be Miranda! Her employers prefer her bound and obedient, and will use a variety of methods and impliments to instruct and discpline her until she becomes an obedient sex toy for both them - and their wealthy clients.

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The hair was pretty easy to manage, but when drying it I had to practically iron it to make sure it fell precisely flatly. The only time I could use the hair dryer was on the bangs, so they were fuller. I put on another black bra and thong, wondering if I’d have to buy a bunch - wondering if I dared mention it to Danika and ask that they pay fro them. Then I took the bus downtown again, reflecting how much better it was to be working in the day instead of the evening.
Danika ran me through more play acting, stopping me several times, once by putting her finger to my lips to silence me, once by slapping my bottom. “Never seem eager,” she said. “Never seem rushed. You are poised and posed, you are relaxed and aloof. You speak slowly and distinctly. Don’t use contractions. Don’t say don’t. Say do not. Don’t say I’ll, say I will. Always, always, always say sir or madam.”
The dress she had for me was not a lot different from yesterday’s except it was a little more gray, and it had a bit of cleavage in the front, though nothing serious. It was just as short, though.
And now I began to get phone calls, and to take messages. I began to get clients coming in the door, too. I would wait to see if they came to the desk, and smile, but not broadly. Then I would offer them a seat and something to drink, a little wine perhaps. They knew the routine better than I did, though, and that made it easier.
Down the hall, the first door was to the kitchen. And it had a nice little wine cupboard. There was more wine in the fridge, and there were crystal glasses, and fine china for tea or coffee or cappuccino. I did my best to master aloof yet helpful, haughty but welcoming.
There was also ordinary office stuff to do, like photocopying and stuff like that, which I did whenever Bradley or Danika called me. There were also phone calls to be made. People actually called Danika to get them tickets to the opera or plays or sold-out football games! They called her to arrange for cars or limos to be rented, or to make hotel reservations. They called her to contact potential private schools for their children, and report on them, or to look at potential investments and report back on them. They called her to check out potential or existing employees.
The work was rather varied and sometimes interesting.
And of course, Danika wanted to check out my newly done legs. She ran her fingers slowly along my thighs, but thankfully didn’t ask to see higher. But she continued to touch me, to hug me, to slap my bottom on occasion. Twice she kissed me on the lips, just brief pecks in passing, after thanking me for something, but it left my mind buzzing with wild uncertainty. Was Danika wanting me? Was she hot for me?!
I should have been grossed out at the thought, but I wasn't. Because she was a woman I didn't consider her the kind of threat a man would be. And besides, she was living with my Aunt Carol, so how bad could she be? I mean, worst came to worst I'd have to say no, and maybe she'd be sulky. So anyway, I wasn't exactly worried more intrigued. She gave me lots of little caresses – not anywhere dangerous – and hugs and the occasional slap on the butt. But at the same time she was very, very firm in her requirements, in my duties, and when she said jump she expected you to jump.
Even in a short skirt.
After I'd been working there a few days I was sort of getting used to her physical ways. They still made me a little uncomfortable at times, still made me blush at times, but they also sometimes gave me a kind of mushy, swirly feeling that had me – I wouldn't exactly say aroused but – sort of just below that on the scale, if you will.
She came up to me from behind and I felt her hand on my ass. It squeezed my butt fully and firmly, and as I turned towards her she used her hand to kind of pull me in against her body and kiss me full on the lips. It was more than a peck, too, but a good, hard kiss that widened my eyes. She pulled back, though after a moment, but her hand was still on my ass.
“Excellent, excellent job with all those employee calls,” she said.
Then she gave my ass another squeeze and moved away, leaving me feeling somewhat breathless and confused about what I should be feeling.
We'd had a call from a client to check out about fifty potential employees for his yacht. That meant contacting private investigation firms in half a dozen countries and arranging for the details to be faxed to them. It was rather interesting, really, but I didn't think it was all that complicated. Still, I was pleased she was pleased, and feeling a little, uhm, swirly inside.
The next day, however, things got a whole lot more interesting at work. Danika was really pissed off over something to do with a legal case, and snapping and snarling at everyone on the phone, at me, and even at Bradley. I did my best to stay away from her, and was very tense around her. The woman could be very nasty when she was upset!
So anyway, I was in her office later in the day, at the table across the room from her desk. The table was another fancy thing, similar to the receptionist desk, made of stone, but with a heavy glass top. It had a couple of drawers on one side too. Anyway, I was kind of bent over it gathering mail when I felt her come up behind me.
Her hand landed on my shoulder and slid down my back, rubbing my back as I turned towards her.
“I hope I haven't frightened you today, little bird,” she said, smiling.
“Uhm, no,” I said.
Her hand slid down onto my ass, and pulled me in against her as she had the other day, and she gave me a quick peck on the lips.
“This look really suits you,” she said, her hands sliding through my hair.
Her face was inches from mine, and I felt a sudden tightness in my chest, then her hands were sliding behind my head, through my hair, and she was pulling my head forward as she kissed me again. But this kiss was no peck. It was a long, slow kiss that had her easing her tongue into my mouth as she pulled my body in against hers. Her other hand was on my ass, kneading my butt as her lips began to move against mine.
My 'swirly' sensation erupted into full-blown panic combined with a wild dark sense of excitement, a sort of sexual electricity rippling along my skin as her fingers slid through my hair, her hand squeezed my ass, and her lips pressed down very firmly against mine.
I blinked my eyes rapidly, not knowing what to do, how to react or respond. Should I kiss her back!? Should I push her back?! It wasn't right for her to be kissing me like this. She was my aunt's girlfriend! But my mind was spinning like a tire on ice, not knowing what to do or say or how to react, and in the meantime she kind of moved in harder against me, pinning me against the table, which dug into the backs of my thighs just below my buttocks.
She was leaning into me and I was sort of trying to lean back. But with the table pressed into the backs of my thighs that meant kind of leaning back, which in turn caused my legs to instinctively widen to try and balance myself. Only she kept leaning in and forcing me back to the point I wound up laying back across the table with my feet coming off the floor, my long bare legs apart as she stood between them bent over me.
I hadn't spoken, but then I couldn't have with her lips on mine. And she was getting hotter and hungrier in her kisses, more passionate. Her tongue was thrusting deeper into my mouth as her lips moved sensuously against mine. My hands were on her shoulders, sort of feebly pushing against her mostly because I didn't know where else to put them.
And then her right hand slid up onto my left breast and began to knead it through the little dress, and that just made my stomach churn even more violently as heat started to spill through my veins. I knew this was wrong, and pushed harder against her shoulders, but I was so confused, so well, dazed, by this that I didn't really know what I wanted to do or say or how to react.
And then she pulled her lips away and straightened as her hands slid down onto my hips. But of course, my legs were spread wide around her, and the dress had slipped back up to where it basically at my crotch, or a bit above. Her hands slid under it, gripped my thong, and pulled it out from under my butt in a smooth, quick, strong motion that had my legs forced up straight into the air in front of her as she pulled the thong off my feet.
There was a sudden, almost shocking explosion of sensations and emotions inside me! I had not been expecting this and I had no idea what to do! My immediate inclination was to yelp and try to cover myself, but she was having none of that. She sat down in the wheeled chair next to the table and slid it in, leaning forward over my now nakedly exposed pussy. She gripped my wrists and pinned them down on either side as her lips traced a line along the throbbing opening to my sex.
My pulse was racing and my heart pounding a mile a minute. I was flushed with shock, excitement and a wild, raw embarrassment as she bent over my naked pussy and began to – lick!
I let out a cry of shock, my hips jerking, but she had her elbows spread out to either side, even as she held my wrists, and her forearms pinned my legs wide as she opened her mouth and took my whole pussy into it, sucking and growling weakly, letting me feel the warm heat of her mouth against me. Then she slid her tongue out and traced the line of my sex, up and down, up and down, pushing deeper with each stroke, then sliding it up across my clit.
“D-D-Danika!” I gasped.
Her lips closed around my clit and she started to sick as her tongue did this weird little flitter thing that had my hips jerking up helplessly against her even as I tried to frame a demand she stop! My thinking processes were scattered by the sudden burst of heat and sensation and my eyes widened as I gasped aloud.
Holy shit! Ohmygod!
Her hands slid up my body and stopped over my breasts, kneading and squeezing them, and it was a few breathless moments before I realized that my wrists were now free. It took longer to think on what to do about that, or remember why I should care. Sexual heat was rippling through my blood and bones and along my nervous system in ever increasing waves that had my body trembling and my hips grinding even as I tried to get myself under control.
This was insane!
The sensations grew more powerful, more intense, almost uncomfortably intense, and I writhed and gasped and pushed feebly, almost instinctively at her head, trying to ease the force of those hot, raw, overpowering sensations. She stood up abruptly enough to make me dizzy, grabbed my arms and pulled me up to a sitting position against her. Her lips rushed mine in and instant and her hands slid around me, running down my back.
Then, before I could even understand what was happening, she'd gripped the hem of my tight little mini-dress and yanked it upwards. It peeled up and back, and my hands, now on her shoulders, were abruptly forced up above me as she yanked the dress right over my head and tossed it behind her. I gaped, and she yanked me forward off the desk so that I would have fallen had she not had such a firm grip on my arms.
She spun me about, undid my bra, and yanked it down my arms. She slid it off one arm but left the straps around another, using it to pull that arm back as she grabbed the other. In seconds, she had the bra tangled around my other arm and was twisting it in so that my arms were forced back together behind me and then bound tightly at the elbows. My hands were free – sort of, but I couldn't do anything with them, as they sort of stuck out to either side, my right hand past my left hip and my left past my right.
“Nasty little girl,” she purred into my ear.
Her hands came around me and kneaded my bare breasts, then pinched the nipples so I yelped in pain.
I was just starting to figure out what the hell she was doing, and had no idea why, and then she grabbed the back of my head and roughly bent me over the desk so that my my overheated breasts were pillowed out against the glass surface. She slapped my ass with a stinging blow that drew another startled cry, then gripped my thighs and yanked them apart.
I was in a state of disbelief, embarrassment, confusion, and wild, dark heat as I felt her entire mouth, lips wide, envelope my mons, and give it a sort of open mouthed kiss. The kiss morphed into hot, rhythmic sucking as her tongue thrust out and drove into my now embarrasingly wet pussy and kind of – wiggled around – in the mouth of my sex.
Then she caught my clit between my lips and started sucking, doing that little flittery thing with her tongue as I gasped and moaned and my hips jerked with alarming violence.
She slapped my ass again, making me cry out, then her hands, her thumbs, slid into me and slowly peeled my sex open. I shuddered as her mouth pushed in against it, her tongue thrusting in amazingly deep, twisting and swirling inside me even as fingers stroked at my clit.
She stopped suddenly, leaving me gasping, panting, staring at the wall behind the desk, then through the glass of the desk. I realized I was drooling a little, and I shook my head.
Holy shit!
I was fucking naked! I was bent over a desk, my breasts kind of mashing against the hard glass, and against some envelopes that were there, my nipples aching, my ass raised up and my legs apart. I could actually feel the chill of the air conditioning against my wet, naked pussy!
I jerked my arms helplessly, instinctively trying to push myself erect. When I couldn't I used my stomach muscles to straighten, or try to. I felt her hand on my hair, gathering it up, jerking it up and back so that I cried out again. I was bent forward, but now my head was forced up and back as she smiled darkly at me.
“Nasty little girl,” she purred again.
But I'm not!
And then I saw this – thing – sticking out of her. Her short skirt had been hiked up, and she'd strapped a thick, fat, lumpy looking black dildo to her groin. It was long, and it was thick, and it was vaguely menacing even before I realized what she intended to do with it.
“N-No!” I gasped, twisting in her grasp.
“Oh yes,” she cooed, shoving me down, pressing my face into the glass.
I gasped as she slapped my bottom, then I felt the pressure of the – thing – against my moist pussy opening. There was something on it, something cool and slick, and it pushed into me with a strange, delicious sensation of size! I mean it jammed against my opening, spreading open the lips of my sex, but not enough, then pushing against them, pushing forward rhythmically, the pressure growing and easing, growing and easing as I felt my pussy lips slowly pushed back and apart, opening me up.
“D-Danika!” I gasped. “Please!”
“You don't have to beg, naughty girl,” she said. “That will come later.”
I gasped as the thing forced the lips of my sex far enough apart to push into me. Then I was beyond speech. The sensation was almost indescribable. The state I was in, the thickness of the dildo, the aching inside me, the alarm and embarrassment... It was – incredible! It felt so wild, so intense, so wonderful as it pushed into my body in a long, slow, delicious thrust that had my mouth open in a wide, soundless gurgling moan of sheer animal reaction.
Oh! My! God!
She rolled her hips and twisted the thing around inside me as she pushed, drew back a little, then pushed deeper, drew back, and pushed even deeper, so that the ache became something like pain. But I didn't care. I was impaled on that massive thing and felt it deep, deep inside me as my mind was roiled by wild waves of raw excitement and heat.
I felt the straps and her bare thighs against the inside of my thighs, against the underside of my buttocks as she jammed it in to the hilt. I felt a shockwave, remembering the size of the thing, that she could possibly get it all inside me without killing me!
You see, I'd always loved being penetrated. I realize that physically, that's not what is supposed to set you off. But it's the psychological thing. I don't really know why, but it just turns me on, turns my mind to mush, to have a nice, big cock sliding into my body. And this, while not a cock, was certainly big, and stiff. It was also made of some kind of material which, while silky soft, also caressed the lips of my sex and the inside of my pussy in a way I'd never felt before. On top of that, of course, were all those lumps and bumps on the thing which created their own unique sensation as they slid over my sensitive flesh.
Emotionally I was still stunned, dazed, by what had happened, and how fast. I could hardly believe it actually was happening, that I was naked, legs spread, bent over a desk, my arms freaking well tied behind me, while Danika was fucking me with a dildo!
And she was fucking me gooooood! Danika knew what to do with the equpment better than the guys I'd slept with, grinding and rolling her hips, changing the angle of her penetration, shifting the rhythm from slow and teasing to hard, fast and intense, then back again. She was turning my brain to mush even as she kept yanking it out of the strange, languorous sexual fever she'd put it into. She'd slap my ass and call me her slut, or grip my hair and yank my head up and back as she leaned in and sucked and chewed and licked at the nape of my neck.
The orgasm arrived almost the same time her finger slid under me and she began to rub it roughly across my clit. It was wild, soaring, intense, and had me twisting and writhing and bucking back in uncontrollable sexual release as I cried out in helpless pleasure.
It was an incredible orgasm, a shattering, all-consuming orgasm that was so much more intense, so much more powerful than any I'd remembered before, and so overwhelmed my mind that I hardly noticed when Bradley came to the door and looked in.
“I think I'd best close this in case a client walks in,” he said with a smile, drawing back and pulling the heavy door closed behind him.
I didn't care. I saw and heard but my mind didn't process it as I jammed myself back onto that delicious hard cock Danika was shoving into me.
It hurt but I didn't care about that either. The wild heat had me in its grip and was shaking me like a rag doll. When it eased, I just lay there, dazed, drooling, eyes glazed over.
Danika slapped my ass again, but I barely noticed. Then she did something with the straps around her waist which I also didn't notice. I didn't even really notice as she turned those straps inside out and fit them together around my waist. The dildo was now buried in my quivering belly, and the straps went up between my buttocks, and up my abdomen to the one she drew together around my waist.
I gasped as she yanked me back off the desk by the hair. My legs collapsed and I fell to my knees on the deep rug, gasping, chest heaving as she turned me around, again, by simply using my long, thick hair as a handle. Now she stood before me, like a goddess, tall and strong and eyes glinting as I knelt before her naked. She pulled my face forward by the hair and my lips pressed against her pussy.
She was as bare as I was, and I had only a moment to think that before she was rubbing me against her and ordering me to lick. I didn't understand, was too dazed, and she twisted her fingers in my hair so I gapsed in pain.
“Now, my little slut. Show me how grateful you are.”
I didn't know what she meant, but she ordered me to lick and, starting to get control of myself again, I licked.
I should have been grossed out. The thought of licking a girl's pussy held no pleasure to me. I mean, I can see kind of rubbing my body against another girl whose soft and warm like me. But I'd never really thought about doing oral sex on a girl. But now, despite the massive orgasm which had rolled through me like a freight train, I was in a state of sexual heat such that I would have accepted virtually anything she wanted.
She gathered my hair up at the top of my head, using it as a handle to hold me there, and began to instruct me in what to do, in how hard, and what direction, in all the little things she wanted done to her pussy. And, of course, I did exactly as she ordered, without really even thinking about it. I licked and I sucked and mouthed her until she came, surprising me again.
She was one of those women who ejaculated, whose pussy cream gushed out – and in this case into my face, into my open mouth. I gasped in dazed confusion, but kept licking as she twisted her fingers in my hair and tugged at my scalp.
My pussy squeezed tightly around the big dildo thing inside it, and I moaned in pleasure even as she pulled over the chair and sat down. She slumped back, legs across the arms, and drew me in by the hair to continue my instructions.
I was more in control now, my mind capable of rational thought. I was still deeply, sensuously aroused, but I could think. I felt a sense of embarrassment, of discomfort, at what I'd done, at what I was doing now. I was in a downtown office naked licking a woman's pussy! Not to mention that there was a big dildo stuffed up inside me!
Holy shit!
And now my ears burned as I remembered Brad sticking his head into the door. I felt the heat spreading over my face and down my chest as I cringed mentally, thinking of what he must have seen, what he was thinking...
I gasped as Danika pulled my hair, and my eyes rolled up towards her. There was a scowl on her face. “Lick,” she growled in that voice which made me immediately focus and redouble my efforts.
I licked and sucked, and brought her to another come – one considerably less violent than mine had been, before she was apparently satisfied.
She dragged me up by the hair until I my bare body was pressed agianst hers and she could kiss me again. Her hands were in my hair, then also rubbing my back and kneading my buttocks as she kissed me.
“My pretty little slut,” she whispered.
She straightened up, pushing me back, onto my feet, and stood up. I blushed and dropped my eyes, conscious of a sense of – I don't know – deep inferiority? Something. I mean, there'd been no question who was the boss before, who was in charge, who was stronger, both physically and mentally. But now I felt just... I don't know how to describe it. It was like I was so low compared to her that I was embarrassed about being so low, so inferior; a wretched, embarrassingly ill-bred little girl before her beauty, strength, and sophistication.
She jerked back on my hair, forcing my head back, my back to bow, and caressed my taut breasts with her other hand. That hand slid down my body and between my legs to where the straps held that big dildo up inside me, and she palmed it and pushed, rolling her hand, grinding it, twisting the thing inside me as I shuddered and moaned and whimpered at the sudden overwhelming sensation of heat that swept around me.
I came again, bucking helplessly against her hand, crying out weakly as she bent and bit into the center of my breast. Pain and pleasure swirled and churned inside me and I ground feverishly against her before collapsing onto my knees once again.


A brilliant story. I couldn't stop reading till the end, just had to turn the next page. Argus has to be the most consistently good story teller. A shame we can't have seperate libraries for authors.

5/5- girly46

Starts off strong and doesn't disappoint.


not bad but there are things done to her that can not be explained




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