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Summer Lovers

33000 words

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Erotic Domination - F/F

It started on the bus, as giggles turned to passion and she and her seat mate engaged kissing, mutual masturbation and daring lovemaking.

For Taylor had a long hot summer ahead of her as a camp counsellors at a summer camp, and she was going to have a summer she would never forget. Away from home, with no fear of gossip, she would tempt the fates in every way, living out her sexual fantasies with counsellors and campers alike, seducing and being seduced with glee, and becoming the most notorious camp slut in Camp Hiawatha' history.

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There were better ways of spending a summer besides babysitting a bunch of snotty kids. Unfortunately, I wasn't given a lot of options if I wanted to save up money for college.
So here I was packing all the shit I could into a couple of suitcases to take out into the middle of nowhere. Mostly I packed jeans and halters, and T-shirts, and underwear. Also a bunch of bathing suits, some respectable, for when the kids were around, and some not so respectable, for when it was just us counsellors.
There would be a bunch of cute guys there, after all.
One thing about being a camp counsellor that was great. You could do whatever you wanted and not worry about gossip. Nobody there knew you, after all, and wouldn't be able to tell your friends at school what a slut you'd acted like.
That was the only thing I was looking forward to. If I was going to get stuck in the woods all summer, I was going to have some good old fashioned hedonistic fun. Away from my parents, away from my crummy little brothers and sisters, and out on my own.
I jammed in all the stuff I could, then forced the suitcases closed and stood back, sighing in relief as I ran a hand through my hair. I turned and gazed at the full length mirror on the wall, then winked at myself as I raised both hands and brought them behind my head.
I was wearing cut-offs and a tight T-shirt, and as I arched my back my breasts pushed out hard and round and taut against the thin cotton. I had a great silhouette, a great figure. I knew the guys were ga-ga over me, knew damned well how they talked about what a great set of tits I had, what a great ass I had, how they'd love to get me in bed.
That turned me on. I loved being lusted after, loved them getting all tongue-tied and bug-eyed over me, loved them drooling over me, and knowing how they all jerked off to fantasies about me.
I wasn't the greatest looking girl in the world, but no one had ever turned me down. I have thick, shoulder length blonde hair. It's really full and silky, and hangs down around my shoulders like a lion's mane. I have long, thick bangs that fall over my forehead.
Below them are my large, bright green eyes, so expressive, so wonderfully easy to shift and change. I can look angry, threatening, sophisticated, snotty, or naive and innocent, depending on how I narrow or widen my eyes, and how I move my soft, full lips.
I'm tall at five foot 11, and slender. But I'm very athletic, due to lots of use of my dad's home gym machine. I have a well-toned body, with a narrow waist, round, shapely hips, and long, long, perfectly textured legs. Men love my legs. They've been staring at them since I was thirteen.
My ass is round and soft and tight as a drum, just like my breasts. My boobs aren't the biggest, but at thirty-six C, they're plenty big enough. They kind of tilt up a bit, all perky and firm and really, really round.
My nipples are a bright pink, and look quite small, like dimes...well, pennies, but when they get cold or aroused, for some reason they grow really, long and hard. I mean they stick straight out like an inch, and are incredibly sensitive. I've come sometimes just from having my nipples sucked.
I've seen prettier girls than me, though not many, and I've seen girls with better bodies, though very few. I've very seldom seen any girls who are prettier who have better bodies, though.
Anyway, it's really cool being so hot, having men walk into street posts and stuff. And I was sure I was going to have a lot of fun out in the woods... at night anyway, once the brats were in their beds.
I got my suitcases and carried them downstairs, then my Dad drove me to the bus station. I was kind of excited. I mean, going off on a trip and all. True, it was only the bus, but it was a nice bus, all air-conditioned, with tinted glass and all, and the seats were really nice, all thick and tall, tilting back.
I was worried, though, about who would sit beside me. I mean, the seats are fine if you're alone, or if you're sitting next to someone of normal size. If a large person sits next to you, though, they can kind of squash you.
Or if it's some geeky guy who bugs you the whole trip, or some old lady who chatters about boring shit, or some kid, well, your ride can be really long. I've ridden the bus a few times before, you see, and nothing is worse than being trapped by someone boring.
So I was really glad when a youngish woman sat next to me. She was black, her skin creamy brown, with shoulder length, straight black hair. She was kind of pretty, and in her mid-twenties, with a decent body. She smiled as she sat down, and I gave her a brief smile in return.
After a few minutes she started talking to me, and we struck up a conversation. Her name was Val, and she seemed cool enough. She was going to see her sister in New Orleans. We got along really, really well, and were laughing and joking and giggling like crazy as we talked about guys, and some of the stupid things they do and say to try and get into our pants.
I guess it was because neither of us knew the other, and knew wed never see each other again, and so we could be honest and tell each other all the stuff we'd done without fear that it would get back to anyone for gossip.
We even talked... in low voices... about sucking cocks... the different techniques we used. Then we got into fantasies, into things we thought would be really, really sexy, and would like to try sometimes. Mine was a gang bang. She liked that, but hers was to "own" a big, muscular man, to have him for a sex slave.
Then, grinning, she kind of leaned into me and said.
"You ever do it with a girl?"
I blinked in surprise, then kind of shrugged.
"Kinda," I whispered. "I mean, me and a couple of friends did some fucking around a while back, but we never went, like, really deep into it."
"What does that mean?"
I shrugged, a bit awkwardly.
"Okay, you ever... french kiss a girl?"
I nodded. "You?"
She nodded.
"Ever touch a girl's boobs?"
I nodded slowly, a bit embarrassed.
"Ever... suck on a girl's nipples?"
"Vaal!" I protested.
She sniggered and I glared at her.
"Yes," I said.
"You ever?"
"I've done everything with girls."
"Shit, me an' my girlfriend practised jerking off when we were twelve, then started doing each other. I've had sex with about five or six women."
"What's it like?" I asked, curious and a little aroused at the thought of her having sex with a woman.
"Neat. Women are... like, softer. I mean, there isn't the pressure and the hurry up kind of thing. It's slloooow and easy, soft and gentle."
"You... sucked a girl off?"
"Sure. And had it done to me."
"Man," I said.
"Nope. Wo-man," she leered.
I rolled my eyes.
"I once had sex with a stewardess on an airplane."
"In the bathroom."
"When you're at that little camp of yours, see if you can get one of the other girls alone, honey. Nothing feels nicer than having another girl's naked body pressed against yours. There's just something about the feel of another woman's breasts on mine that makes me soooo hot."
"You are so slutty!" I gasped, admiringly.
"Being slutty can be fun, baby," she grinned. "You only go round once, remember."
It didn't sound fun. It sounded... exciting. It was getting me hot inside, was making my crotch all tingly.
I wasn't uncomfortable at all. I mean, given we were on the bus and getting off at different stops, it wasn't like she was putting any pressure on me to have sex with her or anything.
"I'll have to see what turns up," I said, flickering my tongue at her.
"Uhmm. I'm getting this mental image," she breathed. "I bet you look really great naked."
I blushed a bit.
"Yeah, I do," I grinned.
"I'd love to get you alone," she purred softly.
"Lezzie," I accused.
She stuck her tongue out, and out, and out. I watched in surprise as she touched the tip of her nose with it.
"Wow. How do you do that?"
"Practice," she said. "Imagine how deep I could push this where it counts."
I blushed again. I was getting even hotter. I'd never flirted with anyone this... this dirty. I mean, this... uhm, this heavily. And that was what we were doing, after all, flirting. That thought made me hotter still. The idea that I was flirting with a black woman.
She pressed her lips together like a kiss, and her tongue slid in and out slowly.
I watched and swallowed several times, squeezing my thighs together.
"You should be so lucky," I whispered.
"I could make you scream," she cooed.
"Oh right."
She looked down at my chest and grinned.
"Your nipples are hard, baby," she leered.
I flushed even more. I was only wearing a T-shirt, with a light bra underneath, and my nipples were rock hard, pressing the thin fabric outwards noticeably.
"Well stop looking," I said.
"You're hot, aren't you?"
"Am not."
"Are too," she teased.
She leaned in closer, her lips right next to my ear.
"You want me," she breathed.
"Do not," I said, pulling away in annoyance.
"You should come with me to New Orleans. We'll share a motel room. I'll tie you down and lick you aaaallll over."
"Get lost," I snorted.
She laughed and pulled back, and I squeezed my thighs together repeatedly.
"Hey, ever hear of the mile high club?"
"Yeah. So?"
"I'm a member."
"I thought you had to have sex with a guy to qualify for that. I mean, does a stewardess qualify?"
"Sure. But I did it with a guy too."
"Better believe it," she grinned.
"Well, I could do that. I probably will."
"I bet you wouldn't have the guts," she taunted.
"I would too!"
"Prove it."
"How can I prove it?" I asked.
She turned her head away, then turned it back to me.
"Look past me and tell me what you see."
I looked past her. The seats across the aisle from us were occupied by a couple of kids, both of whom were asleep. I couldn't see any of the other people because the seats in front of us and the ones we were in were so tall.
"A couple of little kids," I said.
"Both sound asleep."
"So nobody can see you. Nobody at all."
"So?" I gulped.
"So let's do something nasty," she breathed her face in close against mine.
"Wha... what?"
She licked the side of my ear.
"Val!" I gulped, drawing back.
"I'm not scared!"
"You know you want me."
"I do not."
"So let's fool around," she grinned, flicking her tongue along her lips.
"Are you crazy! There's people all around us!"
"That's what makes it so cool," she grinned. "They can't see anyway."
"But... but someone might... might come down the aisle."
"We'll see them first. Chicken."
"I'm not chicken." I frowned.
"I bet I could make you come in your pants."
The words hit me like a wall, and I felt a flare of fiery heat between my legs.
She leaned in against me and I felt her tongue along my earlobe. I didn't move, but my heart leapt, and the blood started flowing faster and faster through my veins.
"Val!" I gasped.
"Chicken," she taunted. "I bet all that talk was just talk. You're probably a virgin, aren't you?"
"Get lost," I gulped.
She slid her hand down onto my thigh and gave it a squeeze.
I was wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants because I wanted to be comfortable on the long ride. I also had a sweater, because they sometimes turn the air-conditioning up too high in buses. Val was wearing a dress with a mid-length skirt that came to just above her knees.
I could feel the warmth of her hand through the thin sweat pants. It felt hot... electric, but I pushed her hand off anyway.
"Chicken. Viiiirgiiin," she teased.
"You're crazy," I whispered.
She leaned in again and licked under my ear. I didn't move, though I turned and looked out the window. I felt her hand on my thigh again and turned my head back towards her. She was grinning challengingly. I looked past her. The little kids were still asleep, and nobody else was in sight.
Her hand stroked my thigh, then crept slowly in between my legs as my heart began to pound louder and louder. I had my thighs tight together because I'd been squeezing them, but as Val slid her hand down she whispered into my ear "Open your legs a little, baby."
I trembled slightly, then did, shifting my feet a bit apart, then a bit more.
Her hand slid down over my crotch and squeezed me, and I shuddered as the heat flared up inside me higher and higher. I slumped down a bit, and I felt her cupping my pussy mound and squeezing it through the thin sweatpants.
She rubbed her hand up and down the front of my pants, then slid her hand upwards, easing up beneath my sweater to the waistband of my sweatpants. I jerked my head up and stared at her, but she wasn't looking at me. She was sitting there perfectly normally, looking forward, while her fingers slid inside my sweatpants.
Not just my sweatpants, but inside my panties too.
I couldn't' believe this was happening! I was scared someone would notice, but also incredibly aroused, more aroused than I could remember being in a long, long time.
I looked desperately past her, scared someone would come wandering down the aisle and see what was happening. I could feel her fingers against the soft skin of my abdomen as they squirmed slowly downwards under the waistband of my panties, could feel them pressing against my soft skin, then working their way down my body.
I felt her whole hand sliding inside, and felt her fingers against my pussy hair. I shuddered and laid my head back, my body buzzing and shaking with sex-heat. Her fingers touched my slit gently, then with more assurance, stroking lightly against the top of my slit right over my clitty.
I humped slightly, instinctively, and fought to keep from making any sounds as her finger slid down along my slit and pressed against it. She sawed her finger up and down, and I felt a wave of embarrassment at how wet I was, at the certain knowledge that she could feel my inner moisture soaking her finger.
Her finger sank through the tight folds of my pussy lips and began to saw up and down along my hot little cleft. My clitty exploded and I clenched my jaw, jamming my head back into the thick seat as I felt an orgasm blossoming inside me.
I shook violently even though I tried to suppress it. My body was rocked by a tremendous release of sexual pleasure which seared my nervous system.
Then it eased off and I sat there panting for breath, my eyes closed as my body continued to twitch spastically.
"Nice, huh?" Val purred into my ear.
She eased her hand up and down over my pussy pad as I sat there, slumped down, legs well apart. She gave my hot, moist pussy pad a squeeze, then eased her finger in against my slit again, this time forcing the tip inside and searching for my hole.
I was surprised, thinking that, well, since I'd come she would stop, but I was glad she didn't. I slumped down more, drawing my right leg up against the side of the bus to open myself for her. I was still tremendously excited, and the feel of her finger slowly worming its way into my body was shockingly pleasurable.
I was really wet, and her finger slid right into my hole, jamming down deep until I felt her knuckles pressing against my pussy mound. She wriggled the finger around inside me for several seconds, then pulled it back and slid a second in beside it.
I just lay back and basked in the pleasure as her fingers slid right up to the knuckles inside me and started pumping. She stroked them right across my clitty with every back and forth movement and the heat began to rise inside me once more.
She was nibbling and licking and kissing the nape of my neck and, daringly, I turned to face her and met her lips with mine. Her tongue slid through into my mouth as our lips melded in moist, passionate embrace, and I moved my hand towards her.
She pulled back, shaking her head.
"No. I'm on the aisle. Someone might see," she whispered.
She continued to finger fuck me, and my pelvis was rolling as much as it could as I ground my ass into the seat. Soon I was bucking and humping again, jamming my face into her shoulder as I grunted in pleasure. Her fingers thrust hard and fast up into my pussy crack as she brought her thumb down on my clitty, and the pleasure was wondrous.
She eased her fingers out of me and I felt her hand caressing my abdomen, then sliding upwards out of my pants, up under my T-shirt and sweater. I looked past her and saw nobody, so leaned forward and reached up behind me, putting my hands up under my T-shirt and sweater and undoing my bra.
I lay back as her hand moved up and cupped one of my breasts, squeezing and stroking it gently. I could see the movements of her hand beneath the sweater as it caressed my soft flesh, then squeezed gently.
Her fingers found my hard nipple and pinched it, then rolled it between them. I sighed in pleasure as my breasts throbbed.
I reached down and lifted up both sweater and T-shirt, daringly baring my breasts to the world. We both watched them as her hand stroked and kneaded my breasts. She looked forward casually, then bent and folded her lips around my hard nipple, sucking fiercely for several seconds before straightening.
"Change places," she whispered.
"Wha..what?" I gulped.
"I want to sit by the window."
I let my sweater and T-shirt fall, then got up shakily and moved into the aisle. She shifted over onto my seat and I sat down in hers, on the aisle. From here I could easily see the side of the man across the aisle in the seat in front of mine, and the two people in the seat across the aisle just behind us.
And they could see me.
Val looked challengingly at me and I eased my hand onto her thigh then pulled her skirt slowly up her legs until I could slide my hand underneath and get at her pussy. I was startled to feel no panties, and she grinned at me smugly.
I trembled excitedly as I rubbed my fingers through her pussy hair, then felt her small slit. She slumped down as I had and spread her legs, and I ran my fingers up and down her slit carefully.
I kept my eyes on the aisle, on the people around us, as I began to stroke her pussy cleft with my fingers. I laid my middle fingers along the length of her slit, then pushed down, forcing them slowly inside. Then I began to rub them up and down against her pink pussy flesh, stroking along her clitty as she sighed in pleasure.
She raised her hands and cupped her own breasts, squeezing and kneading them through the thin dress as I stroked her clitty. Her eyes closed tight as she sat back in the seat. She almost looked asleep, except that her hands were kneading her breasts steadily, and her chest was rising and falling with growing speed.
I was glad to feel that she was as moist and hot as I was. I slid my now sopping fingers up and down her slit, then eased them into her hole, sliding them easily up inside her to the hilt as I brought my thumb down on her clitty.
I finger-fucked her fast and deep while grinding my thumb down on her clitoris. Her eyes remained closed, but her mouth opened and her head drew back some as her hips began to shake and grind and hump against my fingers.
Then she arched her back sharply and violently, her head jerking way back behind her as she thrust her chest out. She trembled and one of her hands shot down to grip my wrist, pulling my hand in hard against her groin as she humped against it.
She slumped back tiredly, but still held my wrist. She closed her thighs around it and rubbed my knuckles against her pussy as she relaxed.
She rolled her head slowly towards me and winked, and I grinned and winked back.
"This is sure better than counting licence plates," I whispered.
She grinned and nodded.
We sat together in silence for a bit, then started talking again about a variety of subjects. I think both of us were a little sorry and frustrated we wouldn't be able to do much else with each other. I really wanted to see her naked, to have her press her naked flesh against me as she'd described doing with other women.
Then we arrived at my stop. It was a restaurant, a kind of diner seat back from the road by a small parking lot. There was nothing else around but trees and grass, and the long highway. Just as we were pulling into the parking lot the drive got on the intercom and announced a twenty minute rest stop.
Val and I both looked at each other and grinned, and I felt my heart give a lurch as I looked around, wondering whether we'd get a chance to do anything.
I got off, with her trailing me, and the driver got me my luggage. The two of us carried it up to the restaurant and inside. I was supposed to be looking for a guy named Bill, who'd be inside.
I approached the counter, but a guy intercepted me.
"Are you Taylor Caldwell?" he asked.
"Yeah," I said.
He held out his hand.
"I'm Bill Kinkaid from Golden Lake."
"Oh, hi," I said, shaking hands.
"We got about half an hour to wait. There's another girl coming in on the southbound bus. You can take your bags out to my station wagon and put them in the back. Need any help?"
"No, we're fine."
He nodded and went back to a table where a plate of food sat. Me and Val carried the suitcases outside to the only station wagon there and unlocked the back, then put them inside.
"We got a few minutes," she grinned.
"If he catches us I'm screwed," I said.
"He won't. Come on."



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