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43900 words

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Erotic Domination - F/F, General Erotica

Allison Munro is frustrated. Her first year at college is over, and there was no fire, no awakening. Two paltry and ordinary sexual experiences have not given her the wild times she wants to remember when she's old and gray. And then, quite unplanned, on a hot steamy night, she and her best friend begin to make out in the quiet of a darkened park, and her world changes. As each new sexual experience opens her eyes wider she sheds her inhibitions and becomes more and more wild and daring, seducing her girlfriend's brother, then father, then mother, then reaching out to others around her, filled with the thrill of sexual conquest, the pride of a beautiful nymphet, and the heat of wicked desire

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Allison felt a hot flutter in her belly as Jeff's hand eased down from her waist and slid onto her bottom. She stiffened slightly, looking around, but nobody seemed to notice.
They were just walking along, on their way home from a basketball game, she and Jeff, Molly, Peter, Mike, and Evan. It was dark. The streetlights were few and far between and few of the houses along the street had their lights on. It was hot, and she was sweating a little, trying to keep cool by not moving much.
Up ahead Peter and Mike were wrestling on someone's front lawn as Evan shouted encouragement and Molly looked on.
Jeff's fingers squeezed in against her soft buttocks and he turned and kissed her lightly. She kissed him back, feeling his lips between hers as she nibbled on him.
She felt her breasts swelling under her loose white T-shirt and squeezed her pussy muscles together as Jeff's hand slid slowly up and down the cleft between her rounded buttocks, rubbing her through her jeans.
She flicked a lock of blonde hair out of her face and smiled, her soft, full lips parting to reveal gleaming white teeth. A car passed and she looked away, a little embarrassed.
But there was a limit as to how much she could do with him anyway, and when his hand slid lower, his fingers easing beneath her buttocks and over her pussy mound she pulled slowly back with a look of reproof.
It wasn't as if they had even dated or anything, and even though she wasn't in high school any more and would be back to college in a couple of weeks she didn't want tales told about her.
She moved forward beside Molly, and Jeff jumped on Evan, bearing him to the ground alongside the other two. She and Molly exchanged glances and shrugs.
Molly was her best friend. The two of them were a lot alike in many ways. They were the same age, had roughly the same taste in men, clothes, music and food.
They had similar hairstyles, straight, a little below the shoulders, and parted in the middle. The difference was that Molly's hair was a bit thicker, and was a deep reddish brown in colour. She also had bangs. Allison was a golden blonde, and her hair usually looked just a bit more mussed, a bit less precisely brushed than Molly's.
They were both of average height, though Allison was an inch or two taller, and both had athletic bodies. They had trim, firm, flat bellies, flaring hips, round, firm buttocks and nicely sculpted legs.
Molly had bigger breasts, and they were rounder, but Allison's breasts were good sized and firmer, her small pink nipples actually sticking slightly upwards in a way that made all the girls in the shower at college jealous. They were, the girls agreed, the perfect shape.
She had won the unofficial title of best breasts during one shower session after volleyball, much to Molly's amusement. Molly had come in second.
"Come on, you guys," Molly sighed.
"Yeah, knock it off," Allison said. "What are you, children?"
Evan pulled himself away from Jeff with a grunt and stood up, hair tousled. "Hey," he said. "Why are we wrestling with each other when we should be wrestling with... the girls!"
He leered at them and stalked forward.
"Go away, Evan," Molly sighed, backing up as she eyed him warily.
Instead he growled, then lunged forward. She squealed and turned to run but he caught her around the waist and lifted her up into the air, swinging her around.
Then before she could move Jeff rushed Allison, bending low and grabbing her around the waist. She screamed as he hefted her up and lifted her over his shoulder, turning around and around.
"Put me down!" she yelled.
"Me got wo-man!" he growled like a cave man, staggering around.
He slapped her bottom and she yelled, kicking at him. He set her down heavily and she fell down, glaring up at him.
"Dick head," she said, getting to her feet. Just that small burst of activity had made her start to sweat. She rubbed her hand across her forehead and found it moist.
They wandered further down the street, and into a kind of park. Well, in truth it was a large grassy area surrounded by townhouses. But it was dark, and there was a little playground there with swings, monkey bars, and a slide.
A couple of the guys started climbing on the monkey bars, and she managed to get over with Jeff alone. They climbed up on the swing and sat up there necking for a few minutes. He managed to grope her breasts a few times, but she pushed his hand down each time.
Then Peter said he had to get home because he had to work the next day, and Mike said yeah it was too fuckin' hot to be hanging around out here anyway. Jeff didn't have a job but Molly did and decided she should go. Allison didn't think she ought to stay with Jeff and Evan alone. She didn't know them that well and her reputation could suffer even if nothing happened. Anyway, Mike was right, it was too fucking hot.
So she joined Molly, and Evan and Jeff followed along for a few blocks. Then they turned off because Evan wanted to go to a Seven-Eleven and get a coke.
"So what'd you think of Jeff?" Molly grinned when they were alone.
"He's okay," she said with a grin.
"You guys were making out pretty good," the brunette smiled as they walked along.
"Yeah. I was getting really horny," Allison confided with a hesitant grin.
"Yeah, me too. Evan and Peter were both groping me whenever they could. Pigs."
"Pigs," Allison agreed.
Then they both giggled.
"Oh I hate this," Allison sighed. "How come the guys can do whatever they want but we have to be good little girls and always say no?"
"Because otherwise everyone'll call us sluts."
"I would really like... promise you won't tell anyone?"
Molly nodded.
"I would really have liked to just throw Jeff down and tear his clothes off back there," she said.
Molly shrugged and smiled. "Yeah but we can't. At least, not until September. You going to go out with him?"
"Soon as he asks me."
"I hate being a virgin," Molly sighed.
"Hey, it's worse for me. I've had sex and I miss it!"
They both giggled.
"You know what book I got? I ordered it from a Barnes and Noble catalogue. Only cost seven bucks."
"The Kama Sutra."
"What's that about?"
"God, Allie, you're such a virgin!"


Erotic read, well-balanced and well written.

4/5- Chippy



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