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The French Brat

34600 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Annick was a young Quebec girl who happened to have been born when her mother went on a shopping trip to New York. Now, to dodge a boyfriend back home she is working in the U.S. in a large government building. She is a puzzle and a wonder to her more staid American co-workers, and an especial fascination to Patrick, who she sees as a pervert but a cute one. Annick is a brat in every sense of the word, a punk who loves thrash metal and has little respect for anything much, especially "boring" Americans. Yet when Patrick challenges her to ever more daring and kinky encounters she finds herself helplessly swept along on a thrill ride into submission and bondage; at work, at home, on the road, with Patrick and with others. Annick can be bound but never broken, can be forced to submit but never surrender. A cheeky, impudent brat who can't be cowed by spankings but only when her cries of passion have left her so breathless she can no longer insult her supposed masters!

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The décor was late eighties. Fluorescent lights overhead shone down on dingy industrial carpet, with cubicles spaced carefully up and down the aisle. It was a building badly in need of renovations, with clunky, malfunctioning heaters, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems.
“I’m bored.”
“I’m more bored than you.”
“No, I’m more bored than you.”
Annick gave him a sour look and Patrick smirked at her.
“You’re a stupidhead,” she said.
“That’s not good English, you know, Froggy.”
“Don’t call me Froggy, you stupid American.”
He snickered. “It is quiet around here isn’t it?’
“I have nothing to do.”
“Good thing we work for the government. In the private sector they’d lay us off or something.”
Annick sighed sat back in her desk, looking sourly at the inside of the small cubicle.
“I know what we can do,” Patrick said.
“I haven’t said it yet.”
“You always want to do the same thing.”
“But this time I want to do it in on the eighth floor instead of the fifth floor!’
“We’re not doing it on any floor. Go and play with yourself, horny man.”
“Okay, I don’t have to do anything. You can do all the work.”
“How about if I just sit here and stare at your boobs then?”
She rolled her eyes at him and gave him the finger.
American men were children when it came to breasts, she thought. Not that Frenchmen were all that sophisticated either. She made a face, thinking of her last boyfriend from Quebec, the idiot. He was one of the main reasons she’d finally decided to come and live in the US for a while. That and it would improve her English.
Annick was from Quebec, but her parents had had her when they were on a shopping trip to New York, which gave her U.S. citizenship. She’d never had a lot of interest in that before, but getting away from her idiot boyfriend had given her the added nudge to come south and work. Her English was improving rapidly, but she still had a thick French accent at times. Here, they seemed to think that was cute, though.
Of course, Patrick mostly just lusted after her boobs. She didn’t even think they were really very big at all. It was just that she was so petite that they looked bigger than they were. At barely five feet tall, almost any sized boobs would look big. Then again, she thought, they weren’t exactly small either.
They filled out her blouse very nicely, and looked larger than they were because she had a slender chest and very slim waist.
He made a show of staring at her chest, and she crossed her arms over her breasts, but felt a little tingle of excitement all the same.
“You have a really… tight… body,” he said, leaning in and lowering his voice.
“How would you know?”
“I mean your body is small but very – firm looking.”
“Stop staring at my body, pig. I should complain about harassment.”
“You won’t, though. You like me.”
“Think so?”
“I know so,” he said confidently.
“Well I don’t like you well enough to go in the supply room with.”
He grinned and shrugged.
“My idea wasn’t about that, though,” he said. “My idea was we got to a movie.”
She stared at him incredulously. “It’s only twelve-thirty. We don’t get off for three more hours. I’m bored NOW.”
“The boss isn’t here. Half the building is off on vacation. Who’s going to notice if we’re gone for a couple of hours?”
She pointed her finger at a cubicle up the way, where Ronald, another clerk sat. Ronald was more or less in charge when the manager was away.
“He’s too busy browsing the internet. Oooh, wait, I have an idea.”
He went away and she saw him go into Ronald’s cubicle. He came back a couple of minutes later smirking.
“I told him I was going to have to go to Circuit City to buy some more portable hard drives because we’re out and people were asking for them.
“Both of us?”
“I don’t have a car, so you have to drive!”
She shook her head and smiled. “But it takes a lot longer to see a movie.”
“Not necessarily. I didn’t say when we were going. I said sometime this afternoon. So we go now, and he probably won’t notice when we leave so he won’t know when we actually started. Anyway, he doesn’t give a shit.”
“What movie?” she asked doubtfully. “Anyway, I don’t have a lot of money.”
“It’s afternoon matinee! They’re only five dollars. And the Cineplex is only a few blocks away.”
He leaned in close and grinned. “I’ll buy the popcorn!”
They snuck out the back door, then went around the rear and downstairs into the garage where her car was parked. Ten minutes later they were pulling into the Cineplex parking lot when it started to rain.
“Shit,” she said.
They parked and ran inside. Annick’s hair was cut in a punkish look, and the rain couldn’t really do much damage to it. She wore a short, dark, pleated skirt which was also fine. Her blouse was a bit damp, though, but fortunately it wasn’t white. Still, when the cool breeze of the air conditioning hit her she felt her nipples beginning to stiffen inside her bra.
Patrick took her hand and she jerked it back in surprise.
“What are you doing!?”
“This is our first date. Don’t I even get to hold hands?” he asked, grinning.
“This is not a date, you!”
“Aren’t I good dating material?”
He was actually very handsome, she thought, though a little too “cute” for a boy. Still, he had very blue eyes, nice, shaggy blonde hair and a great body.
“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I work with you.”
“So I don’t date people I work with.”
“You’ve had lunch with me lots of time.”
“That’s not a date.”
“Now we’re going to the movies.”
“This is not a date either. Now buy me popcorn, stupid boy,” she said, smirking.
He bought large popcorn, and two small Pepsis which were not very small, and they went into the theatre.
“This must be a crappy movie,” she said. “There’s nobody here.”
“Nobody goes to the movies in the middle of the afternoon in America, except during the summer school holidays.”
They sat up in the balcony, and talked about work, and Chicago, where he was from, and Quebec, and then the lights went down and the movie started with car chases and gunfire.
And Patrick let his fingers caress her thigh just below her skirt.
She rolled her eyes up at him, then brushed his hand off.
He really was kind of cute, though, she thought, and funny, and nice. And he looked like he had a great body, slim, but well-muscled.
A few minutes later, his fingers stroked along her thigh, and danced back before she could do anything. She snorted in amusement.
He tested her again a few times, and she began to feel a sparkle of sexual interest, her chest tightening. His fingers caressed her thigh again, then slid further forward, stroking the soft skin of her inner thigh. She felt little butterflies in her stomach as she anxiously wondered how long she should wait before shoving his hand back.
But she found she didn’t want to shove his hand back. His fingers felt very good there against her thigh, rubbing so lightly, so delicately – and sliding ever so slowly further in beneath her skirt. Her breathing got faster as the fingers crept higher. She looked at him and he looked at her, and it was as if they were daring each other to see who would stop first.
His fingers were stroking lightly right at the edge of her thong now, and then they slipped over her crotch and rubbed her through her panties. Annick felt her clit starting to swell and her pussy lips grew warmer as his fingers rubbed gently against her. She had to turn her eyes away from him, her face flushed, a stupid grin on her face as she rolled her eyes around, looking to see if anyone was close by.
His fingers slid upwards along her slit, up to the top of her thong, and then eased down inside.
She felt a shockwave hit her when his fingers made contact with her clit, and moaned softly. Her legs involuntarily jerked apart, as if her own body was on his side, and the soft pads of his fingers rubbed lightly across her clit, sending warm, pulsing waves of excitement and heat through her body.
She felt herself slumping a little lower, and fought to keep her breathing soft as his fingers eased downward, stroking her slit, and then one of them pushed into her, dipping and swirling around in the small mouth of her tight pussy. She reached for him – or tried to, but found that she was jammed in against the seat, her left arm pinned against the arm of the seat, and when his finger slipped deeper inside her and his thumb stroked against her clit she could hardly think straight, her pussy flooding with moisture and her head rolling back as she gulped in air.
She wriggled back upright, pulling her arms out from where it was pinned, and then reached for him at last, her hand sliding up and down along his thigh, then over his groin to squeeze his bulging erection. She fumbled at his pants and got him unzipped, then reached in and pulled him out of his pants. She wrapped her small fingers around his shaft, pumping them up and down as he rubbed her. He was not too big, thank God, she thought, for she was a tiny thing herself.
She grinned at him, looked around, then turned about and bent over to lick at him. She heard a strangled gasp, and opened her mouth, taking him inside, sliding down the head and shaft, sucking lightly, then licking at the underside of the head. She sucked wetly at him as she felt his hand on her head, and heard his heavy breathing above.
His cock, slick and warm, filled her mouth as she pushed downward, her lips sliding along the shaft as she took his head deep into her mouth. She sucked lightly and bobbed up and down while he made soft, guttural sounds and reached under her to squeeze her breast through her thin blouse.
She pulled out, smirking up at him from under her lashes, holding his cock as she licked long, slow laps up along the sides.
“You’re very… good at that,” he said, panting.
She smirked up at him. “You think?”
She took him into her mouth again, bobbing up and down, sliding her lips further and further down the stiff, slick shaft. She felt the spongy head pushing against the entrance to her throat, and swallowed it, sliding her lips down further as his body jerked and he made a gurgling sound above her.
She slid her lips down all the way, her fingers pulling his fly wider so she could warp her lips around the base of his cock. She slid back up slowly, and just as his head popped back out of her throat he exploded. She felt his juice filling her mouth and she sucked harder, and swallowed it repeatedly, still bobbing and sucking as he groaned and slumped limply in his seat.
“I-It’s good to work for the government,” he panted.
She raised her lips and grinned.
“Do you have other talents I should know about?” he asked breathlessly.
“Lots,” she said.



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