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Prisoners Of The Church

33300 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Aidan was a happy-go-lucky Irish girl while Kendra was a more down-to-earth and serious London office worker. Together they embarked on an ambitious holiday, bicycling across the United States. All went well until they reached a small town in rural Utah, where a strange cult held sway over the citizens. Quickly arrested, charged, and convicted of lacivious and immoral conduct, the two girls find themselves sentenced to a work term for the Church. There they are victimized, beaten, tormented and subjected to the cruelest of humilations and sexual abuse as the Church attempts to mould their exhausted young minds into its own dark image.

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“Tell me again how this is a short cut,” Aidan panted.
“I didn’t think it was this steep a trail,” Kendra gasped, pushing weakly on her bike as they neared the top of the hill.
She grunted and bent forward against the steep angle, her supple legs taking the strain easily as her pert bottom strained against her tight shorts. Her full breasts pulled against the silky bra clinging to her and strained against the thin, damp cotton of her tank top.
Gasping, she continued to push her bike up the dirt trail, loose strands of her dark brown hair escaping her pony tail and matted against her forehead and cheek.
“I could use a stiff one right now,” Aidan grunted in reply.
The lithe young blonde, her body quite similar to Kendra, was clad in an almost identical fashion, save her tank top’s scoop neck was pulled down further by her heavier breasts, showing a gaping cleavage.
“Your stiff ones tend to weigh thirteen stone and take a month of ice cream to get over,” Kendra said.
“Fuck you!” Aidan laughed as they got over the rise at last and were able to rest.
The vista spread out before them was a wide, lovely bowl of a valley with greenery everywhere. There was what looked like a small town off to the west and, somewhat incongruously, a gleaming, modern office building of eight or nine floors overlooking it.
“See? We’re practically there.”
“Practically where? The middle of bloody nowhere?”
The blonde unbound her hair and ran a damp clothe across her face, then combed her fingers through her long blonde hair and tied it back behind her once more.
“Well if you look at the map we’ve saved miles and miles by not taking that long, curving road.”
“And we’re drenched in sweat and exhausted for all of that.”
“Think there’ll be a hostel down there?”
Kendra made a face. “Looks like a small town. Probably not much tourist traffic at all. Likely there’ll be some sort of small hotel, but it won’t be cheap. At least, not like a hostel.”
“How much longer to California?” Aidan sighed, grunting as she lay her bike down and sat down on a low rock.
“I think we’re on the border with Utah. When we reach it we go straight west to Nevada, and after that is California.”
“And the ocean, and beaches,” Aidan groaned, wiping the sweat from her eyes and forehead.
“Come on, let’s get on the bikes. It’s downhill from here.”
“I’ve bloody heard that before,” the Irish girl sighed, getting to her feet.
The two twenty year olds had met in London, where they worked as junior clerks for the city. That was where their mad scheme to bicycle across the United States had come from. They were both athletic girls in good shape who went to the same gym together three times a week. Kendra was London born, while Aidan had traveled there from Belfast looking for work. Neither had ever been to America, but were enthusiastic about adventuring and seeing new places.
They’d known, intellectually, that America was a vast place, but experiencing it up close this past summer had been something else again. It was more of a continent than a country, and they’d been astonished at how different one area could be from another, and how different the people were as well. Overall it had been a wonderful adventure, and they’d had enormous fun along the way.
Their bikes wobbled and bounced a bit as they followed the trail down, but there was a coolish wind in their sweating faces, and they relaxed in comfort as the trail took them further and further down into the valley.
“Oh God, look over there,” Kendra cried, as the two girls spotted the small pond off to one side amid a strand of trees.
Neither needed to discuss it. They detoured off the trail, dismounting and walking their bikes through the brush until they got to the pond.
“It looks clean,” Aidan said as she lay her bike down.
A small stream ran down into the pond from above, and when Kendra cupped her hands and lifted the water it looked fresh and clean.
“It’s cold, though.”
“I could use some cold right now. I’m sweating like a pig.”
They looked around, then, without further discussion, stripped off their shoes and socks, followed by their tank tops, bras, shorts and thongs. Naked, giggling and gasping at the cold, they slipped down into the water, shrieking and calling out to one another as they pushed off into deeper water, and then dove beneath.
The water was frigid, but both girls gloried in it as they dove and twisted around and around, letting it cool their overheated bodies.
“It’s fucking c-cold!” Kendra gasped as she emerged at the edge of some rocks on the far side.
Aidan didn’t answer, but climbed out onto a large rock and groaned as she lay back across it. The rock was smooth and hot, and she let her lithe young body arch back a bit as she molded herself to it. Kendra climbed up beside her, and let her eyes slide over the smooth, glistening skin stretched out beside her. She grinned and let her hand follow her eyes, gliding across the smooth, soft curves of Aidan’s body.
“Slut,” Aidan sighed as the dark haired girl bent and began to mouth a puffy, erect nipple.
“Bitch,” Kendra whispered, her fingers gliding down between the blonde girl’s legs and rubbing gently at her exposed clit.
She was delighted at how soft the young blonde’s skin was, and how calmly she was at accepting Kendra’s attentions. Kendra had been bisexual for years, but Aidan had been firmly straight, not seeing any reason to be otherwise until this trip. Slowly, over the course of the last many weeks, Kendra had won her over, and their nights together in the tent had been far more enjoyable than they might otherwise have been.
Now her hands slid gently and lovingly over those soft curves, gliding across a silken damp layer as she shifted herself around and pushed the blonde girl’s legs further apart.
“Kendra!” Aidan groaned. “We’re out in the open!”
“That’s what makes it so exciting,” Kendra said with a wicked grin.
Her tongue slid up the length of the blonde girl’s tight bare sex and when it found her clit Aidan’s hips rolled up as she gasped in delight.
“You’re so soft and smooth,” Kendra sighed, licking and tonguing the blonde’s pussy.
That had been another adventure. The two of them, in New York, had gotten their pubic hair removed by laser. It had taken more money than they could really have spared, but they had worked odd jobs since then to pay for essentials. And there were always young men willing to buy them drinks and dinners.
“Wait here, little slut,” she purred, turning and darting back to where their bags and clothes were.
Giggling to herself, she opened her rucksack and took out objects which served a dual purpose – and objects which served only one. She hurried back to where Aidan lay, spread-eagled on the warm rock, back arched across its curving surface.
Little slut knows just how hot she looks, Kendra thought with satisfaction.
But she’ll look even hotter in a few moments.
She dropped the things on the ground next to the rock, then quickly picked up a pair of tent ropes and wound them around Aidan’s wrists.
“Kendra!” Aidan moaned in protest, pulling weakly.
“You’re such a kinky slut,” the Irish girl said with a giggle.
“And you love it, slut.”
Aidan giggled again as Aidan tied another pair of tent ropes to her ankles. There were pegs attached to the other ends of the ropes, and she quickly picked up the hammer and stretched each rope taut before pounding the pegs into the ground.
“God!” Aidan moaned, her wrists and ankles drawn well apart, and down towards the ground, her body stretched tautly now across the big rock, big breasts thrust up and out firmly, the nipples rock hard.
“Slut,” Kendra whispered, licking a trail up the blonde’s slender thigh.
Aidan groaned and stared up at the sun as she felt the other girl’s tongue moving closer and closer to her sex, then skimming lightly, teasingly up and down her narrow, shaven slit. She felt it dipping and darting into her again and again as Kendra’s fingers slowly pried her lips apart, then her tongue slipped upwards and circled her clit.
Kendra’s tongue went to work on the Irish girl’s swollen button as her fingers spread the girl’s pussy further apart. She could hear Aidan’s soft moans as she licked harder and faster, her hands sliding up the girl’s body to squeeze and knead her breasts.
With a small smile Kendra slid upwards, licking a trail up onto Aidan’s chest, sucking and gently biting her nipples, then sliding her own firm breasts up across the blonde’s chest and pillowing them against her breasts. Aidan raised her head and their lips came together.
Kendra licked her way back down, sucking and chewing on Aidan’s throbbing nipples so that the blonde girl writhed and arched and pulled against the ropes. Then she slid lower still, licking and sucking at her nipples as Aidan began to gasp and moan and beg her to finish her off.
Aidan took her time, then picked up the strap-on she’d brought and slipped the straps up her thighs. She rose up and then rubbed the hard cock along the blonde’s dripping sex before slowly pushing it into her.
“Ohhh!” Aidan groaned. “Ohhh yeessss! Ohhhh!”
“Cock loving slut,” Kendra whispered, thrusting deep and mashing her breasts against Aidan’s.
“Fuck me! Oh, fuck me, Kendy!”
Kendra ground her hips in a slow circle, then back, taunting and teasing the blonde before she slowly began to work her hips up and down. As Aidan’s body began to quiver and strain with more and more energy she picked up the pace, thrusting hard, deep, even violently, so that the big latex cock rammed up into the Irish girl’s dripping sex.
“Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Yes! God! Ungh! Ungh! Uuuuhhhggghhhhh!” Aidan cried as she came.
Kendra thrust into her, thrilled, excited at the girl’s orgasm, feeling a wave of power and conquest as her slim hips worked in and out and her fingers reached down to stroke the girl’s clit.
“Aghhh!” Aidan gasped, hips bucking frantically.
Kendra thrust hard, then drew back, unclipping the dildo from her harness, thrusting it in by hand as she bent and took the girl’s clit in her mouth. She sucked and licked as she pumped the dildo, her tongue working expertly to keep the twisting, wriggling blonde’s orgasm screaming higher.
The orgasm pitched and rolled, rose and fell, then just as it seemed to be trailing off Kendra sucked furiously on her clit. At first it hurt, but then Aidan felt her hips bucking and the sexual energy surging higher once again. She began to gulp in air desperately as another orgasm tore through her body. Her back arched painfully as her hips bucked and she cried out again and again as another massive orgasm tore through her body and mind.
Finally, it trailed off, leaving her gasping for breath, jaw slack, eyes closed. Kendra licked lazily up and down her body, burying the dildo in her taut little sex and leaving it there as she climbed atop the stone.
“Oh God that was good,” she moaned.
Kendra straddled her body, then climbed forward, until she was straddling her shoulders. Grinning, she slid forward, her knees apart, and brought her sex down against the Irish girl’s mouth.
“Then you owe me,” she said as Aidan’s tongue rose slowly and slipped along her own bare little sex.
“Untie me,” Aidan groaned.
“I like you like this, little girl,” Kendra said, grinding her pussy gently along the other girl’s mouth. “Completely helpless and at my mercy.”
Aidan moaned excitedly as she kissed and licked at the other girl’s clit. She was nowhere near as practiced or expert as Kendra. On the other hand, Kendra was far more aroused and excited at having a beautiful girl performing oral sex on her than Aidan was, and even more aroused when she got to tie the blonde girl down and feel the heat of sexual power.
She groaned and sighed in pleasure as she rode the Irish girl’s face and mouth, back arching, head back, grunting and moaning as she basked in the heat and light of the sun and the heat within her rose to rival them both.
Afterwards, they kissed gently, lazily, their hands kneading and caressing each other until the bright sun. But the stone was nowhere to make love, and they slid off it onto the grass, their legs scissoring, as they positioned themselves to grind their throbbing pussies together.
Their lovemaking was playful now, but relaxed, picking up only as Kendra neared her peak, and her grinding, rolling hips became more frantic with need. She forced Aidan’s leg back further, so the blonde girl groaned at the way she was stretched open, which got their pussies just a little tighter together. Kendra came with a shudder and gurgle of pleasure, and Aidan followed shortly afterwards.
Afterwards they lay, panting, in the grass, side by side.
“You suppose there are any hot guys in that town?” Aidan asked.
Kendra shrugged. She knew the blonde girl felt the need to continually express her preference for men, especially after their lovemaking. She was comfortable with her own bisexuality, though, and felt no need.
Aidan sat up with a sigh, then playfully reached out and slipped a finger through one of Kendra’s nipple rings, tugging sharply.
“Oww!” Kendra slapped her hand away and sat up herself.
That had been another dare, another adventure. The two drunken girls had gotten their nipples pierced in Boston. Kendra was quite taken with the look and feel, but the Irish girl had removed her rings soon afterwards, only wearing them occasionally, to keep the holes from closing up.
“Time to get moving. Else it’ll be dark before we get to that town.”
“It’s not even on my map,” Kendra said, frowning.
They helped each other to their feet and headed around to the other side of the pond. Kendra was the first to feel a sense of alarm.
“Where are the bikes? And the packs?” she demanded, starting to feel a tingling sense of anxiety.
“I think they were – over there,” Aidan said, pointing further along.
“No, I’m sure we left them here!”
Both girls looked around warily now, and proceeded more warily through the brush and bushes towards where Aidan though the bikes might be.
“They’re not there!”
“They have to be around somewhere!”
“And our clothes!?”
The two girls were moving with their arms and hands covering themselves now, heads jerking from side to side as their ears listened fearfully for any sound. And then they heard a sound, a voice calling out from off to the east, in the trees.
“Homos!” it said.
It was young and male, and their faces coloured as they looked at each other. They wanted to turn and run, but without clothes, money or bikes, there was nowhere to run to.
Kendra started to hurry her steps towards where the voice had come from, a hand over her groin, an arm across her chest. Aidan hung back, more fearful of confronting whoever had taken their things while naked.
Kendra reached the edge of the trees, and peered anxiously into them, then tried to work her way around and through the brush which was gathered so thickly there. She gave up hiding her breasts, but kept a hand across her groin as she forced her way through into the woods and looked around anxiously in hopes of finding their gear.
“Give us our stuff back!” she cried. “Please!”
There was no answer, and no sign of their bikes or clothes – or money for that matter.
“Oh my God!” Aidan gasped, joining her. “What do we do!?”
Kendra, for once, had no answer as the two stood red-faced and naked looking around them in helpless indecision.
After a minute Kendra began moving. “It’s probably someone with a sick sense of humour,” she said. “They’ll probably dump our things somewhere nearby. At least our clothes. They’ve no reason to take them.”
“God! Do you think they saw us… doing it!?” Aidan gulped, her face burning at the idea.
Kendra’s mind squirmed at the thought, as well, but there seemed little doubt that their thief had seen something. She pushed aside the shame and embarrassment as she moved gingerly around in ever widening circles, Aidan trailing alongside, both of them looking around with wide and anxious eyes.
“What do we do?! What do we do?! What do we do!?” Aidan moaned.
“We keep bloody looking!”
“They’re not bloody here, are they!”
“They can’t be far!”
“You said that an hour ago!”
“What do you want to do, Aidan? Sit down and cry?” Kendra demanded.
They kept searching, to no avail, as it began to darken. Their stomachs were starting to grumble by this time, and as the light faded from the sky the air began to chill.
“If you’d just have kept your bloody hands to yourself,” Aidan started for the tenth time.
“Oh shut it! You’re not helping!”
“We need to head for that town.”
“What else do you suggest? Maybe we can find a sheet or towel or something on a clothes line and then call the police.”
“Oh that’s bloody lovely. And then what? Call home and beg for money to by knickers!?”
“Do you have a better idea!?”
After hours of walking in the dark the two girls were shivering with cold, scratched, bruised, exhausted and miserable. When they came across a small dark house on the edge of a dirt road they felt a great sense of relief and hope, but there was nothing laying around they could use to cover themselves with except a large piece of dirty cardboard.
“Do you think anyone is even home?” Kendra whispered.
“There’s no car.”
“You wait over there. I’ll try it.”
Aidan was happy to let the dark haired girl knock, and scurried behind some bushes as Kendra, holding the cardboard awkwardly against herself, knocked timidly at the door. “Hello?” she called.
She knocked more firmly, then hammered away at the thin door as pieces of loose, peeling pant floated down.
“I think it’s abandoned,” she said.
She moved over to the window and tried to peer in, but saw nothing. She followed the wall around the corner, and spotted another window, and saw that it was open a crack. With the cold wind picking up she decided to risk it, and found a thin stick to jam into the crack, then forced the window up.
“How are you going to get in?” Aidan whispered, now beside her.
“Get down on all fours and I’ll climb atop you.”



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