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Hot In The City

47900 words

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Erotic Domination - F/F, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Erotica

Erin was a conservative young woman, or thought she was. She'd only ever had sex with one man, her loving, handsome husband Tom. And if their sex life left a little to be desired, well, they were both putting in far too many long hours at the office. But when Tom and his best buddy conspire to seduce her to the wild life she is helplessly aroused, and is soon sleeping with not just another man, but his wife! And that was just the start. This is the story of how an ordinary young woman's routine life turns to one of thrills and wild excitement as she exposes herself - and her body - the pleasures of sensual desire.

Price:  $5.95

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"I think your wife is about to give Neil an early birthday present," Kelly said.
"You think so?"
She stood up and reached for his hand, then pulled him up and after her. They watched Neil disappear into the bathroom and heard his voice. They crept up to the open doorway and peeked around it, and Tom watched with an excitement that shocked him as Neil cupped Erin's breasts in his big hands, watched her sweating face, her eyes narrowed to slits, heard her deep gasps as Neil's hand slipped between her legs.
His cock bulged as he watched his friend's fingers pushing visibly into Erin, pushing through the material, jamming it up into her pussy.
"God!" he whispered, cock threatening to tear through his pants.
He felt Kelly's breasts pushing against his back as she looked over his shoulder. She was excited as well, staring rapturously as her husband pulled Erin's tight dress up.
He bit his lip, gasping, urging Neil on, feeling waves of delicious heat as his wife's beautiful ass was exposed and Neil bent her over. He stared at the sight of her glistening sex and watched, feeling a huge gush of heat as Neil thrust his cock into her.
He felt a small urge to rush in there and throw him off, but most of him was urging him on, his fists clenched as Neil began to fuck his prick into Erin's hot little snatch. He felt Kelly reach around him and slide her hand down the front of his shorts, and almost came in his pants.
Erin was gasping in a soft, excited way, and he couldn't tear his eyes from the sight of Neil rutting into her, from the sound of his hips beating a faster and faster tattoo on her ripe, lewdly displayed ass.
"Harder!" he heard her gasp.
Harder! Harder, he urged silently.
Neil picked up the pace even more, and Erin began to gasp and grunt, pushing her own ass back. He watched Neil slide her dress up higher, baring her heavy breasts, then pull the dress over her shoulders.
He pushed her legs further apart, sliding his hand through her hair, forcing her head up and back. She pushed her upper body up a bit off the counter, her elbows propping her up. Her breasts dangled below her, swinging and jerking in time to Neil's powerful thrusts.
"Fuck her! Fuck her!" he heard Kelly whisper, her voice a low hiss.
"Oh yes! Oh Jesus!" Erin groaned.
One of Neil's hands slid up her side and cupped one of her breasts, squeezing it hard enough to make Tom wince. Yet hard, rough sex was what Erin adored, and she shuddered in pleasure, rolling and bucking her ass back onto his pumping cock.
And then suddenly Kelly was around in front of him, and she was naked. She eased down to her knees and tugged his pants down, exposing his cock. Her hands stroked his balls, then she licked up and down the shaft. The moment her lips took him inside he came, sending a hot, gushing fountain of semen into her mouth.
He didn't soften, however. His eyes remained locked on the sight of his beautiful wife being fucked. Even while a part of him revelled in the soft, wet heat of Kelly's mouth he continued to stare at Erin continued to watch and listen as she went through the throes of pleasure and orgasm at the hands of another man.
He reached down and gripped Kelly's arm, yanking her up and twisting her around. He bent her forward, and pressed his cock against her from behind. She reached between her legs, taking his prick and guiding him inside her.
He could see Erin watching them now, watching in the mirror. And she seemed to tremble just as Kelly did.
"Oh Yes!" Kelly gasped, making no effort to keep silent.
"Oh fuck! Fuck me! Give it to me!"
She was bent over but watching the other two, watching her husband thrusting into Erin, shifting her eyes only momentarily from the sight of his glistening prong sliding into her sheath to meet Erin's own eyes in the mirror.
The two of them groaned as one, thrusting back against the men behind them.
Then Neil halted his pumping, gasping, and he knew the man had spewed his salty load into his wife's snatch. He picked up the pace with Kelly, determined to return the favour. He met Neil's eyes as his friend turned his head.
"Shit! God!" Kelly gasped. She leaned even further forward, her fingers brushing the floor, then began to lower. He followed her down to his knees. And then she was on all fours, turning slightly so she was sideways to the door, not looking at her husband so much as letting him look at her, positioning herself so he would have the best view.
Neil looked on, and Tom felt only a little fear, a little wonder at what the man was thinking, then ignored it, feeling Erin's eyes on him, and moving forward over the kneeling blonde.
He ran his hands up and down her body, sliding beneath to cup her breasts, pumping faster and faster so the sound of his hips striking her ass was loud and obvious. His cock tore back and forth inside her as she gasped and grunted and whined like a whore, rolling her ass and throwing her head up and down.
He slapped her ass and she yelped then humped faster. He slapped again, then gripped her hair like the reins of a horse, grunting as he used her.



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