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The Case Of The Virgin Whore

44220 words

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Erotic Domination - F/F

It was an easy adultery case for Radford. And with his hi powered camera he had no problem getting great pictures of a cheating husband and his lovely mistress. What he hadn't counted on was the gorgeous little nymphet next door doing a strip tease in front of her window, or the killer who tried to drown her in her own tub. The next day two beautiful women marched into his office. The first was the lovely, naive young virgin whose life he had saved, determined to hire him. The second was the sleek, sensuous, and arrogant Alexandra Conroy, a PI hired by the girl's father and determined to keep him away from her.

Radford's tasks were clear. He had to find the hoods trying to kill the girl, and get both his charge and his rival into his bed - preferably together.

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C h a p t e r O n e

The lights inside the apartment were those bright halogen things. Mrs. Morgan had put them in at his request. She'd also sent the curtains out for cleaning, leaving him a perfect view with his 300 power Hoch and Mickler telescope.
He doubted Mr. Morgan would be too worried about the loss of curtains. The apartment was on the fortieth floor and nothing else was nearby. Of course, with the Hoch & Mickler Sean didn't have to be nearby to have a close view of things.
It was a nice looking apartment, luxuriously decorated. The floor to ceiling windows revealed every room to perfection except the bathrooms. So he hoped whatever happened didn't take place in there.
He sat back and rubbed his back, muttering under his breath. It was getting late and he was bored stiff. Surveillance work would put you to sleep faster than almost anything, he thought. Only an economics textbook he'd once had to study came close.
Next to the scope was a small field scope. It was only a foot long and sixty power, but it had great clarity and showed the line of windows along the wall that made up the Morganís' place.
A couple of floors below the Morgans was a brightly lit bedroom and inside it, as he blinked in anticipation, was a young looking brunette standing before her mirror.
She was wearing a dressing gown, but as he watched in delight she opened it and tossed it behind her.
"Whoaaahhh," he whispered, licking his lips.
He turned to the more powerful scope and laboriously shifted it down and sideways until it was fixed on her window, then growled softly.
Her age was hard to guess because the light was mostly behind her. Anywhere from seventeen to twenty five, he figured. She had a slender figure with high, proud breasts, a tiny waist, and slim hips. Her buttocks were trim and perfectly round, like a plump apple.
Her face was a little difficult, but it seemed quite pretty, as well, and her hair fell around her shoulders and halfway down her back.
As he watched she bent over, flipping her hair down, and began to brush it. Her breasts dangled below her, and he licked his lips, feeling his cock stir. He remembered himself suddenly and began snapping pictures with the camera attachment.
She straightened up, tossing her head back, her hair flying back behind her, and he snapped quickly to get her back just at the high point of its arch, those lovely breasts thrusting out perfectly.
Christ, she had a nice set, he thought. He'd seen bigger, but hers looked absolutely perfect for her size. Sleek, he thought, she was sleek - neat, trim and sleek.
He pulled his eye away briefly and checked the smaller scope, checking the Morgan's apartment. Morgan was still sitting in the living room alone watching TV.
Back to the girl.
He watched her brush out her hair, admired the play of muscle below her lovely skin, admired the way she moved, the confidence and freedom it showed.
She finished with her hair and pulled open a drawer, then pulled out a pair of panties. Disappointed, he resigned himself to the end of the performance, then hummed in appreciation as he realized it was a thong she was pulling up her legs, a nice black thong.
He snapped a few more shots of that wonderful round behind with its thong, watched as she danced slowly, seductively, sliding her hands up her body, her fingers through her hair, rolling her hips at her mirror. He snapped picture after picture.
She stopped suddenly, went to her closet, then returned.
She tried on a top, then discarded it, tried another, then another, some midriff baring, some not. He tried to choose with her.
Then came trousers, one after another. Each time she pulled on a pair she'd sway and grind her hips in front of the mirror, sometimes sliding her hands up her body and through her hair.
It was a great show for what he'd paid.
Sloane examined herself in the mirror, frowning, then bit her lower lip as she peeled the tank top up and off. It still wasn't the right image, not the look she was going for.
She sighed and examined herself in the mirror, putting a coy look on her face. She began to sway slowly, rolling her hips. She wondered what it would be like to be a stripper, and imagined a crowd of men watching, whistling, urging her on.
She cupped her high, firm breasts, letting her tongue slide along her lips, smiling at her unseen audience. She remembered the strip club she'd been in with Tommy last month, how sexy the girls on the stage looked, how she'd envied them.
She remembered the blonde, remembered watching her squatting at the edge of the stage, spreading her knees wide. It had been shocking, and arousing.
She hated the fact that she was a virgin. All her life she had been under her father's close supervision, going to strictly regimented, all-girl private schools, most of them heavily religious.
But she'd had a final fight with her father this spring when he'd proposed a very chic, very religious, all-girl university in Alabama. She hadn't been allowed to go to UCLA like she'd wanted, but at least Crawford University was Co-ed, and had a somewhat more open campus and philosophy.
She turned her back to the mirror, grinding her perfect buttocks towards it, then peeling her thong down to bare herself, just like she'd seen that stripper do.
She was so protected that going to the strip club was the most shocking, eye-opening sexual experience of her life. And if her father ever found out Tommy would be dead meat.
She remembered how he'd slipped his hand into her shirt and squeezed her breasts, how her nipples had burned and sizzled as his fingers found them, and how her loins had throbbed with desire as his hand squeezed her through her panties.
It had all been so... stunning, so high above anything she'd ever experienced before. She had almost given him her virginity then and there. The only thing that had stopped it had been his parents returning home early from a movie. She'd had to scramble out the back way carrying her blouse and bra and with her pants undone.
But she'd have her own room soon, and be around college men, men who knew what to do with a woman like her, how to make them sing in pleasure.
She dropped the thong to the floor and stepped out of it, moving in time to the music, turning to her mirror again as her small hands slipped down her body. She cupped her sex with both hands, moaning softly, rolling her head in pleasure.
She felt the hard little bump at the top of her sex and slipped her finger along it, rubbing slowly, moving her finger in a circular motion as her breathing came faster and hotter.
She stepped back further, turning and looking at the window with a grimace. It wasn't worth closing the curtains at this height, and it added a small thrill. Even though she was sure nobody could be watching there was the chance someone was.
She felt the foot of her bed against the backs of her legs and sat down, spreading her legs wide as she continued to rub at her clitoris. She felt her moisture seeping out, and ran her fingers up and down her cleft as she lay back.
She moaned and rolled in her bed, arching her back as her fingers moved faster and faster along her pink cleft, her mind filled with thoughts of men watching her, men getting hard and horny at how beautiful and sexy she was.
She eased the tip of one finger into her tight tunnel, pumping it in and out, sliding it deeper, until it pressed up against that small bit of skin which blocked deeper access - her cherry. She groaned, wanting to break through, yet wanting to save herself, to feel a cock breaking her hymen.
She twirled and stroked her fingertip, jabbing against her cherry dangerously, her excitement mounted as her other fingers whipped feverishly across her swollen clitoris. Her fingers moved faster, and she gasped and groaned as the sexual electricity charged her body.
She writhed, partly for whoever might be watching (though she knew no one was), wanting to give them a lewd sight, pretending she had an audience just like that stripper, an audience of men, some gorgeous, some nasty, some slovenly and drunk, all staring at her hot little pussy as she fingered and stroked herself.
She imagined a cock sliding into her, a big pink cock thrusting high into her pussy. Tonight, she thought. Tonight Tommy is going to do it to me.
Images filled her mind, sweeping by one after another, Tommy above her, Tommy behind her, under her, Tommy's cock thrusting into her again and again.
The electricity built up higher and harder, until her hair seemed to be standing on edge, until her insides were churning and twisting and her mind was consumed by lust and heat.
She had almost reached the peak, and felt the rising tide of pleasure that always slightly scared her. She knew that as she was now she had no control over herself, none at all. If a man walked in that door now she would beg him to use her, no matter how nasty or crude he was.
She would do anything with the pleasure gripping her in its tight fist. Nothing mattered but the pleasure. Nothing mattered but reaching her climax.
And then she did, crying out her pleasure, arching her back again and again as she jammed her fingers against her sex and whipped them across her burning clitoris. She felt her body spasming and shaking, felt the pleasure roaring in her skull, bathing her in its fiery ecstasy.



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