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Kyle`s Girls

31300 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Kyle was punk. And so were his friends. They begged for money on the street, shoplifted, and did drugs. But one day Kyle discovered any easier way to make a lot of money. He videotaped a little drug induced threesome featuring a pretty blonde girl and posted it on the internet. People offered him money for more, and the darker and nastier the video, the more they offered. So Kyle began to offer up free drugs to some of the more photogenic girls he knew, mixing up drugs designed to make them as helpless and agreeable as possible while he used and abused them before the camera. Chrissie was a pretty blonde who worked in a fast food restaurant. Amy was a big-chested brunette Goth with an attitude. But with enough of his drugs slipped into their drinks they became unknowing actresses in his nasty bondage and abuse videos. Pliable, suggestible, and helpless, they were soon as obedient as dogs, and that was how he treated them, and all the other young women he lured into his crumbling home.

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Chapter One

“Hey, can I get a light?”
Kyle smiled boyishly, and the girl smiled back and held out her lit cigarette. He pressed his against it, drawing in a deep breath, and then straightened and gave her an appreciative look.
She was worth it. Even in the dull brown fast-food uniform she was required to wear she clearly had a nice body, and her blonde hair, though pulled back into an untidy bun, looked long and silken. She was pretty, too, and Kyle let himself imagine both his hands on those fine looking tits and her pouty lips wrapped around the shaft of his cock.
“So you like working here?” he asked with a grin.
She snorted disdainfully. “It’s a job.”
She was on her break, apparently, leaning against the rear door of the McDonald’s restaurant.
“I’m thinking of having dinner here,” he said. “Can you recommend a particularly fine dish? What is the chef’s specialty?”
She laughed, and he grinned with her, wondering if she deep throated.
He was slim hipped, a good looking young man, with a smooth, easygoing air about him. So he’d never really had much trouble getting the bitches, as he thought of them. And this bitch looked to be an ideal target. She didn’t know him from Adam, and he was rarely in this neighbourhood either. He’d only come to check out the computer equipment at a pawn shop across the street.
“I’m sure it must be really exciting, learning so much about the preparation of food,” he said.
“Oh yeah, real exciting. I may skip college entirely and make this my career. Maybe in a few years I could be junior manager.”
“Could your heart stand the thrill, though,” he wondered.
“I don’t know, but it’s worth the risk, y’know.”
“Speaking of thrills,” he said, drawing a flyer from his pocket and handing it to her.
“Gonna be a really wild party. Lots of cool people. If you’ve got any energy left after your long, hard labour shovelling shit into people’s mouths, drop by and have some fun. Maybe we’ll even meet up again,” he said, giving her his most charming grin.
She examined the flyer and smiled back. “Yeah, maybe,” she said.
He winked and passed by her. It had only taken a minute to hand out the flyer, and he’d done it a dozen times so far that day. He was sure most of them would throw it away, but hopefully he’d get a few new bitches to the party, and then he could have some fun.
“Hey,” he said as he walked away, “What’s your name?”
“Christine,” she said, then grinned. “Chrissie.”
He winked and waved. Maybe he’d get the bitch, maybe not. It didn’t really matter. There were lots of bitches out there, all of them eager to spread their legs or bend over for a good looking guy who knew how to flatter them.
* * * * *
It was an old building, and the apartments weren’t nearly as efficient with space as the newer ones. It had a large living room, a decent sized kitchen, and two good-sized bedrooms. And the fact his grandfather had rented it for forty-two years meant that, with rent control, he was paying a ludicrously small amount to stay there. And it was all his – well, until the landlord found out his grandfather was dead. Then he’d be booted out on his ass and the rent jacked up to four or five times what he could afford.
Windows ran all along one wall of the living room, nearly floor to ceiling. The view wasn’t anything to write home about, but he couldn’t complain. The kitchen and dining room were next to the living room, and past them, down a long hallway lined with bookshelves, was the bathroom, and then the two bedrooms. It was really quite luxurious, and far, far above anything Kyle could have afforded.
The paint was peeling in a number of places, and the plaster cracked and broken. The wiring wasn’t the best, and the plumbing had problems. But that was okay. None of it was worth risking a call to the building super and putting on an act that his grandfather was out playing poker or something. He just kept it dark, then nobody noticed.
Besides, his friends preferred it dark – not entirely dark of course. Black and purple lights and the occasional flash from a disco ball lit the room so that people wouldn’t walk into each other – much – as they moved around, and could, with some difficulty, identify the liquids and other items they were consuming.
The noise was overwhelming, heavy metal blasting from the stereo speakers in all four corners. Sickly sweet smoke wafted through the room, all but obscuring the ceiling high overhead. The living room was large, and it was jammed with bodies. The centre of the room was all writhing, thrashing, twisting limbs and torsos as couples danced to the music. The chairs and sofas lining the sides were occupied by a different kind of writhing and thrashing, the couples there much more into each other than the music.
It was hard to see much given the light and smoke, but Kyle was keeping his eye on new arrivals, on fresh meat, and the cute blonde with her blood red shirt and black pants certainly caught his eye. He had no idea who she was, but she’d come alone, and he eased through the crowd with practiced ease as she looked around in some bewilderment at the dark, noisy mass.
As he got closer Kyle felt a purr of satisfaction, recognizing her as the McDonald’s girl. She looked a lot cuter with her hair down, and his smile was not feigned as he greeted her. “How you doing, beautiful?” he yelled in her ear.
“Hey,” she yelled back. “This is some party.”
“Isn’t it? Come on, let’s get you a drink.”
He put his hand against her back and guided her through the mob over to the kitchen, where he reached into the back of the fridge for a bottle of beer, twisting the top to open it and then pouring it into a glass for her. It was a little brighter in the kitchen than elsewhere, but not enough for her to see the powder in the bottom of the glass before the beer dissolved it.
It was his own concoction, not simply GHB, but a weaker version of that combined with a drug which would make her extremely thirsty.
“So, you’re in college, huh?” he asked, his voice raised to be heard over the pounding music.
“Not yet,” she said, having to shout back. “I hope to go in the fall if I can make enough money this summer.”
* * * * *
Wendy was nineteen and out to explore the world. Granted, a job as a junior clerk for the city was no bit adventure, but it paid enough to get by, and she was just getting started after all. It also gave her time to relax, and party, and this was Thursday. She could party, stay out late, and make it through tomorrow because it was Friday. She had her own place now, too; well, one she shared with a roommate, so no one was going to bug her about staying out late.
It was a little risky, coming to a party like this given by strangers, but she wanted something thrilling, something new and adventurous, and there were tons of people around, so what could happen anyway…
Wendy sighed as she sat down. Her legs were aching. It was the damned high heels. She’d never worn heels as high as this, but Karen had sworn they would make her legs look incredible with her white mini, and she’d been right. Not that it really mattered. The place was so dark it was hard to see anything but the drifting smoke swirling around their heads from all the grass people were smoking.
The music was great, though, incredibly loud too. Even here in the bathroom it was shaking the walls. It was a wild party – wilder than any other she’d been to. She’d drunk too much, though, she thought, and was more than a little woozy as she started to urinate. She really should look Karen up again so they could get out of here. It was after one and she had work tomorrow afternoon.
She didn’t hear the door open so much as feel the change in air, and looked up, blinking her eyes, to see the large black man moving through the door.
She gasped in shock, and jerked her legs closed. “Occupied!” she shouted over the pounding rhythm of the heavy metal.
He closed the door – behind him, and advanced on the toilet. For a moment Wendy was frozen in shock. Did he not see her?! And then he leered at her and grabbed her glossy brown hair, jerking her head up and back as he unzipped his fly.
“Hey white girl,” he said. “You wanna give me a little suck?”
“No! Don’t! Let go!” she gasped.
Then she saw the knife in his hands, saw it slide in under her throat, and froze in sudden terror.
“You giving me trouble, bitch?” he drawled.
He pulled his cock out, fat and black and hanging from his fist, but it hardened even as she stared at it; then he jerked her head forward, moving his body forward so he straddled the toilet, and thrust his cock into her open mouth.
“Suck it, whore,” he growled.
The music pounded at her and her hands slapped helplessly against his thighs as he moved in further. Her head was forced back across the top of the toilet tank as he stared down at her from so high above, and then he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth and she choked, and gagged, her body thrashing and twisting beneath him as he drove himself into her very throat.
She gagged violently, writhing and twisting, and he eased himself back a little, his fat cock sliding out of her aching throat.
“Suck it, slut,” he snarled.
Coughing, still gagging, Wendy sucked as best she could. She could hardly breathe, and tears filled her eyes as he twisted his fingers in her hair and forced her further up the length of his shaft.
“Lazy, fucking white whore,” he said. “Black girls know how to suck cock right.”
He pushed his cock deeper into her throat, pulling on her hair, forcing her down the length, and she gagged again as he entered her throat. He laughed at her, spreading his legs, straddling the toilet again, leaning in against her. He gripped her head and hair in both hands now as he bent her back across the toilet tank once more, and drove his fat hard cock right down her throat.
Her legs flailed and jerked and her hands slapped and clawed helplessly at his backside, at the backs of his legs, but to no avail. He grunted with pleasure and leaned into her, leaned downward, forcing her lips even further up his shaft until her face was actually jammed in against his groin, the denim of his jeans mashing her lips and nose painfully.
“Swallow my meat, slut,” he snarled.
Wendy was sure she was going to die. She ran out of breath, out of oxygen. Her face turned red, her skull pounded violently and her chest burned. The room swayed around her, and then he pulled back and she coughed violently, gasping for breath as he fisted his stiff black cock, and then sprayed his seed into her face.
He chuckled in amusement as he released her, letting her sprawl back against the back of the toilet. His cock dangled softly out of his fly, but he made no effort to put it back. Instead he bent over, gripped her top, and tore it open.
Wendy, who had had a fleeting, desperate thought that it was over, that he had finished and would leave her, whimpered in new shame and fear as he pawed and groped her breasts through her dainty bra. Then he grabbed it and yanked forcefully enough to raise her off the seat, pulling her to her feet.
“Let’s see the milkers, bitch,” he said, tearing her blouse off and undoing her bra.
“Please,” she sobbed. “Let me go!”
He laughed and spat in her face, then tore her bra open; his big hands clawed at her breasts. Wendy cried out in pain and he backhanded her, sending her sprawling back against the door. She twisted frantically, grabbing at the handle, but he caught at her hair from behind and yanked her away from the door, flinging her into the sink cabinet. She collapsed, gasping, and a big hand on the back of her head bent her over even as another hand was thrust up under her short skirt to roughly squeeze her pussy.
He tore off her panties and then undid the belt around her mini and pulled it away. Wendy whimpered and struggled feebly, to no avail, as he stripped her entirely naked but for the high heels and then twisted her hands together behind her back, crossing her wrists.
“Keep them like that!” he barked, slapping the back of her head.
Terrified and bewildered, Wendy obeyed, then felt something – her thin belt, wrapped around her wrists and yanked tight.
He twisted the belt around them again, and then again, and tied it off, before grabbing her by the hair and yanking her up and back away from the cabinet.
“On your knees, bitch,” he ordered, pushing down on her head.
She all but fell to her knees, and sobbed fearfully as she looked up at him, towering above her.
“Suck cock,” he growled, rubbing his flaccid black prick across her face, smearing his own semen into her pale skin.
She licked at it tentatively, then mouthed the tip as he growled and yanked on her hair. She sucked harder, sliding her lips down the fat, spongy cock, sucking and licking at it as he stood arrogantly above her, sneering down.
Someone knocked on the door, and his big fist pounded back as he shouted “Fuck off!”
There wasn’t a second knock, and she continued to suck on his rapidly hardening cock as he leered down at her.
“You like nigger cock, bitch?” he shouted. “I bet you do. This is like a fucking dream come true for you, ain’t it!”
He shoved his cock deeper into her mouth and she gagged again, twisting, trying to pull free, but he only laughed, putting his big hands behind her head and pulling her forward.
Wendy gagged and choked as he went down her throat again, as he pulled her head remorselessly forward until her face was jammed against his groin once again and his cock was lodged deep in her aching, spasming gullet. He didn’t keep his cock there long, but pulled out within seconds. Wendy gagged and coughed and cried out as he pulled hard on her soft hair, forcing her to her feet. Then he shoved her against the sink counter, bending her over.
“Spread your legs, bitch!” he growled.
He slapped her bottom with a sharp crack of stinging pain, and Wendy cried out, obeying, her legs spreading wide. She was gulping in air, hyperventilating out of terror and misery as she felt him rubbing his spit-wet cock up and down against the soft, tight mouth of her sex. He spit down on his hand and she cried out as his fingers pressed cruelly against her, forcing their way into her body.
He pushed them deep, and she clenched her teeth against the pain as he pumped them in and out, then he pulled them free, slapped her bottom stingingly again, and pressed the fat nose of his cock against her.
Wendy sobbed miserably as she felt herself spread wider and wider, and then cried out as he forced himself into her. She ached, she hurt, and he was far thicker than the few cocks she’d had in her life. She could do nothing, however, as the sharp edge of the counter ground against her thighs and he forced his cock deeper and deeper into her aching pussy.
There was another loud pounding on the door, and he pounded back again and shouted “Fuck the hell off!”
He slapped her head and shouted “Shut up, bitch!” then yanked on her hair and thrust harder.
Wendy sobbed and gasped and made choking sounds as she tried to silence herself, and his cock jabbed and punched and shoved deeper and deeper, and still achingly deeper into her pussy. She gulped in air as he pulled back and thrust forward again, pushing and pulling, working his cock in and out, tearing open her burning, aching pussy for his fat black cock.
Wendy could do nothing but wait for it to end, and pray he didn’t kill her. Like every other girl she had imagined being raped one day, but hadn’t imagined it quite like this. She whimpered dazedly as his hips slapped against her upraised buttocks, as his fat cock rammed into her belly again and again, as her aching sex swallowed him repeatedly, and the nose of his cock punched deep into the back wall of her pussy.
He grabbed her hair, forcing her head up and back, and a fat hand went under her chest to roughly grope her breast. Then he slapped her ass again, laughing, working his hips in and out faster and harder.
Wendy prayed he would finish soon, but he just kept on thrusting and thrusting, his hands pulling at her hair and groping her breasts and slapping at her pale bottom as he used her.
There was another knocking at the door, and again he slammed his big fist into it. “Get the fuck out of here!” he shouted over the music.
“Hey Leon, that you!?” came another loud shout.
“Fuck,” he muttered, but then he pulled out of her and turned, opening the door a little, peering around it.
“Yo, man,” he said.
Wendy straightened, sniffling, clutching her hands across her chest, turning and reaching for her clothes.
Then he had grabbed her by the back of the hair and yanked her up and back towards him. Another black man entered the living room, closing the door behind him, and Wendy’s face flooded with even greater humiliation as he leered at her.
“Sup, ho?” he asked.
He moved past her and stood before the toilet while the other man twisted her around and forced her to bend over the counter again. He kicked her knees apart, and then thrust into her painfully hard while the second man urinated.
“Who the bitch, man?” the second man asked as the one behind thrust in and out.
“Some ho I found,” the other said casually.
“Man, gimme a piece of that white pussy.”
“Sure, brother.”
Wendy gasped and grunted and moaned as he rammed into her from behind, the fresh humiliation of the second man watching now giving way to further despair as she started to understand that the second man, too, would rape her.
The second man shook his cock and grinned.
“Man, turn her around and let her suck me off.”
“I gots a better idea, man.”
She cried out as her hair was pulled and he was again forced upright.
“C’mere, bitch,” the man said.
He sat down on the toilet, and turned her back to him.
“Come back, sit down on my cock, bitch.”
He drew her hips back and Wendy whimpered anew as he pulled her downwards onto his cock. She cried out as she felt the fat nose pressing against her aching pussy, but had no choice as he pulled her back further. She shuddered and sobbed as his cock pierced her, impaling her, and she sank down onto it, feeling it sliding up painfully deep in her super tight pussy.
The second man moved forward, grasping her hair and pushing his cock against her mouth.
“Move your ass, slut!” the first one said, slapping her and twisting his fist in her hair.
Wendy was forced upwards, working her legs frantically, gasping and gurgling around the other man’s cock as he pushed it deeper, threatening to choke her. She sucked desperately on him as the man behind pulled her back down and his cock impaled her once again.
With slaps, pinches and hair pulls to get the message across what they wanted, she began to ride his cock, working her leg muscles as she straddled him, riding up and down on his cock as she sucked on the other. She was dazed by all this, shocked, moaning in terror and disbelief, still feeling waves of embarrassment as the two men pawed and groped her body, fondling her breasts and calling her names.
Just let it end, she thought desperately. Let it end without my getting killed or anything!
The man before her pulled her forward, forcing her mouth up his cock, gagging and choking her as it went down her throat. She twisted and writhed, but they easily kept control of her, and the other man grabbed her hips, jerking her up and down on his own hard cock.
“Ah yeah man, fuck! Fuck!” he gasped. “Yeah. Ungh!”
His cock softened inside her, and he relaxed his grip on her hips. The other man jerked her forward by the hair and she stumbled and went to her knees. He pulled cruelly on her long brown hair and she cried out in pain, almost lifted off her knees by the force, raised up and then shoved belly down across the sink cabinet again.
“Fucking whore,” he said, spreading her legs.
Wendy moaned dazedly. Her pussy ached and burned but she prepared herself to be raped again. Instead, the man opened the mirror cabinet above the sink. He took down something, and a moment later he pressed his fingers against her anal opening. She whimpered and moaned as his fingers, covered in some kind of slick, slippery cream, were forced into her ass.
“Please,” she whimpered, the sound barely audible over the pounding stereo.
“Fuck that ho, man!” the first man said with a big grin.
Wendy gritted her teeth as the man’s fingers pushed deeper into her anus, twisting and turning inside her. They retreated, and then his cock pushed against her there.
She sobbed pitifully as the pain mounted, as her anal opening burned. But the big black man would not be denied, and he forced his thick log of a cock deep into her bottom and began to rut against her, groping her breasts and pulling her hair as he rammed his cock in and out of her tight hole.
She cried out in pain and felt a big hand on the back of her head, jamming her face into the wall as the pounding continued, the big cock thrusting deep into her bowels, his hips ramming against her helpless buttocks, grinding her thighs against the corner of the cabinet. She gulped in air with a sob as the pain mounted, and the men laughed to each other behind her.
Then the hand pushing on the back of her head gripped a fistful of hair instead. She was pulled up and backwards, stumbling, gasping weakly as he forced her back to arch.
He shifted his grip, and the other man leered at her. The man behind gripped her wrists in a steel hard grip and lifted them back and then up, forcing her to bend over as the man in front of her grabbed her hair. Then she felt her anus being penetrated again by that hard, thick cock as the man before her pushed his own cock into her mouth.
“Suck it, whore,” he growled.



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