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The Challenge

32989 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Cody and Jamie have a great sex life, but lately he's been introducing bondage and dominance games, and Cody finds herself become more aroused and more sexually alive than at any time in her life. And then Jamie challenges her to spend a few days as his sex slave. She is so turned on by submission and bondage that he tells her he can turn her into his sex slave for real, because that is what she wants to be. Independent minded Cody laughs at his challenge. For aside from sex she is no pushover. But Cody's lithe, athletic body betrays her, and the dark hungers of her own fantasies soon conspire to help Jamie in breaking down Cody's resistance and turning her into a creature of sex, lust and submission. Soon it isn't only Jamie who can dominate her at sex. Anyone can, and she finds herself surrendering to the sexual will of strangers on the street, as well as her own boss.

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“I'd like you to be my sex slave, please.”
“Yeah, okay.”
Cody slipped a handful of popcorn out of the bowl and popped them into her mouth.
“I'm serious.”
“Uh huh.”
They were watching a movie, sitting on the leather sofa. Cody was sitting sideways, propped against some pillows at one end, her long legs extended along the length of the sofa, her feet laying in his lap. Jamie had been occasionally caressing or teasing her feet as the mood struck him.
“You like being tied up.”
In fact, they had been doing more and more bondage to their lovemaking over the past month, and adding in some dominance games, as well. Cody, an otherwise confident, even aggressive young woman had found the experiences wildly exciting.
Not that she hadn't always enjoyed sex. She had. She was a girl who orgasmed quite readily, with or without the help of men. Highly sexual, she had found the experience of being bound focused her mind on the physical pleasure Jamie was giving her, allowing her mind to abandon all other concerns – since she wasn't capable of doing anything anyway – and just absorb the physical sensations.
The sensation of helplessness wasn't exactly physical. It was psychological, and yet it did something to her mind that had her chest tight, breathing ragged and lower belly thrumming hungrily before Jamie even touched her.
Jamie had only recently started to introduce dominance as well, mostly through words, nasty words, wicked words, dirty words, outrageous words, exciting words. He had also started to pull on her hair a little, slap her ass a lot, pinch her nipples, and even lightly slap her cheeks. Depending on how impassioned she was at a given time the physical and psychological stimulation could boost her excitement to incredibly intense levels.
“You want me to call you master?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.
A slow grin spread across his face, becoming increasingly broad.
“Bite me... master.”
“Bad girls get spanked, you know, when they talk back to their masters.”
She snorted, but felt a hot little twinge between her legs as she plucked more popcorn from the bowl.
Then again, the thought of doing the nasty with Jamie always excited her. He had a handsome face with bright green eyes, short brown hair and sensual mouth over a square cut jaw. More importantly he had an incredibly fit body, firm, tight, tanned, with perfectly outlined pecs and a washboard stomach. It was a body just the right side of being muscular, cut, but not bulging.
And she was almost as much in love with his cock, thick, and ten inches when aroused. Both of them shaved – she actually having had laser hair removal, and the sight of that beautiful cock pushing into her was almost as exciting as feeling it.
“I bet you would find it wild,” he said.
“Uh huhhhh,” she said skeptically.
In fact, Jamie often tried to dominate her outside of bed. He was a cocky, type-A personality who could sometimes be a little controlling. At twenty-two Cody wasn't into being pushed around, even by a gorgeous man six years her senior who outweighed her by seventy pounds. Whenever he pushed her too much she resorted to “Brat” behavior, as he called it, becoming impudent, disrespectful, sticking her tongue out, flipping his papers over, tossing his clothes into the sink, and generally getting the message across that if he wanted to act like her daddy she'd act like a spoiled brat.
She reached for the popcorn and he snatched the bowl away.
“Say please, master.”
She snorted and gave him the finger.
“Do you want a spanking?”
“Do you want a kick in the nuts?”
He grinned, then quickly grabbed her ankles, then twisted, forcing her to roll onto her belly.
“Hey! Let go! Asshole!”
Roughhousing and wrestling was routine for them. Cody almost always lost but she liked it anyway. She writhed and twisted, trying to kick free of his grip, but he pinned her legs with his left arm while reaching out and grabbing her by the belt with his right. Cody squealed as he yanked her bodily up and back so she fell across his lap, her legs half bent beneath her.
He released them and yanked her by the belt again, dragging her up across his lap so her butt was in the air and her upper body was hanging over the opposite arm of the chair.
“Let go! Pig! Bully! Dick!”
His hand cracked down on her bottom, and heat flared beneath her tight jeans.
“Oww! Prick!
“Let me hear you say Jamie is my God.”
“Jamie is a goddamn retard!”
His hand cracked down on her bottom again and again she yelped. It hurt, but she was getting excited regardless. She yelped and reached back, trying to push his hands away as they undid her jeans and began tugging them down. He pried her fingers free carefully, then pinned her wrists together behind her back and worked the jeans down her long, kicking legs.
“Now this is a pretty sight,” he said, admiring the soft, golden skin of her bottom.
He slapped it sharply and she yelped again.
“You have a nice ass,” he said, kneading her buttocks casually.
“You are an ass!”
He chuckled, then threw his right leg over her upper legs, pinning her against his left leg as he abandoned her arms and instead tugged her t-shirt up. She struggled to keep it down, twisting and pulling until after considerable effort he had her arms pinned in front of her and was able to work the t-shirt over her head and shoulders.
Cody was a bit of a jock, athletic, fit and well-toned, and had a gorgeous body to go with her long blonde hair and slim, beautiful face. Unlike Jamie, there were no muscles to be seen unless she flexed her arms or legs. But they were there under the downy skin, and her skin contrasted beautifully with the lacy black thong and bra.
She kicked and twisted and managed to turn herself over. Jamie concentrated on controlling her arms as she bucked and twisted, and got her wrists back into what was becoming a familiar pose with them, pulling them down behind her neck, crossing them there and pinning them with one hand. He wrapped a thick chunk of hair in with them, thus controlling her head as well, and bent her backwards.
“Hmmm,.” he said admiring her breasts thrusting out against the thin lace bra.
He adjusted her body, easing up on her legs a little, pulling her up so she was sitting up across his lap, back arched, head and shoulders forced back.
His hand caressed her taut belly and slid down along her bare hips. The thong was a tiny V of black silk between her legs, and his fingers cupped her there, squeezing softly, his fingers rubbing her through the fabric. Her bra matched, black silk along the bottoms of the cups, see-through lace along the top, and plenty of bare breast pushing out above.
“You ma beeaatch,” he purred.
At the moment, she kind of was, Cody thought breathlessly, so didn't bother to answer. She tried to control her reaction so as to not give him even more of a smug, self-satisfied air, tried to show no reaction as his hand mover over her, caressing her every curve. But when he slid his fingers down into her tiny thong and she felt them probing against the lips of her sex she couldn't repress a moan of excited pleasure.
A lot of good looking men weren't that good in bed. They had no trouble getting women, and those women rarely had the nerve to tell a man he was a lousy lay. Jamie knew his way around a female body, though, and his fingers expertly caressed her pussy as she felt a swelling heat down there. By the time he actually deigned to touch her clit she was sopping wet and her body was trembling with need.
He tugged back a little more on her hair, forcing her head further back, her chest pushing out more.
“Uhng! L-Let me go!” she moaned.
“Say, please master,” he teased.
She shuddered. “Please, master!”
“No, I don't think so.”
Two fingers slowly penetrated her, circled around the mouth of her sex, then began to push firmly through the moist folds of her overheated pussy.
Cody moaned helplessly, her hips jerking up against his fingers as her pussy spasmed..
She was bowed back now, not truly sitting, more like half laying across the left arm of the chair, with her legs spread for balance.
Jamie popped the clip between her bra cups and the cups flew apart. His fingers gripped one of her nipples delicately, rolling it back and forth, then pinching lightly. His hand widened, fingers spreading as he squeezed her taut breast. Then his fingers returned to her pussy as he bent and she felt his mouth over the center of her breast.
A third finger pushed into her body and she twisted and moaned as his tongue lapped at her nipple. Her wrists were still pinned behind her neck, her head still forced up and back across the arm of the chair so that she couldn't even see him any longer.
“Are you my slut?” he purred.
His fingers stilled within her and she tried to grind herself up against them.
“Yesssss,” she moaned.
“Say it, slut.”
“I'm your slut!” she groaned, excitement spiraling up within her.
“Say, I'm Jamie's slut.”
“I'm Jamie's slut!” she gasped.
His three fingers pushed deep into her dripping pussy, and now his thumb came down against her clit, rubbing from side to side.
“Oh fuck!” she gasped.
The muscles of Cody's belly stood out as her body began to undulate, her hips working up and down with growing excitement against his fingers.
He chuckled and pulled back, then tugged the thong down and off. Cody didn't resist, spreading her legs wide when the thong came off.
He didn't touch her, though. Instead he had her sit up and then ran his fingers delicately over her body, caressing and stroking, squeezing and massaging, enjoying the tactile pleasure of her downy skin against his fingertips.
“Jamieee,” she moaned in complaint.
He yanked back harder on her hair and she gasped in pain as her back arched.
He pinched her nipples lightly, then harder so she squirmed and gasped “Don't!”
He chuckled, then rolled her over and gripped her arms, pulling them out and then back behind her. Cody didn't resist as he drew her arms back against her lower spine and pinned her wrists together. He then reached down and pulled his belt out of the loops of his pants and looped it around her arms. He released her wrists and pulled the loop tight, and she groaned as her elbows were forced back together.
He hummed softly, working the belt through the buckle and locking it in place. Then he rolled her over again, gripping her hair firmly, pulling on it to force her to sit up and slide backwards so she was once again bent back across the arm of the chair.
“Jammieee,” she moaned.
“Are you Jamie's slut?”
“I already said I was,” she groaned.
“Say it again.”
He gripped a fat nipple and pinched it.
“Say it.”
He pinched the nipple harder, twisting it from side to side, and she yelped.
“All right! I'm Jamie's slut!” she cried.
He released her nipple, and licked his finger, then slid it across her clit so that she groaned and her hips rolled up against him.
“Say it again,” he said.
“I'm Jamie's slut,” she gasped.
Again he stroked his finger across her clit.
“Again,” he said.
Every time she said it, he stroked his finger across her clit, and before long she was writhing and twisting, her hips grinding against him as she said it again and again and again, without pause, her voice halting, breaking, filled with heat and need.
“I'm Jamie's slut! I'm Jamie's slut! I'm Jamie's slut! I'm Jamie's slut!”
The climax overcame her and she cried out, her hips pushing up frantically against his stroking fingers as her head jerked from side to side.
Jamie kissed her and stroked her forehead and breast, then stood up, carrying her in his arms. He walked down the hall and into the master bedroom, carefully climbing into bed and setting her in the middle.
Cody groaned limply, and didn't make any attempt to resist as he rolled her over and removed the belt. He rolled her back and positioned her arms up towards the corner posts of the bed, then tied them there with soft rope. He wrapped another rope around the lower post, drew her ankle to him and tied it in place.
“What are you doooing?” she groaned.
“Whatever I want. You're my slut, after all.”
“I'm not a slut,” she grumbled.
“Sure you are. You said you were. You're a slut. My slut.”
She made a face, and when he moved around the bed and reached for her other ankle she pulled it back playfully.
He grabbed at it and she squealed and tried to twist it back, but he had little difficulty drawing her ankle back to tie the rope around it, then pulling the rope down around the foot post. From there he simply drew it back until her leg was fully extended, the foot pointed at the corner post.
He opened the bedside drawer and drew forth the vibrator and dildo there, then knelt between her spreadeagled legs and began to work on her.
Cody groaned but offered up no resistance as he began to finger and lick her overheated pussy. Nor when he pushed the nose of the dildo into the mouth of her sex and began to twist and pump it deeper.
He buried the dildo inside her, ignoring her gasps and moans of complaint, then turned on the vibrator. He shifted his position, laying next to her, half atop her, his face next to hers. He kissed her lightly, then more deeply, as his hand roamed her body and fingered her swollen clit.
“Are you my bitch?” he whispered.
“Yessss,” she groaned.
“Say it.... bitch!”
Cody shuddered and felt a hot surge of dark excitement. “I'm Jamie's bitch!” she groaned.
He touched the vibrator to her clit and rubbed it lightly back and forth, and Cody groaned as her hips rolled up and ground against him.
“Again, bitch,” he said.
When she didn't immediately answer he drew the vibrator away, leaving her to grind her hips against nothing, to moan and whimper in denial.
“I'm Jamie's bitch!” she gasped.
He pressed the vibrator against her, rubbing lightly, then pulled it back.
“Say it,” he taunted.
“I'm Jamie's bitch!” she moaned.
He pressed it against her again, and she gasped and rolled her hips up and he drew the vibrator back again.
“Say it, bitch.”
“I'm Jamie's bitch!”
He rolled the vibrator across her clit once more, and then eased it back.
“I'm Jamie's bitch! I'm Jamie's bitch! I'm Jamie's bitch! I'm Jamie's bitch!” she cried.
He leaned over, mouthing the center of her breast, sucking and chewing lightly, his tongue lapping across it as he rolled the vibrator back and forth across her clit. Whenever she stopped saying the words he slowed his movements, then withdrew the vibrator.
“I'm Jamie's bitch! Oh! Oh! I'm Jamie's bitch! Ungh! Oh! Yes! I'm Jamie's bitch! I'm Jamie's bitch!” she cried.
The bondage excited and aroused her. The way she was stretched out, spreadeagled and helpless aroused her. His nasty words, and hers, aroused her, and the thick dildo inside her combined with the buzzing vibrator was driving her insane.
I'm Jamie's bitch!” she chanted, eyes closed, back arching, hips grinding ever more frantically.
The orgasm rolled over her in waves and she cried out, twisting and thrashing and pulling at the bonds holding her, head rolling down behind her as the shattering sexual pleasure tore through her body and mind.
He pulled the vibrator away and watched her as she lay there, chest heaving, eyes slitted. He ran his hands slowly up and down her body, kneading her breasts, then licked a trail up her belly, circling her belly button, licked along the curving edge of her breast, then mouthed and gently sucked first one nipple, then the other. He slid his body atop hers, pinning her below him, crushing her with his weight, not supporting himself at all so she could feel the heaviness of him atop her.
She groaned and his mouth found hers, kissing her deeply. His hand found her hair, firmly, forcefully, tilting her head back, controlling it as he kissed harder, as his tongue thrust between her fluttering lips and stroked across her own. His other hand moved firmly up and down her body, over her ribs, underneath to knead her buttocks, then back up to cup her breast again.
“Whore,” he whispered, licking along her lower lip. “Say it. Say whore.”
“Whore,” she sighed.
“Say I'm a whore.”
“Jamie's a whore,” she said, her lips tilting up in a faint grin.
He slid downwards, mouthing her breast, sucking then chewing lightly on her nipple.
“Say it, whore,” he said, teeth biting a little harder at her nipple.
“I'm a whore,” she gasped.
He slid aside to her other breast, sucking and chewing on that nipple.
“Again, whore.”
“I'm a whore,” she sighed.
“Say, I'm Jamie's whore.”
His right hand slid down her belly as he eased over to one side.
“I'm Jamie's whore,” she said.
His fingers stroked lightly across her clit and she groaned.
“Again, whore.”
“I'm Jamie's whore,” she moaned.
His finger stroked across her again.
“Bastard,” she groaned.
He jerked her hair back and she gasped.
“Say I'm Jamie's whore.”
“I”m Jamie's whore,” she gasped.
He released her hair and licked his way back down her body, then began to mouth her sex. Cody sighed and then moaned as his tongue went to work. Her hips were soon grinding against him as his talented mouth roused the fires within her once again.
He stopped.
“Say it,” he said, looking up her body.
“I'm Jamie's whore!” she groaned.
He licked again, his fingers gripping the dildo, turning and twisting it, pumping it in and out.
He stopped.
“Say it.”
“I'm Jamie's whore!” she whined.
He continued, and she shuddered, hips grinding.
He stopped.
“I'm Jamie's whore! I'm Jamie's whore! I”m Jamie's whore! I'm Jamie's whore,” she gasped as he licked, as he sucked, as he pumped the dildo in and out.
“I'm Ja – ooohhhhh! Uhhgggghh!” she cried, arching her back, head rolling under her as the orgasm swamped her senses.
It was not the last. Jamie continued caressing and stroking her body, continued working on her with tongue and fingers and vibrator and dildo, forcing one orgasm after another into her trembling, overheated system until she begged him to stop, her abdomen aching, her chest tight, light headed from lack of oxygen, muscles exhausted from spasming and twisting.
“Say please master,” he instructed.
“Please, Master!” she groaned, gulping in air, chest heaving.
“Again, slut.”
“Please, master!” she moaned as his fingers stroked across her clit again. “Oh! Oh Please! Stop! Master! Please master!” she gasped.
He eased back with a smile, then got up and went to the dresser next to the bed, picking up the camcorder which had been trained on her the entire time. They'd done videos before, of course, but this one would be different for she was unaware of the camera and her behavior had been entirely natural this time.


Wow what a fantastic story, full on from begining to the end wish it were longer. Well written author.

5/5- girly46

Hot and sexy, from start to finish.


As always a well written story with another submissive finding her bliss. Can he write any other kind of story?

4/5- Stark47



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