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Dangerous Women

34700 words

Style: General/Mainstream Erotica

David was good looking, charming, and knew it. He'd never found it hard to charm girls out of their panties, and so he found a new thrill in sex; dangerous women. From seducing the little sister of the school bully to doing his best friend's mom. David took chances, and loved it. His boss's wife, his teacher, a bride on her wedding day, David turned on the charm and turned on the ladies, and if he could smirk secretly at the men in their lives afterwards, so much the better.

EDITORIAL: This story contains no BDSM/Bondage

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I first saw Erin on her way in to school. She was wearing a pair of tight, tight white pants, a pair of small black booties with the sides folded over, and a button down green shirt that had big flowing arms and was so tight across the chest it threatened to explode.
She had shoulder length, wavy brown hair, and a sweet, wide-eyed face, very happy-go-lucky. That first time when I saw her I could only shake my head in appreciation. I mean, this bitch was a walking wet dream. My eyes feasted on her tight ass and big breasts and I knew I had to fuck her.
I should say here that I'm not bad looking myself. That always helps when you want to fuck girls, no matter what they said about personalities, and looking for a guy who was sensitive and caring and all that shit. I work out enough that I've got a pretty strong body, and that helps too, don't kid yourself.
Anyway, I have a great personality too, right?
I followed Erin's tight ass down the hallways until we passed a friend of mine, Eddie. I hooked my arm in his as I passed; dragging him away from some other guys he was talking to.
"What's up?" he asked.
"Pussy at twelve O'clock," I said, looking at Erin's ass.
"Cute ass."
"Yeah. Nice everything. I want that bitch sitting on my cock."
"Who is she?"
"Haven't the foggiest idea. You're gonna help me find out."
"The old knock the books over thing?"
"That's it, ol' buddy."
He started forward but I grabbed his arm.
"Not here, asshole. There's too many people. Some other guy will beat me to her. Wait until there's nobody nearby."
Then she stopped and opened a locker. Me and Eddie admired her tight ass.
"You get on her other side so she won't think we're together," I said.
He nodded and moved off. Girls are onto you right away if you knock their books over, but aren't quite suspicious enough to think you're in on it if it's somebody else who knocks into them.
Erin had a slim build, though a nice ass, and as she reached up to the top shelf of the locker her breasts pushed out even more obviously against the shirt. All I could think was... Jesus, look at the tits on her!
They weren't all that big, probably. I mean, she was small and slender, so they probably looked a lot bigger than they were. They were big enough, anyway, and she was cute as hell. When she stepped up on her toes to get a book from the! What an ass!
Hey, I like girls, I respect girls, I admire girls, but it doesn't mean I don't love fucking them.
And I wanted to fuck this one bad. I wanted to fuck her pretty little eyes right out of their sockets.
She pulled down some books and held them in the crook of one arm as she half turned from the locker I nodded at Eddie, then started walking forward. Eddie started running, and hit her arm, sending the books and papers flying.
"Shit. Watch where you're goin'," he said over his shoulder as he continued up the hall.
We'd timed it perfectly. She was flung around by his body and staggered a couple of steps. I was actually in position to grab her and steady her.
"Whoa. You okay?" I asked.
"Yeah, yes, fine, thanks," she sighed, looking up the hall and glaring at Eddie's retreating back.
"Some people are so ignorant," she said.
"Probably in a hurry. Want some help?"
I didn't wait for her to answer, of course. I squatted and started gathering her books up.
"Thanks," she said.
I read her name off one of the books, Erin Miller.
I had my opening.
"Erin Miller," I said, holding up the book. "That's Irish, isn't it?"
"Uhm, yeah."
"Hey, I'm Irish too," I grinned. "Dave Butler."
"Hi," she smiled, a little shyly.
See how easy it is to meet girls?
We had lunch together, where we bitched about our various classes and teachers, and got to know a little more about each other. I very carefully showed no signs of the lust inside me as I talked, and also did not look at her chest, hard as that was.
In short order I'd found out she had a younger sister and brother, her parents were divorced and she lived with her mother, she liked comedies, hated violence, was a vegetarian, had no boyfriend, and was even more naive than most girls.
I stroked her ego a little, complimenting her hair and eyes, in a casual way so she wouldn't think I was doing any serious coming on to her. If she thought that she'd close up and be super careful of what she said and the way she acted.
I kind of hinted that maybe she'd like to go out to a movie or something sometime, and she gave the green light.
Then it happened.
Jake Miller slapped one of his huge paws down on my back, almost knocking my face into my drink. By the time I'd turned around he was sitting down next to Erin, and I started to get a sinking feeling.
Jake Miller, was the biggest, meanest, nastiest son of a bitch in school. He was almost seven feet tall, and played nose tackle on the football team. He was one of those people who liked to use their size to intimidate others. And he had plenty of size, almost three hundred pounds.
If Erin was a walking wet-dream, he was a walking nightmare, and...
"You... two know each other?" I gulped.
"Jack is my brother," Erin said brightly.
Oh shit!
"Yeah. So what the fuck are you doing with her, Butler?" he glared.
"Jack!" Erin protested.
"Just eating lunch," I said, holding my hands up in surrender.
You had to be suicidal to take on Miller. He was a real steroid case, big, rough, mean and aggressive. He'd beat you to a pulp just for the fun of it. He was a real asshole.
I took off as soon as possible, but then I got angry. I had set that little piece of pussy up perfectly. Talking to her, I had quickly realized how naive she was, and how easy it would be to pump her good. I'd even kind of wondered why she didn't know better.
Now I knew. With Jack Miller as her brother no guy in his right mind would try anything with her. She'd probably be a virgin until she married. Hell, even her husband would be afraid to touch her.
And she was so ripe... so ready. That ass, those tits, that face. I could just imagine those luscious lips wrapped around my cock, those wide eyes looking surprised as my juice spurted in her mouth.
What a waste! What a fucking waste! A pussy like that going around unfucked!
Well, there was nothing else to do but forget her. No pussy was worth getting yourself hospitalized.
Erin didn't forget it, though. She met me at my locker later on and apologized for Jack, then asked if I wanted to see a movie.
I was surprised at the invitation. Most girls wouldn't ask a guy out. For a girl who looked like her to have to ask a guy meant that old Jack was really cramping her style. It also meant a great deal of danger if Jack found out.
"Look, Erin," I said, as tactfully as possible. "It's not that I don't like you or anything, and not that I'm not attracted to you..."
"But you're afraid of my brother," she glowered.
"Well, hell, Erin, the guy's a monster, and he likes beating the shit out of guys."
"Oh, he's not really that bad," she said.
"You can say that. You're safe. I know half a dozen guys he's pounded out, and not for much reason either."
"He wouldn't hurt you," she protested.
"Right," I snorted.
"Well, we wouldn't have to tell him then," she said.
"He'd hear about it. Those jocks all stick together and one of them would be bound to see us."
"We'll go somewhere nobody else is around," she said.
She raised her hand and let her fingers trail across my chest in a very suggestive way, and I blinked my eyes in surprise. Was I wrong about her innocence? But then a look at her eyes showed the tension and uncertainty. She was taking a chance, playing at something she didn't really know anything about.
"Uh, why don't you come over to my place after school and watch TV?"
"Are you crazy!" I laughed.
"Jack has football practice. And after that he goes out with the other guys for a while. He won't be home before six."
"Well..." I looked around carefully. "You promise not to say anything to him about my being there?"
"I promise," she said.
"What about your sister or parents?"
"My sister is in college. My parents both work. Nobody will see you, David."
Was I crazy? Hadn't I already decided she wasn't worth it? Well, yeah, on both counts. But she was such a gorgeous little fox! And the opportunity was so great. I'd have her all alone!
And, I thought I saw something in her, rebelliousness, a desire to get away with something, to do something her brother wouldn't like. I bet she was sick of him chasing every guy away, sick of being a dateless little virgin. I could do a lot with an attitude like that.
If Jack caught me he'd tear my head off. But it would be nice to see him and be able think how I'd pumped his little sister's pussy.
So that evening I drove down the block, then picked up Erin and drove her to her place. Now you might think it was cowardly to make her wait up the block, but you haven't seen Jack.
She didn't mind, anyway, and we chatted amiably as I drove. There did seem to be some tension in her, but I didn't know for sure why. I had my hopes, though.
I parked across the street from her house, then followed her to the door. She unlocked it and let me in, and we went into the living room.
"Want anything to drink?" she asked.
"Whatever you got."
So she got me a Coke and we watched some MTV and talked about school for a bit. I got up and examined her parents' CD collection as an excuse, then sat back down, but much closer to her. I worked the conversation back around to her as soon as I could.
"Bet you don't have too many dates with Jack prowling around," I said.
"That's for sure," she said kind of bitterly. "Any guy who comes near me finds out who my brother is and runs for the hills."
"Jack is kind of intimidating," I said. "And no matter how you think of him, everyone at school thinks of him as a big mean son of a bitch."
"That's the way I think of him too," she snorted.
"Ever had a boyfriend?"
"No," she said, shaking her head.
"Well, it's not because you're not good looking, that's for sure," I said.
She blushed a little. "You think I'm good looking?" she asked.
"What? Are you crazy? You're gorgeous."
"I am not," she said shyly.
"Hey, I'm a guy, okay? I know what gorgeous is. You have nice hair, a pretty face, and a nice body too."
Never compliment the body alone. It makes them nervous.
"You're just saying that," she smiled, blushing even more.
"You have really nice eyes too," I said.
They love to hear that kind of thing. Try telling them they have a nice ass or nice tits, though, and they get pissed off.
"Really? Do you think so?"
"Oh yeah. It's just too bad you have to go through life as a wallflower because of him."
"Yeah," she said, scowling.
"At least you'll be a virgin when you get married," I joked.
She blushed again and looked away.
"Maybe even after you're married. Even your husband would be too worried about what Jack would to do touch you. You'll have to adopt children."
She laughed, but it was a bitter laugh.
"Once I'm in college nobody will know about who my shitty brother is," she said. "Then I'll be able to have fun."
"Yeah, some day," I sighed wistfully.
She looked at me, then right out of the blue leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I was startled, but my arm slid around her back anyway. It wasn't a very good kiss, kind of amateurish, and she pulled back quickly, blushing again.
"Not that I mind, but what was that for?" I grinned.
"Oh I...I just...I just wanted to do it," she said.
Yeah, that'd teach Jack.
I pulled her closer and her eyes flickered around nervously. Then I kissed her, kissed her softly, not tongue, sliding my lips lightly against hers. When I pulled back she sighed and licked her lips. I kissed her again, and she kissed back, obviously trying to imitate what I was doing.
This was not a girl who had much experience kissing.
She learned fast, though.
I let my tongue slide between my lips and along hers, and she soon eased hers out as well. I could feel her heart pounding as my hand stroked her back. I dipped my tongue into her mouth just a bit, and she moaned and slid hers against it again.
I pulled back and smiled reassuringly.
She blushed, looked down, then looked up again, giggling a bit.
I pulled her in closer, so her left hip was pressed against my right. My right hand slid further around her, stroking her other hip. I slid it up and down her side as we kissed lightly several times, skirting the side of her breast, then I eased it up behind her head, sliding it through her soft hair as I pressed my lips harder against her.
My tongue slid fully into her mouth, and though she seemed startled at first she quickly responded, swirling hers against it. I eased my tongue back and hers followed it into my mouth.
I slid my other hand; my left hand onto her right leg, halfway between her knee and crotch, then stroked her leg lightly through her pants. I eased it upwards, staying away from her crotch, stroking her hip, then her right side, sliding up and down the side of her chest so my hand stroked the side of her breast.
She didn't do anything to oppose me, and our tongues continued to slide around in each other's mouths as I eased her back and then moved my hand onto her right breast. She moaned into my mouth, but continued kissing me. Her left arm was around my back and her right was stroking the back of my head.
I cupped her breast gently, wary of spooking her, stroking the underside of what felt like a very firm, meaty melon. I began to squeeze lightly, then stroked her nipples with my fingers. Her breathing was becoming more ragged, and her heart beat faster, so it was almost thumping like a drum.
I moved my hand over her breast and chest, and onto her other breast, stroking and squeezing that. I felt her nipples now through the bra and shirt. They were very, very erect, pressing out through the fabric like they wanted to be sucked.
I pulled my lips off hers and trailed them across her throat and under her ear.
"You're so beautiful," I whispered.
My right hand continued to stroke her head and slide through her hair, while my left squeezed and kneaded her breasts. I bit down lightly on the side of her throat, then pressed my lips against hers again as my fingers went nimbly to the top button of her shirt.
She didn't appear to notice as I undid the first button...well, really the second button since nobody ever did up the first except total nerds. I undid the third button too, then the fourth, then the fifth.
Her shirt was undone low enough that I slid my hand in through the front and cupped her right breast in the bra. She gasped again, and her hand moved down to grip my wrist. I merely stroked her breast gently, and after a few moments of indecision, she eased her hand away.
I slid my hand over her bra covered melons while we exchanged deep, wet kisses. I wasn't sure how far she was thinking of going, how much she wanted to get back at her brother, how much she wanted to see what she'd been missing. I moved slow, taking my time.
I stroked her belly inside her shirt. I undid the rest of the buttons to the waist, something she could hardly object to since she had already allowed my hand inside. I was slow, though and patient. I stroked her belly and breasts, then let the shirt fall slowly aside.
My hand moved behind her, stroking her back, then deftly unclipping the bra. Again I felt a bit of a shudder pass through her, but she didn't try to stop me as my hand moved up and shoved her bra away. I felt her swollen breasts in my hand and groaned in delight.
I kneaded and caressed them freely for a couple of minutes, stroking and massaging the soft skin, lightly pinching and squeezing and rolling the nipples in my fingers. Then I slid my mouth off hers and nibbled at the nape of her neck. I licked down over her chest and across her left breast.
I circled her breast repeatedly, drawing in closer and closer to the nipple, barely touching the areola. Her nipple was small and pink, but stuck up what looked like a full inch. I taunted it, touching it lightly with my tongue.
Then I closed my lips over the centre of her breast and sucked it and the nipple into my mouth. I whipped my tongue across her nipple as I suckled, and chewed lightly on the flesh around it.
Erin groaned and trembled, head falling back as I stroked and caressed both breasts with my hands now, and shifted my lips from one nipple to the other.
Never hurry, never scare them away, but never give them time to think either. I'd popped eight cherries in the past few years, and knew the way they thought, they way they cherished their virginity at the end.
I slid my arms around her and pulled her in tight against me, pressing my lips to hers again, then rolling backwards so she was on top of me. She would find that reassuring and less threatening. I let her straddle me as we kissed, and slid my hand onto her buttocks, squeezing and kneading them as I held her against me.
Again, considering her shirt was open and I'd just spent the last twenty minutes groping and sucking her breasts she could hardly object to that. I kneaded her flesh softly, but carefully as we kissed, then brought my hands up between us to squeeze her breasts again.
I mashed them a little harder, then in a single fluid motion slid both my hands up and aside, so they moved up onto her shoulders...inside the shirt of course. My hands moved over her shoulders and then down her arms, pushing the shirt with them.
She let me slide the shirt off, and as I brought my hands back up I peeled her bra forward over those same beautiful shoulders. She blushed furiously, but was so excited she didn't object, though she looked like she wanted to.
I pulled her in tight against me, letting her soft mounds hide against my chest as my hands stroked her hair and deliciously soft back and we kissed deeply. A couple of minutes of this reassured her, and then my hands moved down onto her ass to squeeze and knead it again.
She was not wearing tight pants, and they had an elastic waist, so after a minute of squeezing and stroking her beautiful buttocks, I slid my hands up onto her back again, stroked them up and down her lower and upper back, then slid one downwards and right under the waistband of her pants.
My hand moved down into her pants and over her buttocks, squeezing them through her panties. Erin didn't show any sign of caring, so I slid the hand a little up, then in through the waistband of her panties and onto her bare ass.
It was so soft, and so warm, that I revelled in touching it. I kept my other hand moving through her hair, pulling her head from side to side as my lips moved from her lips to her ears to her throat and back to her lips again.
She had her legs wide and was straddling me, so her pussy would be grinding down with every motion. I hadn't touched it yet, nor made any attempt to. I wanted her committed before that happened.
I brought my left hand up to squeeze her breast as my right stroked her bare buttocks. Then I slid it down her back and into her pants and panties, clutching both of her cheeks in my hands as we kissed.
I felt her pussy riding back and forth over my crotch, and knew she must feel my erection against her. I squeezed her ass, and pulled her upwards a little so I could suck on her nipples again, then slid one hand right down between her buttocks and in between her legs from behind.
I felt her hair and the soft heat of her pussy mound against my fingers, and she gasped and rolled away to the left. I quickly pulled my hand back, sliding both hands out of her pants as I followed her over. I kissed her on the lips again before she could make any protest, and resumed stroking her breasts and belly.
Mollified, she kissed back, and we continued to stroke and kiss. I took her right hand after a few minutes and pulled it in against my crotch. Her eyes widened as she felt my erection against her hand, and tried to pull her hand away, but I held it in place, rubbing it up and down, and she soon gave in.
She licked her lips nervously. She was breathing hard and ragged, and her face was flushed. Her nipples were as erect as they'd been when I'd first gotten my hand on her breasts.
I pulled my hand off hers but she continued to rub my crotch as we kissed again. I stroked her breast with one hand and her hair with the other, then slid the hand on her breast down between her legs and over her crotch.
I knew from the way she jerked that she thought about protesting, about pushing my hand off. But her hand was squeezing and stroking my crotch so how could she object to my doing the same to her?
Neat trick huh?
I made no attempt to get my hand into her pants, or to undo them. I stroked her crotch with just the right pressure, squeezing softly on her pussy every few seconds. I knew roughly where her clit was, and was careful to stroke my fingers across it repeatedly.
Not only did I establish possession... the right to fondle her pussy, but was making her hotter and hotter. Of course the hotter she got, the less she cared about whatever decision she'd taken to remain virginal.
It was my guess she'd started this to SHOW her brother, as in...I 'll show him... but I didn't think she had decided to let me fuck her when we hadn't even had a single date, not just to get back at Jack anyway. Now she was so hot that she wouldn't much care about hardly knowing me.
I was sure this was her first real sexual experience, thanks to Jack, and was equally sure it had gone a lot further than she had planned for. I had to keep moving fast enough that her wits would remain flooded with sexual heat, but not go so fast that she'd be startled into remembering she shouldn't be doing this.
I worked her pussy really good, stroking and caressing it through her pants, then slid my hand off it and caressed her belly for about half a minute. This was so she'd miss my rubbing. If I'd done it right she'd welcome my putting my hand back on her crotch.



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