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Chains Of Ice

30783 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

It was a brief holiday for Meg, a get together for skiing and relaxing with a dozen friends and friends of friends. But staying to enjoy the last hours of their rental was to lead to a life altering experience. What had seemed, at first, to be playful sexual teasing by a pair of older men developed into something hotter and nastier. Darkly aroused despite herself, her body flaming with need, her mind fuzzed by beer and drugs, Meg couldn't quite bring herself to say no until, gagged, it was too late. And even then, despite shock, humiliation, and no small pain, the terrible heat and passion of their dark sexual torments made it almost impossible to resist. She was shocked, appaled at the way they treated her, at how they spoke to her, and yet her outrage only inflamed her mind and body more, and pulled her into a world of helpless submission to their perverted use. Meg finds herself becoming addicted to sexual submission and humiliation, and passed on from one new visitor to the next, without caring who used and abused her, just so long as someone did.

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As my bikini bottoms fell away I stood before them completely naked wet and filthy with all the foods and liquids they'd poured over me, wrists tied above me helpless to cover myself as they ravished me with their eyes.
“Now that's good eating,” Steve said, gazing down at my naked, hairless pussy.
“I don't like egg on my pussy,” Dan said with a laugh.
“Bastards!” I gasped.
“Now she's being bad again,” Steve said.
Dan reached over to the table sitting nearby and picked up a thick brick of soft butter which had been sitting there for a couple of hours – no one having put it back in the fridge, and then began to mash it against my body, rubbing it over my breasts, then down my back and especially up between my buttocks. I yelped and shuddered as a moment later I felt his finger probing against my anus, then slowly pushing up inside me.
“D-Don't! Don't!” I cried.
But then Steve was before me. He gripped my hair behind my head, jerked my head up and back, and kissed me, hard. His right hand kneaded my breast as his tongue pushed into my mouth, and I could only moan as Dan's finger slid deeper into my ass, pumping in and out on a thick layer of butter.
Dan moved away and Steve eased up his kissing, his hand sliding off my breast, down my slippery body, and between my legs. His fingers rubbed against my clit, wet with syrup, water and egg, and I shuddered and jerked my head away, not wanting to show the hot surge of heat which swept through me. Then I saw Dan moving behind me with a carrot and gasped aloud.
“What are you doing!?”
I felt the carrot pushing against my ass, and sliding into me and I yelled and cursed while Steve laughed and moved behind me to watch.
“Don't! Don't! Please!” I moaned.
The carrot slid into me surprisingly easily, as Dan pumped it lightly in and out.
Steve pulled back my hair and I gasped as my back bowed sharply. He kissed me again, then leered.
“So will you be a good, obedient slut and suck my cock?” he demanded.
“I... nooo!” I moaned.
He shrugged and released me as Dan pumped the carrot higher, then he walked over to the fridge and took out a banana. I moaned as he returned and joined Dan behind me.
“Okay!” I blurted.
Sucking a cock wasn't a big deal, after all, right? I mean, it was comparatively not a big deal. Right? And it wasn't like I was being a slut. They were, like, forcing me! Besides, I figured he'd have to untie me first. Either that or get on a step ladder.
“Okay,” he said.
He went to the post and unwound the rope and I gasped in relief as my wrists started to come down. They only came down to about my upper chest, though, and then he tied off the rope again.
“Stop that!” I moaned, twisting my head to glare at Dan.
Steve's hand gripped the back of my neck and pulled me forward and down, and I moaned as I was bent over further and further, bent over until my face was inches from his groin. My wrists were held aloft by the rope on the cuffs, locked tightly in place, and my ankles were still spread.
Steve tugged down his jogging pants and his cock sprang out long and thick and hard. I shuddered at the sight, my insides roiling, my mind reeling by this wild, kinky turn of events. He pulled my mouth onto his cock and I opened my lips and took him inside, sucking and licking as the heat inside me churned hotter and the passion grew more intense.
“That's it. Suck that cock little cock-sucker,” he said, tightening his grip on my hair. “Suck it good. Wrap those pretty little slut lips around my prick and take me deep.”
God! His words were outrageous! But they were also doing something awful to my self-control, and I moaned around his thick shaft as I bobbed my head a little – unable to move much with his grip on my hair. Then he started to thrust slowly into my mouth, pumping in and out.
Behind me, I felt the carrot withdraw and knew a moment relief, but then something else pressed against my ass, something softer but thicker, and after a moment I realized that it was almost certainly not the banana. My eyes went wide, and I tried to pull away from Steve's cock, but he held me tightly in place.
I had never been sodomized, but that was what Dan was doing, I knew. I whimpered as his cock pushed slowly up into my ass, feeling waves of guilt, shame, embarrassment, outrage and fear take hold. I practically forgot Steve's cock for a bit as he pumped it in and out of my mouth, but he twisted his fingers in my hair and said “Suck me, slut,” and I started licking and sucking again.
Dan's cock pulled back, then slid deeper, and it felt so – big – inside me, so solid and yet it didn't really hurt. I was surprised at that. My wrists pulling against the handcuffs hurt more.
I sucked on Steve's cock while Dan pushed his ever deeper, and when I felt his hips pressed against my pushed-out buttocks I felt what could only be a small orgasm ripple through my nervous system. I whimpered and moaned in confusion and uncertainty as he ground himself against me, still feeling embarrassed, feeling violated and used, and yet... and yet the heat burned wildly within me.
“Suck that cock, whore,” Steve growled, and I moaned around it.
He pushed deeper and I choked a little as it pushed too deep.
“You swallow cock, baby?” he demanded. “You need to learn to deep throat.”
I knew how to deep throat – sort of. I mean, I had done it, but only rarely, only when I was really excited. And I was really excited now.
Dan's cock was deep in my belly, and now it was starting to move, starting to pump in and out, starting to fuck me. The realization gave me another little orgasm. Dan was fucking me in the ass! Ohmygod! I was tied up and helpless and he was fucking my ass!
Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth and guided my lips to his balls.
“Suck my balls, slut,” he whispered, his voice not nearly as nasty as the words.
His voice was actually calm, natural, sometimes amused. But the words were violent and shocking and … darkly arousing.
“That's it, whore. Suck them. Lick my balls with your slut tongue. That's it, baby. Now lick up my shaft. Lick, you filthy whore. Yeah, that's it, slut. Now take me into your mouth, whore.”
He was giving me these instructions like I had a choice or something, but mostly his hand on my hair were forcing me into doing what he ordered – not that I really resisted.
At the same time Dan now had worked my sphincter muscles open to the point he was fucking me with long, deep strokes of his cock, his hips moving smoothly in and out, and the deep thrusts of that cock were making me wild with heat and turning my mind into a churning mush of lust and wild kinky passion.
Then I did, moaning and twisting, shaking and convulsing there, and this was no small orgasm. It started to tear through my body and mind, and when he or Steve slipped a finger between my legs and started rubbing my clit it felt as though the top of my head was going to come off with the explosion of sensations and pleasure!
Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth and I couldn't suppress the guttural gasps, yelps and cries of pleasure as Dan fucked even harder into my ass.
“She loves taking it up the ass,” Steve said with a grin. “Come on, slut. Come for us. Come for us, come-slut.”
I came wildly, passionately, twisting and writhing, my hips actually bucking back against the stiff cock Dan was driving up into me. God it felt good! I never would have believed in a million years it could feel so good back there!
And then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I paid it little heed in the midst of my orgasm, or even as the orgasm faded. I sagged weakly, groaning, still grunting as Dan drove his cock into my ass, his hips slapping against my buttocks. Steve drew my head back down, pushing his cock up into my mouth, and then there was that movement again.
I rolled my eyes to the side and gurgled weakly as I realized someone else was there!
I tried to pull my mouth free but Steve tightened his grip, reaching down to knead one of my breasts.
“Suck that cock, whore. Suck it like the cock-sucker you are,” he said.
His words took on a more ominous tone now, and I wanted to stop, wanted to pull free for real as my heat abated. But Dan was still sodomizing me, one of his hands on one of my breasts, the other between my legs, squeezing, rubbing and fingering me. And Steve had a hand in my hair, holding me down as he thrust up into my mouth.
“I want some of that when you're done,” a male voice said.
I recognized it. It was Bobbie. Like I said, I knew him somewhat, a lot more than I knew Steve and Dan. That was both reassuring, as he was like, a known quantity, and terribly embarrassing. In a way, the fact Steve and Dan were virtual strangers had made this perverted tryst something I could get through, put behind me, and never think of again. But Bobbie was someone I ran into from time to time, someone who knew a number of the same people I knew.
Again I tried to pull my mouth free, and Steve cursed and pulled down, thrusting up. My eyes bulged as his cock pushed into my throat, and I gagged helplessly even as he forced my head lower and pushed his cock deeper.
I gurgled weakly, helplessly, finally really coming to terms with just how totally helpless I was, just how completely at their mercy. His thick cock pushed deep into my throat and he pulled down on my head until my lips were jammed against his groin, my nose pressed against him, and he held me there.
“That's it, slut. Swallow that meat,” he sighed. “Swallow it like the cock-hungry little slut toy you are.”
I was yelping and gurgling as Dan thrust hard into my ass, and as Steve's cock filled my throat, running out of breath, chest burning, head pounding. He slowly drew back and then pulled out and I coughed hard, gasping for breath. Dan gave a final series of thrusts and then jammed himself into me groaning and cursing. “Yeah! Yeah! Ungggh!” as he came in my ass.
“That's a talented little ass she's got,” he sighed as his cock softened and he pulled out.
Steve's cock was softening too, and I dazedly realized he'd come too – deep in my throat so that swallowing and tasting it hadn't really been an issue.
He eased up on my hair and I saw that not only was Bobbie watching but he held a video camera up. I gasped and jerked my head away, and he laughed.
“Too late, Meg. I got it all!”
“L-let me goo!” I moaned.
“No fuckin' way!” Dan said with a laugh.
He picked up the carrot and slid it up into my ass, but it went in too easily for him, so he pulled it out and dropped it, picking up the banana instead, sliding it up into me, stroking it in and out slowly as I groaned helplessly, more than slightly overwhelmed by it all.
Then I heard Steve snickering as he hurried around behind me, and a moment later the banana eased back out of me and something colder and harder and thicker pushed in. The first bit entered me fairly easily, then he had to twist and turn it as the resistance of my sphincter grew greater. I moaned and twisted my head around, trying to see, and gasped as I saw the big green zucchini in his hand.
“Don't! It's too big!” I gasped.
“Nothing's too big for a slut like you,” he said, leering.
Dan moved around in front of me and started fingering my pussy, then he moved away and came back with more of the chocolate icing, thrusting the nozzle up into my pussy and squeezing it so the chocolate squirted up inside me. I squealed and tried to pull free, but of course, could not.
Then he dropped to his knees, looking extremely smug and eager with anticipation, and began to lick at my pussy. Behind me, Steve was pulling and pumping the zucchini, forcing it slowly deeper. The front part was now coated in butter so it was starting to make real headway, and I groaned and closed my eyes, letting my head go back between my arms, staring up at the ceiling, gulping in air.
“Oh!” I gasped, as he thrust the zucchini especially hard and it slid several inches deeper.
“Oh God!” I moaned, eyes fluttering.
Dan's tongue plunged deep into my pussy as he licked and sucked and slurped at the chocolate icing, his nose grinding against my slippery, hard little clit. Then he moved his tongue upwards and started lapping and sucking at my clitoris and the world started to swirl as a churning sexual energy began to build up within me.
I tried not to look towards where Bobbie was still holding the video camera, cringing whenever I thought of what it was recording, and reminding myself again that my first priority when they let me loose was to get hold of it and erase it. If I had to I'd throw the whole thing into the lake and then I'd just ha – oh-my-god! - I shuddered and arched my back as Dan sucked hard on my clitoris. The pressure, the suction, was on that borderline between pain and pleasure, so strong it almost hurt, or actually did hurt, but was overwhelmed by pleasure.
Jesus! I cried out a moment later as Steve thrust the zucchini even deeper. It ached. It was fat and hard, and yet slippery, so he'd gotten it in high inside, deep enough I was feeling cramps deep in my belly. He twisted and turned it and then pulled back... and back... and back. I shuddered at how deep it must be – and then he thrust it into me again, and in and in and in so that I mewled helplessly as sensations overwhelmed me.
It flickered through my mind that these were not “guys” like most I'd known, but men much older than I was, and they were sure not behaving like the guys I know, so eager, so impatient to get off, and then go have a beer.
Dan slid two fingers up inside me and kind of pulled against the front of my pussy, tightening the flesh around my clit so that his lapping tongue produced even stronger sensation. Then he added a third finger, pumping them in and out of my pussy, which had become a hot, throbbing volcano ready for eruption.
I groaned every time Steve drove the zucchini deep into my ass. It was so wide! So thick! So loooong! I couldn't help reacting to it.
“Hey, man, here, use this,” Bobbie said, coming up next to Dan.
I moaned as Dan turned and laughed, taking another zucchini from him.
Then he slipped his finger out of me, rubbed the front of the zucchini over my buttered up groin, and then pushed it up into my pussy.
“Nooooo!” I moaned.
But they only laughed, and Bobbie stood back to get more video as Dan slowly worked the zucchini up into my pussy. He continued to lick at my clit, and one of his hands slid up my body to knead my breast as the zucchini was pushed deeper. My pussy strained to envelope the thickness of it, for it was a lot thicker than any cock or dildo I'd ever had inside me. On the other hand, I was so fucking wet my pussy was a swamp and a little pain meant nothing to me but more sensation to add to the howling vortex within me.
I ached inside with the fullness of the two long, fat vegetables they were thrusting up into my belly. It felt as though they were grinding against each other up inside me, and I moaned and writhed against the restraints holding me in place as my very skin felt like a sexual organ, crackling sexual electricity rolling across it at every touch.
The orgasm couldn't be hidden, even knowing Bobbie was holding the video camera up and recording the whole thing. I hated that I had to degrade myself like that, because, as much hot, raw sensual pleasure as they were forcing upon me they WERE forcing it upon me and I was indignant and unhappy about it all, and resented the hell out of them. Stupid ignorant horny male bastards.
But I couldn't hold back. My back arched and my my hips ground and pumped violently in and out against the two hard “cocks” they were jamming inside me as I cried out in helpless, wanton ecstasy. And it was ecstasy. It was the purest, hottest, wildest, most erotic and sensual of pleasure! My body exploded with it, the howl of it like an unending storm beating against my mind, which reeled back and was overwhelmed.
“Yeah! Look at the slut coming!”
“Little whore is riding the zucchinis!”
“Fucking slut loves it up her ass!”
“Come for us, fuck-toy!”
They laughed at me, yelled at me as I came, as I twisted and writhed and cried out in helpless pleasure, convulsions wracking my body as the raw pleasure screamed through my nervous system.
My wrists ached, for I had twisted and jerked so violently during the orgasm I had pulled my slender wrists hard against the cruel metal. Even now my legs were rubbery as I swayed drunkenly in the languorous aftermath, chest heaving.
Dan and Steve untied the ropes around my ankles and then removed the rope from the handcuffs. I thought, somewhat dazedly, that it was over – except that there'd no doubt be an aftermath with Bobbie's big mouth. And what the fuck was I going to do about the camera if I couldn't get it back?!
They kind of marched me, half supporting me because I was still rubbery legged, across to the doorway of the big, three car garage. The stone there was even colder on my feet, and while it was heated it wasn't nearly as warm as the house. It was cool enough I could see my breath and gasped and twisted in their grasp.
“Where are we going!?” I whined.
“You're kind of filthy, Meg,” Steve said.
He picked up a hose and turned on the water. It was warm, at least, and I didn't really mind that he sprayed it over my hair and face, washing away the egg and syrup and butter. He sprayed it over my body and between my butt cheeks as they snickered at me.
“Let me go! I'll go take a shower!” I groaned.
Steve put down the hose, and produced the key to the handcuffs as Dan moved in beside me, but as soon as he removed the cuffs he and Dan pulled my arms back around behind me.
“Oww! Wha-what are you doing!?” I cried.
They had another rope, this one much softer, and tied it around my arms just above my elbows, wrapping it around several times then tying it off so my arms were locked tight, crossed at the elbows, my left hand kind of over my right hip and vice versa.
“What are you doing!?” I whined.
“We're not done with our little fuck-toy yet,” Steve said cheerfully.
“But I have to go!” I said desperately. “I don't want to do anything else!”
They marched me back into the house, which I certainly didn't oppose since it was freezing in the garage, and then across the floor and into the living room. Again I didn't mind since the rug was a lot softer and warmer on my bare wet feet. Sure I was dripping on it but I no longer cared about stuff like that.
It was like – I had just had this immensely shocking, this hugely important, wild sexual experience and I needed time to understand and get my head straight. But they weren't giving me any. Steve and Dan pushed me down on my knees on the rug and then stood before me, pulling their cocks out again.
Steve gripped my tangled wet hair and drew my mouth onto his cock.
“Get me hard again, slut toy so I can fuck your tight pussy,” he said.
I moaned and my head twisted in futile resistance but he pulled my mouth against his semi hard cock and then pushed himself through my lips, jamming himself all the way in to the balls. “Suck,” he ordered, his voice suddenly harsh.
Dan and Bobbie moved in on other side of him, both of them with their lower bodies bare. Bobbie was hard, Dan not at all.
My lower belly still ached with the fulness of the two zucchinis stuffed up inside me. For they were so fat, so thick, that they were not about to slide out on their own. Only a few inches protruded, holding my pussy lips stretched and taut around them as I knelt before the three men.
I slurped and sucked on Steve's cock as he mashed my face in against him. He was still soft enough that his cock kind of folded up inside my mouth, and I massaged it with my tongue as he ground himself against him. But he was getting harder by the second, and when he pulled back on my hair – painfully enough I cried out – he was almost fully hard again.
He turned my head though as he pulled me forward, turned my face towards Bobbie, and his rigid prick slid into my open mouth. I rolled my eyes up at him to see the camera lens pointing back down at me, and tried to twist my head away without success.
“Suck that cock, whore meat!” Steve taunted. “Swallow every inch of it. You know you love cock!”
He jerked my head back by the hair and I gasped aloud.
“Tell me you love cock!”
I just gulped in air.
He slapped my face lightly with his hand, repeatedly, getting harder with each little slap until it began to sting and I started to moan and twist my head back.
“Say it, fuck-toy!”
“I love cock!” I cried.
“again. Louder!”
“I love cock!” I moaned.
He slapped my cheek harder. “Louder, fuck toy!”
“Oww! I love cock!” I cried.
“I love cock!”
“Say I love to suck cock!” Danny ordered with glee.
“I-I love to suck cock!” I groaned.
Steve slapped my face again.
“Oww! Quit it!” I whined.
“Say it!”
“I love to suck cock!”
“I love to suck cock!”
Dan knelt beside me, his hand sliding under me to palm the base of the zucchini sticking out of my ass. He shoved up and I cried out in pain, squirming and twisting in Steve's grip.
“Beg Bobbie to suck his cock!” he demanded with a laughing, snickering look of excitement.
I swayed, confused, gasping weakly, and then Steve, still holding my hair, forced me to bend over, to bend down.
“Oww! Stop it!” I cried weakly.
Steve forced my face against the floor, my ass still high as Dan jerked on the zucchini.
“Lick his foot. And then look up at him and beg him to let you suck his cock,” Steve said.
“No way!”
He slapped my butt, or Dan did, and I twisted against his hold on my hair, but he jammed my face in against Bobbie's foot.
“Lick, fuck-toy!”
Another slap to my ass, sharp, stinging, and then pressure on the zucchinis that made me cry out in pain.
I was... I was angry, indignant, and yet... and yet there was a hot, wild, dark picture in my head of me licking Bobbie's foot, like some kind of fucking sex slave, which made my pussy quiver and throb achingly around the thick vegetable.
By bottom was slapped again and again, so that it burned redly, and my scalp stung against Steve's fingers as he twisted and pulled on my hair. Then he reached under and began to pinch one of my nipples so that I again cried out and twisted against them.
“Lick his foot, fuck-toy!”
“Lick it, fuck-toy!”
“Beg, fuck-toy!”
“Do it, fuck-toy!”
My tongue slipped out of my quivering lips and I licked.
I licked again, and then again, as they slapped and pinched me.
I half sobbed as my tongue licked across Bobbie's running shoe, up along the side, down around the front, and at Steve's urging, he raised the front of his foot up, balancing on his heel. I licked at the underside of his shoe, gasping in pain, moaning in embarrassment, filled with anger, and yet with a roiling, churning sexual darkness swirling inside my mind.
“Now look up at him and beg for his cock, whore.”
“Please can I suck your cock?” I moaned.
Another slap to my stinting bottom. “Sir!”
“Please can I suck your cock, sir!?” I cried.
Steve yanked up on my hair and I cried out in pain, lurching upwards. Then Bobbie's cock pushed into my open mouth.


Nice to see this great author on this site. This is a good story, not too hard but with plenty of hot action in it.


Great descriptions of the breaking down of inhibitions, training by breaking the will to accept sex slavery.

5/5- cunt

Excellent as usual from Argus.




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