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Bondage Confessions

35000 words

Style: Bondage/BDSM Anthologies, Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Bondage fantasies are all very well, but what about the reality?

Here are no less than 20 hot stories from real people exploring bondage or involved in bondage relationships confessing their wildest, kinkiest, most thrilling, most daring experiences with ropes, chains, crops and games.

Tammy's boyfriend unexpectedly drags the bound girl out into the car, and takes her roughly in a filthy alley, Patty is used by multiple strangers while blindfolded, while anxious Julia tries to figure out if the man her lover offers her to really is a pimp about to buy her.

Much softer and milder than the harder Argus you may be used to, this book deals with the excitement of being helpless and used rather than the fear and pain of his usual stories. Still an intensely hot read for anyone interested in bondage, submission and dominance.

Price:  $5.95

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1. Leather Surprise

Let me tell you about how bondage and surprise can add to your sex life and keep things from getting dull. I planned a little surprise for my boyfriend by setting myself up as a prize package before he got home from work.
First I used a fat, red ball gag, opening my mouth wide to let it in. The ball gag forced my jaw very wide, the soft leather pushing into my mouth, spongy against my tongue. I pulled the straps around my face behind my head and fastened them there tightly.
With that done I bent forward so my full, thirty-eight inch breasts hung down like udders, then pulled up the tight round halter, slowly forcing my malleable breast flesh through the silver dollar sized holes, squeezing and pulling until the hard leather was crushing my breasts from the sides, forcing my breasts out like fat round balls of taut flesh.
I straightened, grunting with effort as I buckled the halter behind me. I reached down and stroked my fat, taut breasts, running my fingers over the engorged nipples as my pussy tingled with heat.
Smiling at my image in the mirror, and starting to feel horny, I pulled on the heavy, studded leather collar which forced my head up straight, then buckled that behind my neck.
I sat down and pulled on the gleaming black, thigh high leather boots, zipping them up the sides, then attached leather restraints around the ankles.
I stood up awkwardly, for they were incredibly high, then pulled on a pair of matching gloves that slid up past my elbows almost to my shoulders.
The belt was thick studded leather and fit neatly around my trim waist. It had a second piece that fell down from the center almost to my knees. I spread my legs, then took two thick vibrators and eased one up my pussy and the other up my rectum. With them both firmly inside me I pulled the lower part of the belt between my legs and up tight against my pussy, buckling it behind me.
Finally I picked up the spreader bar and moved in front of the door. I bent down and attached either end of the bar to the restraints around my ankles.
Directly above me, a chain hung from the ceiling. Attached to it were two handcuffs. I slipped my wrists into them and, with a little effort, snapped them closed tightly.
Now I was helpless. I had no key. I waited, feeling the buzzing in my loins, staring at the door and waiting for Jeff to come home.
We had experimented with bondage before, but it was all amateur stuff, scarves and ropes and towels. Now I had the real stuff, and this was going to be a real surprise when he got home.
I wondered what would happen if he didn`t show up alone, if he brought is boss, or his parents, or something like that, but it was too late to do anything about it. I stood there, squeezing down on the vibrators purring inside me, feeling the excitement rising higher and higher in my body as I chewed on the ball gag.
The phone rang, but I couldn`t answer it. What if it was Jeff? What if he were telling me he had to work late, or was bringing his buddies home??
The vibrators were really getting to me. I groaned around the gag, my hips grinding awkwardly, my breaths coming faster and faster as the sexual pressure grew more powerful.
I hardly heard the key in the door, but when it opened my eyes met Jeff`s, and I saw his go wide as his jaw dropped. I moaned as he stared at me, thrusting my hips out as he moved slowly forward.
"Jesus," he gasped.
He quickly turned and closed the door, then came back to me. He stared at me, then his hands reached out and stroked the underside of my breasts.
I groaned and arched my back, humping desperately as he buried his face between my breasts, rubbing and squeezing my fat, tight flesh around his face. He tongued and sucked lewdly at each nipple as the pressure become almost unbearable.
Then he moved behind me, studying me, circling me. He squeezed my buttocks, then unbuckled the strap going between my legs and let out a soft curse as he saw the tips of vibrators.
He moved in front of me and knelt, pulling the vibrator slowly out of my snatch. Then with a cry of lust he buried his face in my pussy, jamming the vibrator deep and sucking frenziedly at my clit.
I came explosively, bucking wildly against him as a furious sexual maelstrom ripped through my body. I swayed wildly in place, almost hanging by the wrists as Jeff`s tongue slurped wildly over my buzzing clitty.
He stood up, fumbling at his pants, tearing them open as he looked at me with wild eyes.
"I`m gonna fuck you so hard!" he gasped.
His cock was red and angry as he pulled it free. He yanked the vibrator out of me, letting it fall to the floor, then reached down, gripping the pry bar and lifting it up high, yanking my feet off the floor and lifting my legs up and back against my body.
He pushed the pry bar, and with it my ankles, back over my head, exposing my crotch to his lewd and carnal needs. Then, holding the bar in one hand he jammed his cock against my sex and rammed himself home.
I cried out, the sound muffled by the gag, a feeling of glorious satisfaction filling me as Jeff`s big cock began pounding into my body, his hips slamming against my buttocks as he cursed and moaned and grunted with effort.
He held the bar up with both hands, my legs up straight and back as he thrust forward again and again, his cock sawing across my clit with every stroke.
It didn`t take long for either of us to explode, and my mind nearly vaporized in the resulting meltdown and overload of sexual pleasure.
Jeff groaned and slowly let my feet back down to the floor, but I still virtually hung there as he stumbled back wearily.
He couldn`t seem to take his eyes off me and my leather getup, and I was in it far longer than I`d thought when I put it on. In fact, it was hours later, after he`d eaten me to multiple orgasms, tortured me with the vibrators, then sodomized me that he finally took out my gag so I could tell him where the key to the handcuffs was.
We had a long, hot bath together, then made slow love in bed, both feeling drained, yet oddly energized at the same time.
I wear all or part of my bondage gear now whenever I think we need a little extra excitement in our sex lives, and I`ve never been disappointed by the effects.



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