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Doctor Of Pain

33000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Originally published some years ago we have just re-released this title which is something a bit special for the growing army of Argus followers.

In order to cure her terrible shyness and self doubt Caroline's parents send the innocent young woman to a psychiatrist. But he is a man of dark passion and arrogance. The best life for a lovely young woman, he decides, is one of sexual submission and abandon. Knowing all the inner weaknesses of her mind. Doctor Venn begins to slowly manipulate his naive patient's view of reality and of herself. Through pain and humiliation, he twists her into a creature on which he can sate his cruel lusts.

Price:  $5.95

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I have always been incredibly shy. I don`t know why, exactly. Partly it was because I was an only child, spending too much time alone in a big house. When I was about six I got glasses, ugly horn-rimmed glasses, and was mortified having to wear them to school.

All the kids made fun of me, of course, and in my discomfort I withdrew, becoming shy and withdrawn. I spent as much of my time by myself as I could while growing up. Eventually I hit puberty, but it wasn`t soon, and it did not hit very hard.

When I was sixteen, I still looked like a thirteen year old. I was short and had a very slim body. My breasts were quite small, and my bottom quite boyish.

I had large blue eyes and a small nose. But my face was rather cute. In fact, without my glasses, I was really pretty good looking. That didn`t make me proud, however. It embarrassed me. I was sixteen and I looked like a really cute little thirteen year old.

I did have nice hair. It was rich and thick and long silky and very deliciously golden blonde. I did very little with it, though, for I had long since involved myself in fairly bookish pursuits and disdained the kinds of games of hair and makeup most girls my age relished. And so it was straight, if nicely so thanks to casual efforts with a blow dryer, and quite unfashionably long.

I didn`t think about sex much, if at all. I read a lot of books, but they were almost all the classics, along with some modern fantasy and horror. I didn`t read those weepy romance novels for I had always dismissed them - and their readership - as silly.

I did think about boys, of course, but it was pretty innocent. I thought about kissing them, and possibly hugging them. I didn`t really know what else was done, other than embarrassing groping and things like that, which I was far too embarrassed to really want to explore.

I was somewhat embarrassed of my body. I knew the girls the guys were after were the ones with the big round breasts, and that certainly wasn`t me. The thought of letting some boy see me naked was too embarrassing to even contemplate.

I now realize that part of this came from an experience I had when I was thirteen. It was during the first few weeks of my life in junior high, and I, like a lot of other young girls, was forced, for the first time ever, to shower in public.

I skipped gym class a number of times, finally getting into trouble for it. I was forced to go to class, and then, afterwards, had to take a shower along with all the other girls.

By then they`d all done it several times, and were a little used to it, but I was mortified, especially since I had hardly developed at all.

Naturally, several of the bigger girls, bullies, noticed this, and taunted me on my flatness and how I looked like a "little girl". That was bad enough, of course, but then, just to add more fun to their lives, two of them grabbed me after I came out of the shower, dragged me to the door, and threw me out into the hallway naked.

There were a lot of people out in the hall, and of course I was utterly humiliated, mortified. I had tried to get back in but the girls held the door closed against me while the people out in the hall laughed and giggled, especially the boys.

Eventually a couple of the older boys forced the door open, and I was able to squirm inside and hide myself away. I skipped school for a week afterwards, but my parents eventually forced me to go back.

But my embarrassment over my body probably became pretty near total then, which added to the shyness I already felt to make me a very withdrawn child.

With unfortunate timing my body began to sprout not long after, making up - almost - for lost time. My breasts grew into a small, but very nice 34-B cup. My hips widened somewhat, and even my behind become somewhat more rounded. I certainly didn`t for a moment believe I was beautiful, but many apparently thought me a very attractive girl with a slender but attractive body, a pretty face, and long, lovely hair.

Because of this my shyness was interpreted by many as aloofness and some of them were quite snippy and insulting because of this. Naturally that only contributed to my sense of withdrawal.

So by eighteen I was friendless, unhappy, and wondering what I was supposed to do about it all. I found it hard to concentrate on stuff at school, and my marks suffered. I started skipping school, preferring to be off on my own somewhere, walking through the mall, or the woods, or just watching TV at home.

My parents decided to send me to a psychiatrist, and that was how I came to meet Doctor Venn.

Doctor Venn was a large, burly, middle-aged man with a thick, bushy beard, and round glasses. I didn`t really want to see him, but was not given the choice. And I think deep inside me I hoped it might result in something good, for I was certainly not happy in my life.

At first all we talked about were simple things, like what TV shows and movie stars I liked, what kind of clothes I liked to wear, where I liked to go, what I dreamed of doing some day. Gradually, though, after a few visits, he started working in closer to things I was uncomfortable in talking about.

He was always very sympathetic, however, and didn`t judge what I did, or tell me I was wrong, and, well, he was a doctor, you see, so, I suppose I kind of trusted him with things I wouldn`t have said to my parents or anyone else.

I told him about the time the girls had thrown me naked out into the hall, for example, which wasn`t something I`d ever told my parents. It was a little embarrassing, but he didn`t seem shocked or judgemental, and that made it seem almost natural, not something to be embarrassed about.

That led him to asking how I felt about my body, whether I was ashamed of it, and somehow I wound up telling him how I felt like I was ugly, especially compared to the buxom girls I went to school with, the girls with their hourglass figures and drop dead looks.

I wound up telling him also about how I felt embarrassed with my glasses, how I`d always felt they set me apart. He had me take them off, and asked if I felt better without them. I said I did, except I couldn`t see.

Then he made a judgement, the first I`d heard him make since I`d been coming to him.

"Caroline," he said. "I will give you my honest judgment as a man, not as your psychiatrist, or anyone related to you such as your parents, but my honest judgment, and that is that you are a quite pretty young lady."

I blushed when he said that, feeling as though he was merely saying that, trying to make me feel better about myself.

"Have you ever considered contact lenses?" he asked.

"My parents say they cost too much," I sighed.

But I did as he told me to do. I stood naked in front of my mirror and told myself I was attractive. I didn`t think so. My breasts were too small, and when I slid my hands behind my head, like some of those women in the magazines, I could see the outline of my ribs below them.

For of course, I had somehow placed the ideal of feminine beauty on those buxom plastic creatures of the mens` magazines, and on the air brushed super models and perfectly made up actresses. I did not feel I measured up to them.

That visit, however proved to be quite profitable. The psychiatrist was somehow able tnbsp; I blushed even more deeply then before.

"There is nothing whatsoever about the human body to be ashamed of, and I feel this insecurity you have is partly linked to your belief that there is something embarrassing about your body."

"I`m not... embarrassed...exactly," I said.

"There are men, Caroline, who would look at you, clothed or unclothed, and whose lust would drive them to desperate lengths in an effort to make love with you."

I scrunched up my face in disgust, but also embarrassment. And, of course, I didn`t believe him, at least, not really.

But I did as he told me to do. I stood naked in front of my mirror and told myself I was attractive. I didn`t think so. My breasts were too small, and when I slid my hands behind my head, like some of those women in the magazines, I could see the outline of my ribs below them.

For of course, I had somehow placed the ideal of feminine beauty on those buxom plastic creatures of the mens` magazines, and on the air brushed super models and perfectly made up actresses. I did not feel I measured up to them.

That visit, however proved to be quite profitable. The psychiatrist was somehow able to persuade my parents to pay for laser surgery. I felt almost normal now, and yet somehow also very strange. I was used to reaching up to my glasses all the time, and now when I did that I only touched my cheek.

"Turn up the heat."

I felt a little... dirty, even though Doctor Venn had told me to do it. My parents thought sex was wicked and nasty, and nudity was the same as sex... well almost. I kept my dressing gown ready to throw on if they knocked, but they didn`t.

I still felt guilty, like they must somehow know I was in here walking around utterly completely NAKED. When I moved my arms they sometimes brushed over my breas""> "You do!" she insisted.

Well, I went into Doctor Venn`s office then, and he told me I looked pretty, then we started talking about how I felt without glasses, and about my embarrassment at being noticed at school.

He then asked me if I`d stood naked in front of the mirror liked he asked. That embarrassed me, but I nodded.

"You have your own room, correct?"

I nodded.

"You spend a lot of time there from what your parents say."

I shrugged.

"I want you to spend a couple of hours naked."

"What?" I gulped, turning red.

"You may lock the door. There`s nobody to see you but you. I want you to grow accustomed to your body, to not be embarrassed by it."

"But... well... I`ll get cold," I gulped.

"Turn up the heat."

I felt a little... dirty, even though Doctor Venn had told me to do it. My parents thought sex was wicked and nasty, and nudity was the same as sex... well almost. I kept my dressing gown ready to throw on if they knocked, but they didn`t.

I still felt guilty, like they must somehow know I was in here walking around utterly completely NAKED. When I moved my arms they sometimes brushed over my breasts, and when I sat I felt the cool wood of the chair against my pussy.

I finally had to put my clothes on. Not only was it wicked to be walking around naked but I found I was kind of feeling a little - aroused sometimes, and that was terribly wrong!

When I met Doctor Venn again I lied and told him I had walked around naked, but he knew right away I was lying, and he slowly drew the truth out of me.

That left me hideously embarrassed, of course, admitting that I had felt myself getting excited, just by being naked. I was afraid he would call me a slut. I certainly felt like one.

I wondered if maybe I was a nymphomaniac. I wasn`t quite sure what that was but thought it was something to do with girls who liked sex.

The whole conversation turned to sex, then, and my feelings about it, which was incredibly embarrassing. Doctor Venn didn`t like that I got excited just by being naked, but he said that I should get used to my body in order to raise my low self-image.

And then he said.

"Do you feel you have the need to be punished for being nude, for being excited?"

I nodded.

"Have you considered telling your parents? Confessing these feelings of lust to them?"

"No!" I gasped.

The idea of telling my parents anything about sex was horrifying!

"Would you feel better if I punished you? Or perhaps Miss Gonzalez?"

"I... I... guess," I said.

I trusted him, after all, and Maria had seemed nice.

"What kind of punishment do you think would be proper?"

"I don`t know," I said, squirming in embarrassment.

"What method do your parents use to punish you?"

"They don`t really," I said.

I was pretty obedient.

"They used to spank me," I said without thinking.

"Is that what you would like me to do? Or Miss Gonzalez?"

I blushed deeply.

"Do you think it would make you feel better if you were punished?"

I thought for a moment. It would make me feel less guilty.

I nodded.

"Would you like Miss Gonza..."

"No!" I exclaimed.

Maria was always nice to me when I had to wait out in the reception room and - and it was almost like she was a girl -not a friend really, but - at least -. I just didn`t want her thinking I was a silly child.

He nodded very calmly, as though understanding.

"Come here, Caroline."

I got up, my knees feeling quite weak, and came over to the chair he was sitting in.

"Why don`t you lay across my lap?"

I felt a knot of tension in my belly, fear of pain, embarrassment as well, and also - also - something else. I just wasn`t quite sure what it was.

I obeyed him, laying across his lap. I gave a gasp as I felt him lift my skirt up, and felt a new wave of embarrassment as he saw my panties.

"Are you sorry for being a bad girl?" he asked.

"Yes," I gulped breathlessly.

His hand slapped against my behind and I yelped in pain. Again it slapped down, then again, then again, a little harder. I moaned and yelped and jerked on his lap, the embarrassment slowly fading and being replaced by pain, a hot burning pain in my behind.

There was something else there too, though, a kind of buzzing sensation in my head, a kind of awe and shocked elation, though I knew not what for, and for a moment I felt, I don`t know, content, natural, free.

His hand cracked down again and again, giving me a number of hard slaps. Then he helped me stand up. I blinked back tears.

"Do you feel better now?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," I whispered.

"Thank me then. Remember your manners."

"Thank you, sir," I gulped.

"For what?"

"For...for spanking me."

"Say it in one sentence."

"Thank you for spanking me, sir," I said, a little confused.

"You`re most welcome, Caroline."

We talked a little more about sex, and how I felt towards it, and nudity. Then he ordered me to be naked whenever I was in my room alone.

I obeyed him this time, though I felt guilty and dirty doing it. And I kept feeling almost aroused, though not quite. But as I moved around my room naked I felt, well, sexual. I mean, the only reason you were naked was to have a bath or for sex, and I wasn`t having a bath.

I confessed this to him on my next visit, even though I knew he`d spank me again. I knew I deserved to be spanked, and was honestly worried that I might be perverted or something, like maybe a nymphomaniac.

"This is most troubling," he said. "How do you expect to marry and have children one day when you are so embarrassed about your own nudity? How will you be able to allow your husband or lover to see you naked?"

"I don`t know," I said miserably.

For the truth was I couldn`t imagine ever having sex with a man because I couldn`t imagine daring to let him see me naked, and letting him touch me and grope me, and letting that thing I`d seen in health class, where he put his thing into me.

Do you trust me, Caroline?"

"Yes, sir," I said, for I really did.

"Do you think I would make fun of you or ridicule you?"

"No," I said.

"What I would like to try is for you to remove your clothes here in front of me."

"What?" I gasped, my face flaming red instantly.

"Well, I am a doctor, after all, Caroline," he said with a soft tolerant smile. "I`ve seen many nude people before."

"But...but I..."

"You do remove your clothes when being examined by a doctor, don`t you?"

"Well...well yes - ."

And was horribly embarrassed each time, too. I was putting off my first gynecological exam, for the very idea of that was horrifying.

"I think this would benefit you greatly. You`d find yourself more relaxed about your body, and let-align:justify"> "You`re most welcome, Caroline."

We talked a little more about sex, and how I felt towards it, and nudity. Then he ordered me to be naked whenever I was in my room alone.

I obeyed him this time, though I felt guilty and dirty doing it. And I kept feeling almost aroused, thougbsp; "I...I`m not sure I can!" I gulped.

"It will depend on whether you trust me or not Caroline. You said you trusted me."

"Well...well I do but...I...I don`t - ."


I slowly stood up.

"How about if I leave the room while you get undressed? Would that make you feel any better?"

Without waiting for an answer he got up and walked out of the room. I stared at the door in despair. I didn`t want to take off my clothes! But I felt like I had no choice. I didn`t want him to think I didn`t trust him. And I didn`t want to be disobedient either!

I was getting a panic attack, sweating, my skin tingling unpleasantly so I had to scratch everywhere. I looked at the door, then slowly reached to the buttons in the front of my shirt and undid them.

I`d worn jeans this time, because I had figured when Doctor Venn spanked me he wouldn`t see my panties then. Now I was going to be naked!

I took off my blouse, then undid my jeans and unzipped them. I pushed them down and stepped out of them, then put them on the chair. I stood there in my underwear for a moment, then undid my bra, and hoped that would be enough.

I sat in the chair, my arms over my chest, and waited. After a minute, Doctor Venn came back in. he smiled when he saw me, but then gave me a tolerant frown.

"Caroline. I meant naked, not partly so. You should remove your shoes and socks and panties."

I blushed furiously under his gaze, then, holding an arm over my breasts, bent over and took off my shoes and socks. Then, blushing even more, and feeling slightly woozy, I slipped off my panties, quickly crossing my legs.

"Very good," he said.

He sat down, and started asking me questions about school, about my eating habits, about ordinary stuff. I started to loose my embarrassment, at least some of it. I kept watching the clock, urging it to hurry so I could get dressed.

My nipples were hard against my arm, and I felt terribly concerned at this, wondering if it was the air-conditioning, or if I was getting aroused. And what would Doctor Venn say if he saw them and thought I was aroused?

Yet as I searched inside myself, I found that I was indeed, well, if not very aroused, at least a little aroused. It was, well, strange. I was naked sitting next to a man, and it felt...strange.

But then, with only ten minutes left, just when I thought I might survive the event, he brought the topic back to my nudity.

"How do you feel?"

"Embarrassed," I gulped.

"And guilty?"

I nodded.

"And did you feel guilty when you were nude last night?"

I nodded again.

"Then you need another spanking."

"Yes, sir," I said without thinking.

"Very well. Come here."

Then, when it was far too late, I realized that I would have to lay naked across his lap. I froze in place, hardly able to breath as the knot in my chest tightened into actual pain.

"Come here, Caroline," he said, sternly.

I stood up, cupping my pussy with one hand as I kept my arm across my breasts. He took my lower arm and pulled me forward across his lap. This was a bit of a relief because my pussy and breasts were now covered. But now my behind was completely naked and exposed to him!

I didn`t even think, for some reason, that he could see my pussy from behind. I don`t know why.

His hand came down on my bare bottom, then it raised and slapped down. I yelped as the room resounded to the sharp crack! of skin on skin.

Again his hand cracked across my behind, then again, then again, hard slaps that made me jerk, and cry out softly in pain. His hand came down again and again and again, turning my behind hot and red.

And then - somehow, I don`t know how exactly but I felt myself becoming aroused. My sensitive nipples were rubbing and grinding against his jacket as I jerked under the spanking, and my legs were also jerking, rubbing my thighs together and, well, I was naked, and if not exactly in a man`s arms certainly I was right on top of him.

I didn`t know exactly why, and didn`t really care. I felt miserable because of it, but also it somehow made the spanking feel better, seemed to leach the pain out of it, to screen the worst of it.

He stopped, and let me up, telling me to get dressed. I hurried over to my clothes, pulling my panties up first, then putting on my bra. I could feel my panties getting damp against my pussy, and felt even more ashamed of myself.

I felt even more embarrassed and ashamed that night when I stripped and looked at my behind. I wanted to see how I had looked to the doctor, so looked at myself with my hand over my pussy and my other arm over my breasts. I was a little relieved when I saw that I covered everything pretty well.

I told myself that he couldn`t see any more than if I were on a beach and wearing a bikini (which I never wore of course).

But then I got a chair and bent over it, and turned and looked behind me, and that was when I saw my softly furred blonde pussy peaking out between my thighs. My whole body went red then as I realized he must have been able to see it the whole time he was spanking me!

I know I was being silly, because he was a doctor, after all. Even my father had said that psychiatrists were ordinary doctors first, and then became psychiatrists.

Doctor Venn talked to my parents, and had them send me twice a week then, once on Wednesday afternoon, and once on Saturday afternoon.

I was nervous about this, but my parents said I had to, that Doctor Venn felt I was making progress. That made me feel a little proud, and a little glad I hadn`t disappointed him by refusing to take off my clothes, but I was still terribly embarrassed the next time I went into his office.

He saw it at once, and we talked about my embarrassment at being seen naked. And then he made me strip naked again! It wasn`t as shocking, as terrible as the first time. I guess because I`d already done it once. But then, after I`d been sitting there, legs crossed and arms across my chest for about twenty minutes, Doctor Venn said we had to go further.

He made me stand up straight, and put my arms at my sides, which I did, though with a terrible reluctance and embarrassment.

"I`m beautiful and sexy," he made me say, over and over.

He made me turn in place and repeat it, then made me turn back to face him and put my hands behind my head. He made me shift my legs a little apart, then repeat it.

"I`m a beautiful, sexy girl," I said about twenty times.

"Do you feel aroused, Caroline?"

"No, sir," I gulped.

"Not even a little?"

I was silent, for I did feel kind of, well, kind of a little aroused, though for the most part I felt embarrassment.

"Your nipples are very hard, very stiff," he said.

I blushed even more furiously than I already was, almost ready to cry.

"I can`t help it," I whimpered.

"Well, perhaps we can do something about it," he said. "It will hurt a little."

"All right," I whimpered.

He went to his cabinet and came back with two small objects. They were little round clamps, each with a tiny screw that went through them. Doctor Venn opened the screws on both, then leaned over and placed one of the clamps around my stiff right nipple.

He turned the screw, and I felt it pressing against the side of my nipple. It twisted in further and further, and I winced as it pinched my nipple, then gasped in pain as my nipple burned.


"Try and take it as tight as you can, Caroline. It will help you," he said, tightening it a little more.

Tears appeared in my eyes, and I clenched my teeth against the mounting pain. I was breathing harder and harder, sweating now as I shifted my weight from one foot to the other.


"We`ll leave it at this level for now," he said, letting go of the clamp. It clung to my nipple, dragging it down a little. The pain made it almost impossible to speak at first, but it seemed to gradually ease, enough to make it bearable anyway.

Then he put the other clamp around my other stiff nipple and slowly tightened that. As before it pinched, then ached, then burned terribly, then hurt so much I had to cry.

Then he had me sit down again. My hands kept going to my nipples, to the clamps, as though they could ease the pain, and Doctor Venn kept ordering me to not touch them. I didn`t want to be disobedient, but it was almost instinctive. Whenever I stopped thinking about doing it my hands crept up of their own will.

Finally he got up in exasperation. I was embarrassed at being disobedient, and when he got a pair of hospital restraints from his cupboard and strapped my wrists together behind my back I didn`t protest.

I spent the rest of the session like that, with my hands strapped behind my back and my nipples aching.

Then Doctor Venn had me get up and come over to him. He pulled me across his lap, which made me cry out in pain because the clamps jerked against my nipples.

Then he started spanking me hard, his hand cracking down hard and fast y and sex.

Maybe I`d be less embarrassed after more treatment.against my bare bottom. The pain in my nipples was such that I hardly felt much concern about him being able to see my pussy while I was bent over.

It eased, though, as I tried to keep my chest still, but then the pain in my behind built up. I didn`t like it, and searched, without meaning to, for the arousal that had seemed to screen it off last time. At first I didn`t find it, then it came, and I felt...

It was something new. I felt free, very oddly free, as if nothing that happened was up to me, as if it was all out of my hands. That meant I had no guilt for anything. I was tied up, wasn`t I? It wasn`t like I was doing this on purpose.

So my guilt eased, and my arousal rose slowly and sluggishly, and made the pain back off.

Doctor Venn finished and let me up, then unstrapped me and removed the clamps. They hurt almost as much being removed as they did being put in place!

I rubbed my nipples and winced. They throbbed terribly. I tried to act happy, though, when I went out and passed Maria. She smiled at me, congratulated me again on my new look, and told me she would see me again on Saturday.



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