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For Sale

34000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Amy is too much of an innocent, a virgin fresh out of school and working in Wal-Mart, she is easy prey for the smooth, older man who picks her up one night. Before long she's falling for him in a big way, and doing her frantic best to not seem like too much of a baby, too unsophisticated, too immature. For her new lover is a suave, handsome Arab man who promises her the world. Little does she know where his money comes from. Little does she suspect the man she is in love with regards her as little more than product for sale. And as she is trained in obedience and discipline, in pain and submission, she becomes a more valuable commodity for the day when her "lover" sells her at auction.

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(Correctly paragraphed in actual book)

Amy blushed shyly and looked down at her plate. She felt a warm glow inside her and her clothes felt too tight. She`d never felt so feminine, so mature and sensuous. Sensuous. That was not a word she ever would have applied to herself before, but Habib made her feel so... so... sensuous.
She looked up again, straightening in her chair. She felt her breasts push out at the front of the evening gown she wore, could sense, rather than see, the thin line of her cleavage at the top of the forest green gown. She reached out and picked up the crystal goblet and sipped as gracefully as she could at the champagne.
She thought she must be the luckiest girl in the world. All her friends were worrying about what guy would ask them out and what they`d do, and here she was having lobster and champagne in the penthouse suite of an intelligent, suave, sexy man.
Habib was simply gorgeous. There was no other way to describe him. He was tall, with broad shoulders and long dark hair. His face was lined and weathered but looked like it had been carved out of granite, all chiselled lines and plains.
He looked so... Arab, so sexy and foreign and sophisticated. She`d been so flattered when he`d called her over to his table at the fast food restaurant where she worked, then complimented her on her, what had he called it, her fiery red hair. She got goose bumps when she remembered looking down into those deep brown eyes of his.
This is it, she thought. He`s the one. I`m going to go all the way with him. Then she suddenly worried that he might think she was a slut if she did. She thought about being naked in his arms and didn`t care. She felt her nipples hardening against her gown and felt the heat between her legs.
She finished the glass and he refilled it, giving her that deep, knowing smile. God, he was so gorgeous!
Vivid fantasies played across her mind and she sipped on the champagne again. I wonder what he`s thinking, she thought.
Habib smiled back at her, lifting his own glass and sipping lightly. His had water in it, of course. He did not drink alcohol. He repressed a grin of smugness when he caught the girl`s adoring smile. God! Was there anything more gullible than a young woman? He snorted to himself as he caught sight of the preposterous dress she wore.
Clearly her body was not built for something like that. She was too skinny, though she had nice breasts. But then, he hadn`t chosen her for her brain, quite the contrary.
It was relatively easy for a man with his sophistication to play with a young girl`s psyche. They were as raw and emotionally helpless as babies, easy to manipulate, eager for affection and approval, desperate to seem adult and sophisticated.
He knew them well, could play them like fine instruments, both body and mind. It was a kick in a way, twisting their emotions around until they were ready to do cartwheels at a mere suggestion.
Still, he took his work seriously. He saw them as raw materials for the shaping, and when he was done with them, the finished product was infinitely more valuable then before, a totally submissive, completely masochistic nymphomaniac, worth a fortune to the right people.
"Have some more, my dear?" he asked, keeping his voice deep. She trembled a little and he smiled, already considering her price.
She was of medium height, with natural red hair, a brilliant color too. It was quite long and shone beautifully. She had good breasts, though she wasn`t voluptuous. The rest of her body was on the slim side, though. She had a small round, very innocent face, lightly sprinkled with freckles. Her eyes were bright green.
Blue would have been better but green was still quite good. He`d have to see her naked to get her skin tone, and of course, the training, how well it took, that counted for a lot.
"Shall we sit by the fire, my lovely?" he asked, standing.
He moved around the table and took her hand gently. She rose, blushing again, and followed him to the fireplace. He held two glasses and the bottle in his other hand and set them down on the coffee table in front of the crackling fire place.
"Would you like to dance?"
"Yes, Habib," she whispered, her eyes alight.
He turned the CD on and sweet romantic music played in the room. Then he slid his hand onto her waist and gripped her other hand and they began to slowly dance.
The girl practically melted against him as they danced, and after a minute or two, when he stopped and leaned forward, her lips parted eagerly. He kissed her, first delicately, then as her arms swept around his shoulders, he kissed more deeply, more passionately.
His hand slid through her long red hair, stroking it as he kissed her. His other hand slid down onto her behind, rubbing it softly. She sighed and pressed herself against him. His hand slid through her hair to the back of her neck, where her dress fastened.
He deftly slipped the catch and the front of her dress started to fall. She caught it, her hands on the front. She looked up into his eyes a little fearfully. He smiled and gently, gently, pulled her hands apart, keeping eye contact. She shuddered as the dress slid down to her hips.
Her breasts were round and thrust out proudly with the full firmness of youth. He kissed her again, sliding his hands up and down her back as he held her close. Then he pushed her back slightly, his lips nuzzling under her ear. He slid his tongue downward onto the nape of her neck, chewing lightly.
His mouth slid down further, his tongue gliding across her soft, downy skin. Then he fastened his lips around her firm, quivering little nipple, suckling gently. She trembled in his arms, her chest heaving. He sucked on the bud, which was already hard and ready. He chewed a little, rolling the nipple around with his tongue, judging the strength of his efforts by her responses.
His right hand cupped the breast delicately, kneading the underside with lightly and carefully as he sucked. His left hand caressed her back, moving down to the small of her back where the dress was bunched. He slipped a pair of buttons and the dress slid down to pool at her ankles.
He pulled back slightly, raising his head. He gripped her wrists in his hand and raised them high, holding them out to either side as he kissed her lips. She kissed back, wide eyed and panting. He kissed the side of her neck again, biting a little harder. She moaned but made no attempt to pull her hands down.
He pulled her hands down, then, releasing them as he dropped to his knees in front of her. His hands slowly tugged her bikini panties down, revealing her mound of light red hair. She coloured, blushing furiously as he eyed her downy, neatly trimmed pubic mound.
Then he pulled the panties down past her thighs, so he could see her tight little slit. He slid them down to her ankles and lifted first one, then the other, removing them. He undid her shoes and took them off as well, then stood up, facing the naked girl with a cool, knowing smile.
She was trembling like a leaf as she stood there, his eyes on her naked body. She wanted to cover herself, to hide her nudity, yet at the same time gloried in the wanton excitement of displaying herself so openly to a grown man.
His arms slid around her again and he began to dance. It was all she could do to keep time with the soft flowing music as he led her around the room. She stopped with the music and pulled back. "Make love to me, Habib," she begged.
"But of course, my darling," he whispered, folding her in his arms.

Dumb little American whore, he thought.
He lifted her in his arms and carried her across the room and into the bedroom, setting her down lightly on the big brass bed. He lay her on top, kneeling between her spread legs, positioning her in the center of the bed. Again he gripped her wrists, pulling them upward and apart. He pressed down on both to hold them there, then let go of the left, reaching up to the corner post and pulling a long strip of soft fabric down.
He kissed her wrist, then wrapped the fabric lightly but firmly, closing it with velcro. She blinked up at him, hot but suddenly confused. He quickly pushed her other hand back and pulled another fabric strip down and wrapped it around that wrists.
"Ha-Habib? What are you doing?" she moaned.
"I shall show you how I make love to a beautiful woman." he whispered. "And you shall writhe in passion."
"But... but - . "
Amy tried to pull her hands free and couldn`t.
"I do not want you to hurt yourself my darling girl."
He smiled, kissing her deeply.
He muffled her protests with his lips until they stopped, then began kissing his way down onto her breasts.
Amy moaned, staring up at the ceiling as his tongue danced across her nipple. So many guys had grabbed and pawed and groped her breasts before, squeezing them so they hurt. But Habib was a sophisticated man, and he knew how to handle a woman, how to make her feel so... wooondderrrfuuuuuull!
His hands glided across her breasts, moving in slow circles, stroking gently across her hot, quivering flesh. Amy arched her back, pushing her chest up into his hands, panting, moaning. His tongue slid down onto her belly button, making long, sensuous circles, then moving down further. Amy held her breath as his mouth moved between her legs, her pulse racing.
But he didn`t touch her there. Instead he kissed his way down her thigh, over her knee and onto her ankle. He pulled it wider, then pulled another fabric strip from the corner of the bed and wrapped it tightly around the ankle. He kissed his way back up her leg to her thigh, and slid across just over her slit to her other leg, then moved his lips in a slow circling slide to her other ankle.
Again he pulled it wider, and wrapped a fabric strip around it. Amy felt a moment of fear, but it was quickly subdued by the desperate carnal passion enveloping her body. She had heard of things like this, and Habib was a sophisticated man. She had no intention of acting like a silly schoolgirl.
Besides, it felt so... kinky, so hot, so sensual to be tied like this, spreadeagled, her sex open to him. She looked up through shining eyes, pulling at the bonds to accentuate the feeling of sinful depravity. What would her mother think if she could see her like this?
"You are exquisite." Habib smiled.
Amy trembled with excitement.
He lay down next to her, on his side. His tongue lapped at her throat as his hand slid onto her breast and started to caress it. He kneaded her breast for a long minute, then pulled his lips from her throat and worked it down onto her nipple.
He sucked carefully while his hand slid lightly down to her belly. There he rubbed around and around before moving lower and sliding down onto her pubic mound. Amy gasped when she felt his hand cup her mons, then squeeze. She groaned and her loins pushed up against him. She had never felt so hot in her life. Her pussy was boiling, her body quivering with lust so badly she almost ached.
His hand gave her pussy a few little squeezes, then he placed his middle finger over her slit and pressed down, slowly forcing her sex lips aside until the finger lay nestled between them along the length of her slit. Slowly he began to rub back and forth, sliding the digit along her sex slit, rubbing it over her puffy pink pussy opening, stroking lightly across her quivering clitoris.
She sobbed, her chest now rising and falling desperately, her head spinning. His finger was rubbing steadily across her clit, back and forth, back and forth, on a warm, wet layer of her own sex juices. The sexual tension built up until the girl was writhing and twisting in hr bonds. Then she cried out as the pleasure peaked.
"Oh God! OH! OHhhhh! Uuuhhh! Ha-Habeeeeb! OHHhh! Ungh! Ungh! Unnnnnhhhhhhh!"
Her hips bucked up violently as he pushed down hard on her clit, grinding his finger, smiling as she writhed and shook and grunted, the muscles of her arms and legs straining against the bonds holding her.
That`s it, he thought. The first time is important.
Amy`s first time would be in bondage and she would come to associate bondage with the excitement and pleasure of this first time. His battle would then be half over. She already had a crush on him. By the end of the evening she`d be head over heels in love.
He continued to manipulate her pussy as her shuddering eased. His tongue moved over her breasts, alternating between one nipple and the other. Now he was chewing lightly, his teeth nipping on the soft, sensitive little buttons, giving her a little pain.
He knew she would never admit it though. He slid his finger down her slit, then curled it and dipped it into her pussy hole. He wriggled it, twisting from side to side as he slowly worked it through the tight little opening.
"OHhhh!" she gasped.
His finger dipped in and out, pushing deeper each time, sliding and twisting and prying her sex opening wider and wider. his tongue slithered down her body as he moved down between her splayed thighs. He crouched there, looking into her moist, glistening sex, his eyes intent.
Then his fingers pried her sex lips open and he gazed into the gleaming pink skin. His face lowered and his tongue touched her sex opening, pushing into her sex hole.
"OH God!" she gasped.
His tongue slithered into her, wriggling like a snake as he pushed it as deep as he could get it. Then he pulled it back and began to lap at her pussy, sliding it up and down, lapping at her juices. Only after long minutes did he slide his tongue upwards and flick it across her clit in short, sharp, hard motions that had the innocent girl gasping and yelping and then...
She came again, gnashing her teeth together as she tried to fight it off, tried to pretend a coolness, an experience she did not have. She was a neophyte at this though, and unable to control her body`s responses. Her hips bucked up and down on the bed as his thumb rolled her clit against his forefinger.
Only when she had stopped moving, pulled free of the orgasmic pleasure, did he resume working on her. His tongue began to flicker against he clitty as his finger pushed deeper into her pussy. He worked her open to the hymen while his lips sucked on her clitty and his teeth gently ground from side to side against it.
He pumped his finger in her hole, then added another, making her groan from the fullness in her virgin opening. His tongue rasped along her slit, his lips suckling, his fingers rubbing at her clit. Again she was moaning, sighing, murmuring in delirium.
He undid his belt then, sliding it out of the loops of his belt. He slid it around her throat and tightened it, then lowered his pants. He lay down on her, his hard erection laying up along her belly. He kissed her again, his hands roaming along her slender body.
He took his fat, hard cock and lay the head against the trembling girl’s slit. He pushed forward, the head slowly forcing her sex lips apart, trying to invade the tight tunnel that led deep into her body. His cockhead pushed harder, working her hole wide, slowly sinking down into her.
She mewled in pain and pleasure, her body jerking against its bonds. His cock pushed deeper, encountering the tightness, the blockage that was her hymen. He probed the front part of her pussy tunnel with his cockhead, pressing against her cherry repeatedly, just enough to make her wince at the pain.
He wanted her to hurt, wanted her to equate the pain with pleasure. He bit down on the side of her neck, hard enough to pierce the skin and draw blood. She gasped and whimpered, trembling beneath him. Then he pushed forward with his hips again, pressing against her hymen, stretching the thin flap of skin to its limits. She grimaced, her head going back.
He pulled back, then suddenly thrust hard. His cockhead smashed into her virginity and ripped it apart, sliding on through the bloody wreckage as she cried out in pain and pulled desperately against her bonds. He held his cock within her, half buried in her tight depths. Her pussy was sucking and squeezing unbelievably tightly on his cock as it lay throbbing inside her.
She blinked dazedly up at him and he smiled warmly. Her lips hesitantly turned upward and she smiled back through teary eyes. He kissed her again and she returned it eagerly. He nipped at her lips, then eased his cock slowly back. She whimpered but held still.
He pushed in again, his cockhead pushing past the remains of her virginity and sliding deeper and deeper into her body. Her eyes widened as she felt how deep, for she`d thought it fully inside her when it was only half way in. He thrust forward hard again and she cried out as his cockhead pushed high into her abdominal cavity, mashing up against her cervix.
"Oh! OH! OH!" she yelped.
"Shhhhh, my pretty one."
He kissed her lips, stabbing his tongue into her mouth. His fat cock was buried inside her now, nestled up inside her hot, wet belly. He could feel her pulse raising, feel her insides quivering as they squeezed down on his prick.
He began a slow, grinding motion, carefully keeping pressure against her clitty, gently working her upwards as he got her used to the feel of a cock moving inside her body. His hands slid under her, one under her head, one under her bottom. His lips continued to kiss and nip at her as he worked his cock slowly in and out of her tight sheathe.
She was starting to roll her hips up at him now, her bottom instinctively rising against him to meet his thrusts. His hands both slid onto her buttocks and he pulled her upwards as he pushed down into her. She was moaning and gasping in pleasure, her eyes wide and her mouth open as she stared upwards.
He chewed on the side of her throat again, just beneath the belt, thrusting harder, using longer strokes. Amy whined and panted, her body shaking beneath him as he pumped into her. Then she stiffened, her jaw quivering, her eyes bulging wide. Her chest stilled as she forgot to breath.
Then it was past, a minor orgasm, but a triumph nonetheless considering her former virgin state. The next would be much more powerful. He continued his stroke, his hands now moving through her hair, across her flanks, over her breasts and sharp, pointed nipples.
"Are you a slut?" he gasped. "Are you my slut?"
"Y-ye... yeeesss," she moaned, her eyes glassy.
He threw his hips forward, jamming his cock deep into her box and making her gasp in pain.
"Slutty girl," he hissed.
His teeth nipped at the side of her throat again and his tongue lapped at the little bit of blood. He fucked her carefully, his talented body building her upwards higher and higher, raising her to the heights of another orgasmic explosion.
There, at the peak, as she whimpered and squirmed, her eyes tight, her teeth clenched, there he stopped, waiting for her to open her eyes. At last she did, gazing up imploringly at him.
"Do you want it?"
"Yeeessss," she whined.
"Do you want it?"
"Beg for it then. Beg me for it."
"Please what? What do you want me to do, Amy?"
"Fu... fu... fuck me," she said, her voice small.
"Louder!" he snapped, making her gasp in shock.
"Fuck me!" she begged.
"That`s not asking. How do you ask, little slut?"
"Oh please!! P-P-Please fuck me! Please fuck me! Please! Please! Please!”
He began to work his hips up and down, agonizingly slowly. Amy whimpered, actual tears welling in her eyes.
"PLeeeeeasse!" she whimpered.
"Do you want it harder? Beg for it!"
"Please fuck me harder! Please fuck me harder! Ffuck me harder! Please! Please!”
Habib picked up the pace, driving his big cock down deep into the girl`s tight moist little pussy tunnel, his bulbous cockhead hammering away at her cervix, his hips smashing into her thighs as he pounded into her. Amy squealed in delight, her head rolling on the mattress as her legs and arms pulled fitfully at their bonds.
She came, her body stiffening, arching in a convulsive explosion, a powerful release of orgasmic energy that ripped through her system. He grabbed the belt, pulling it tight, tight, strangling her, making her head swell, throb, ache. Her orgasm blasted higher, screaming through the air as she screamed, the sound choked off by the tight belt. Habib gloated as he watched, knowing the cataclysmic blast that was searing through the young woman`s body, knowing its effect on her psyche.
Amy jerked and shook and writhed beneath him, yelping and gasping and grunting like a madwoman. Habib rode her through it, waiting for her body`s reactions to still, for her to fall back to reality.
Finally she did, her eyes bare cracks as she lay panting, her chest heaving.
"Sweet little slut," Habib whispered. "Adorable little slut."
Leave them wanting more was one of his mottos. He could have brought her to orgasms all night long, but knew better than to rush things. Besides, he had business tonight. He drove her home, and was pleased to see how reluctant she was to get out of the car.
He`d been working on her all night about her parents, of course. Helping her to see how badly they treated her, how they thought she was an idiot child, and how they would never change until she convinced them otherwise. Soon, she`d leave them, though she didn`t know it yet. When she did, she`d come to him.
After dropping her off he went to the warehouse where he would meet the potential buyers of his latest finished product. Amy was not the first, of course. She was only the latest in a long line. Her immediate predecessor, Tiffany, was waiting at the warehouse to be auctioned off.
He parked his Porsche just inside the big doors and got out as they closed behind him. The warehouse was empty except for five men who sat in a rough semi-circle facing a pedestal. Habib`s assistant, Katrina stood by the door to the office. At a nod from him she went inside.
"Good evening, gentlemen," Habib said, greeting the five men cordially. "I`m certain you will all appreciate the beauty of tonight`s offering. Before you bid however, I shall offer you a prelude."
There was a big screen TV beside the pedestal and he turned it on with a click of a remote control. There on the screen was a picture of Amy, dressed in her private school outfit. Though she’d graduated now, he had found the sight of a young woman in a schoolgirl outfit tended to elicit rather more excitement from these men. He watched as they watched, assessing their interest, then clicked the remote to let several more pictures of the girl flashed on the screen.
Then a live video came on, a short thirty second shot taken of Amy earlier that evening just after her second massive orgasm. It was taken from above the bed, showing the spreadeagled young woman, her body glistening with sweat, her face drained as her chest heaved.
The TV faded. Habib smiled out at the men, two of whom were obviously old enough to be Amy’s grandfathers.
"Gentlemen, she will be ready for sale in two weeks, after her training is complete. For now... "
Katrina led Tiffany out and up onto the pedestal.
Tiffany was everything the men could have wished for in a slave. She was short, which made it easier for them to feel dominant. She was young, though not quite so young as Amy. She had long, beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes. Her breasts were large and round, but very firm.
"This is Tiffany, though of course, you may call her anything you wish."
He nodded and Katrina slipped off the armless robe covering the girl from throat to ankle. The men`s eyes lit up as they saw her naked young flesh, standing proudly before them.
Her arms and ankles were encircled in strong metal bands, as were her belly and throat. Heavy chains linked all six bands together. The chain was for effect of course, for the girl would not even think of escape or disobedience.
Katrina removed the chains, though left the bands in place.
"Kneel straight," Habib ordered.
"Yes, Master," Tiffany responded. The girl dropped to her knees, keeping her back straight.
"Hands behind back."
"Yes, Master," she replied.
She placed her wrists together behind the small of her back.
"On your heels."
"Yes, Master." Tiffany sat back on her heels, the former junior college student spreading her knees wide.
"Turn and face down."
"Yes, Master."
Tiffany had wanted to be a graphic artist. Now she turned and bent forward, dropping her face to the floor, raising her bottom high, spreading her legs so the strangers could gaze at her shapely bottom and shaven sex.
"On all fours."
"Yes Master."
Tiffany rose on her hands until her arms were straight. She kept her bottom up and legs spread as she had been taught.
Katrina picked up a thin belt. It was used here rather than the riding crop the girl was used to so her skin would not be marked. Marking her flesh was the prerogative of her new master. Still, the belt cracked loudly when it hit her buttocks. She cried out in pain, her voice echoing through the huge building.
"Thank you, Mistress!" she gasped.



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