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A Nerd Girl Learns The Ropes

33400 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Submission Training of Female

My friends call me a nerd. Which, I sort of am, except not entirely. Anyway, I found a job as a clerk at a big, conservative company working with boring old people. And then there was Derek. He was my age, and super hot, not the kind of guy who usually had time for me. But then, well, things got daring, and then they got insane! At work! But he's a perve. Well, all guys are. But he likes to tie me up! And his tie-up games became weirder. And then his friend Chase got involved, which was super embarrassing at first, but then, well, super hot! And I went to Derek's estate, because he's rich, and suddenly there was Randy, too! And I was all tied up and playing this, like, submissive slave girl for them all! It was crazy! But I was so hot and excited I almost went out of my mind! Who would have imagined being spanked could be so hot!? Okay, it hurt... a little, but I was so feverish with heat that didn't seem to matter. And then... and then things got even kinkier!

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