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The Submissive Burglar

33900 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Sophie lives a hardscrabble existence in a rough suburb of Houston where she makes her money by burglarizing the homes of the middle class. She decides to set her sights higher and sneaks into an office building downtown, then hides until it classes, intending on stealing laptops. She lets her resentment get the better of her when she breaks into the office of a clearly powerful and wealthy man, and vandalizes his furniture and suits. When he shows up unexpectedly and catches her, though, he gives her a choice of making it up to him or going to jail. Since he's a big, handsome, sexy man, she agrees to the former. But she has no idea just what he intends, or just control of her life she will have to cede to him. When she finds out, the pleasure and heat are just too intense to outweigh her sense of outrage. Sophie surrenders herself to him as she moves into his mansion and becomes his to train, to punish, and to arouse and inflame. If being a sex slave involves this much pleasure, she's more than willing to change careers.

Price:  $5.95

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