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The Flower Girl

36100 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Britney is a small-town girl, a bookish daydreamer who works in a flower shop. It doesn't pay much, but rents are cheap, and she has her own tiny apartment. Her hobby is writing Japanese, and she teachers herself to write and speak on the internet. Then, on a Japanese forum, she is repeatedly complimented, and persuaded to post a few pictures. Over the course of time this graduates to posting more and more revealing pictures on a Japanese website to earn extra money. Then, one day, A Japanese girl named Keiko arrives from the web site and offers to help her make far more money. From then on she loses control of her life. Keiko has her posing for more and more shocking and wicked pictures and videos of bondage and domination, which Keiko takes part in! Keiko hires men to participate, to use and degrade and punish her while she takes videos! Britney is overwhelmed by the wild heat and money this brings. And when Keiko offers to take her to Japan she agrees. Keiko then takes her to California, promising her even more money with a bigger video producer. Britney is both embarrassed and desperately aroused as more men become involved in the 'videos'. Finally she is flown to Japan, to do more 'videos', in a dungeon, and then sold at auction as a sex slave! An auction where there are no cameras!

Price:  $5.95

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This is excellent. Has some girl on girl for folk who like that sort of thing. But mainly switching and flogging and dildos and lots and lots of sex and orgasms. Black on white and yellow on white. Good thing is that the punishments are not too vicious and always result in sex and orgasms. If only real life was like this.

5/5- Sooty



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