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Tammy's Training

36400 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Submission Training of Female

Tammy works for a lawn care company, which is pretty boring except her boyfriend works there too, and he's kind of hot. Then Ethan starts doing landscaping for a rich man named Steele, and suddenly he has a lot of strange and kinky ideas about bondage and submission. He springs these on a startled Tammy, who finds herself incredibly turned on, but he does it in front of friends, which also makes it incredibly embarrassing! She's of two minds about it, but when he brings her to a huge, private back yard of one of his clients and starts teaching her more about obedience, bondage and slavery she's lost to the heat. Then she hears a strange voice giving him advice on what to do, and she's shocked, appalled, embarrassed, and yet helplessly excited! Wealthy, and intimidating Jacob Steele teaches Ethan how to make her the perfect, obedient slave girl, and he's a very hands-on teacher! Tammy is indignant and embarrassed, but too overwhelmed with heat, excitement and passion to care! Ethan is young, hot and needs money more than a slave girl, though, and so he 'sells' her to Steele! Tammy's life has suddenly gotten a lot more exciting! Especially since Steele already has a slave girl!

Price:  $5.95

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