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Miranda's Desk Job

33000 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Miranda didn't want a boring old evening job at a law office. But she needed the money and some office experience. She was an adult now, after all, and had finished her first year of college. She couldn't afford to play all summer. But it was dreadfully boring! That is, until she's caught on a security camera relieving the tension of one of the lawyers with a quick blow job in the supply room. He's fired, but Miranda is instead given an entirely different sort of 'discipline'. She's bent over a desk and strapped, then taught obedience and submissiveness, and told to act like a sex slave! She's appalled of course, not to mention sore in all sorts of strange places! But the money is so good! And the tips are amazing! Not to mention it's the most wickedly hot, exciting and pleasurable experience of her life! How can she quit that, even if it does hurt, at times, and makes her mind squirm almost as much as her body!?

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