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The Case of the Bound Blonde

34080 words

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Kink & Crime

No one knew who she was. Sometimes not even her. Kenzie's past is lost in the fog of her mind. She doesn't like to think about it. And Kenzie only does what she wants to do. No one at the NYPD quite understands how she was hired, let alone promoted. She doesn't socialize, and only talks business. She's the psycho blonde in the corner who has every computer system wrapped around her little finger. That's all she's trusted to do. So of course, she decides to do more.

When she launches her own investigation, she tells no one. So begins a strange cat and mouse game with Ryan Bond, reputed weapons dealer who lives the high life atop New York, and who sees Kenzie as a sex toy and potential sex slave. Kenzie's experience with sex is almost non-existent, and the kind Bond deals out is more than just eye-opening. She's never experienced bondage before, nor orgasms. But then, having to obey someone is also quite a new experience, and she's not very good at it. Her effort to explore and bug his penthouse keep being delayed by him tying her up and blowing her mind with incredible sex.

Sooner or later she'll figure a way, she knows, but she might become even crazier than she already is by then.

Price:  $5.95

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